Tuesday, 21 August 2018


As the forecast has deteriorated for tomorrow, with heavy rain and gusting winds expected by mid morning, I have postponed the ride until Thursday when the weather is looking considerably better.
Sorry for the late notice, but there is no pleasure in getting soaked when we can ride on another day.
Please let me know if you wish to ride on Thursday.

Club Ride Wednesday 22 August

Tomorrow's ride will officially start from Burneside Church at 0930. As there is considerable building work taking place on Meadow Close (including our house), parking is unfortunately in short supply this week, but there is parking in Burneside and on the road up from our house towards Staveley.
Sadly I will not be able to lead the ride as I have been advised to rest to allow inflamation to recover, but the good news is that you will have Cathy at the helm and her sense of direction is much better than mine!
The planned route is to head for Grisedale Visitor's Centre via Ambleside and Hawkshead before continuing to Cartmel and Grange for lunch. The return leg will be via Meathop for a total distance of just over 60 miles.
At the moment the forecast isn't looking great, with showers expected from mid morning to mid afternoon. With this in mind, the route may be altered/shortened depending on the conditions.
Refreshments will be available post ride at Bowston, where hopefully I will see some of you.
Keith G

Monday, 20 August 2018

Rosie's 2 bike ride on Wed

Hello All. My ride on Wednesday starts at the Beacon Edge cemetery Penrith at 9.30. We will go to Culgaith for coffee/early lunch, via Lazonby, KO, Melmerby, and Skirwith. Return via Cliburn and Brougham bridge. This is weather dependent, and the forecast isn't good, so if you intend to meet us at Culgaith, then please text Rosie by 9.30am, on 07818241833. Hope to see lots of you out.

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Dirty Harry's cafe - closed

Dirty Harry's Cafe at High Hesket is closed permanently - I discovered this morning!   The cafe closed about a week ago.

Friday, 17 August 2018

Sunday ride from Cross Keys

Hi all this will be an easy ride taking 11s at Dirty Harrys and lunch at the Smithy in Caldbeck how we get there will be a mystery tour hope to see at the Keys on Sunday.

All the Best


Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Phil and Rosie's 2 bike ride from Penrith

Starts at 9.30 from the lay-by at Beacon Edge cemetery, Penrith. Elevenses at Melmerby village cafe. Then lunch at Appleby. We will definitely make the cafe, but the rest is weather dependent. Hope to see lots of you at the start or at Melmerby.

Monday, 13 August 2018

Bill's 3 Bike Ride Wednesday 15th August

Put on your waterproofs and come join me for a ride along Hadrian’s Wall. We will leave from Wetheral Village Green at 09:30 and make our way via Brampton & Lanercost to Birdoswald (15 miles) for coffee. After coffee we’ll cross back over the A69 at Haltwhistle and continue to Hallbankgate for lunch after a further 18 miles or so.
The total ride as planned is about 55miles, however this can be reduced if circumstances dictate.
Don’t let the weather forecast deter you from enjoying a good day out!

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Club run - Sunday 12th August

The ride will start at 9.30am from the main car park by the river.

Those of you familiar with this route will know that describing the route as 'mildly undulating' is stretching credibility.    There is a 1 mile climb up Langholm Moor at the start and the first 200 metres or so is steep! about 16% gradient.   The ride thereafter is easier and the route description is mostly accurate.   There are two other significant hills on the route but neither are particularly long or arduous - depends how fit and energetic you are.

From Langholm, we ride over Langholm Moor before dropping down into Newcastleton at 9 miles for  a refreshment stop at the Olive Tree cafe.   It's a bit early for refreshments but the 'stop' is largely for my benefit.    I will have ridden from home and will be in need of sustenance.    We continue on a 15 mile undulating route to Bonchester Bridge for lunch.   There is then a fairly long boring climb up out of the village but the gradient is quite gentle.   We continue to Newcastelton (unless I change my mind when we get to Hermitage and we take a different route) and back over Langholm  Moor.

The forecast at the moment is for light showers.   I hope to see one or two of you at the start.

Friday, 10 August 2018

DANGER worn out wheel rims

Hi everyone. Those of you who were out last Wednesday will recall that I stopped to re-position my tyre on the back wheel. It was eccentric and bumping on every turn. Re-fitting the tyre with the aid of a tiny slick of liquid soap improved things a little. We discussed whether the rims were worn too thin and causing the problem. I didn't think this was the case as I knew the age of the wheels and roughly how many miles they had done. Had the rims been close to failing it could have been dangerous so I had the rims checked by two different bike shops who thought that there was plenty of life left in them. However, discussion with several people, including professional bike mechanics yielded the following points which may be of interest: 1. The tyre causing concern was a foldable gatorskin with plastic bead. The casing had worn and in one place and for about a quarter of an inch I could see the nylon bead, this allowed the tyre to sit high. I think this was the cause of the bumping. 2. Frequently check rim wear for dishing, replace when concerned. 3. The rim "flares" out at the top when it gets thin. 4. Replace when wear indicators disappear, these are either a groove which when it becomes flush with the braking surface indicates replacement, or a shallow drill hole, similar to the above but less reliable as it only indicates wear at that location. 5. A rim will normally fail when a spoke breaks unexpectedly or the inner tube pushes through the rim and bursts. Potential catastrophe, especially if its on the front wheel. Please respond here if you found this helpful. Especially if you disagree. Think safety. I will probably buy a new wheelset anyway and keep them on hand for the near / not so near future. Peter.

Derailleur Gears

Link below will take you to an article from the Guardian Bike Blog about derailleur gears that I know some of you will find interesting.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Caption Competition

Add you caption in the comment section below!

Christmas Lunch date!

I know its early but there is always the odd comment .... if only I had known earlier.....
I have tentatively booked Saturday 15th December 12.30 at Mrs Miller's.
This does not have to be final if there are overwhelming objections but I give you the date for your diaries.
Contact me if you are an overwhelming objector!

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Ladies Cycling Shoes for Sale

Bontrager Ladies cycling shoes, size 39 (5.5). New and boxed. Offers over £25. Phone Claire on 01228 710110 if interested.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Geoff's Ride Wednesday 8th

 As planned we go up Mallerstang as a warm up(!) and then to Hawes for coffee stop if necessary then over Fleet Moss to Langstrothdale.  N again over the cote de Cray and on to Aysgarth for lunch. (Car park cafe on the far side of the river) From there we head up towards Askrigg but turn up towards Oxnop Scar through Newbiggin thus avoiding the lower part of the climb! (You can do it if you are a purist!). From there we go down to Muker and up to Keld where the final climb should take us up to Tan Hill from where we can run down to Winton where we are kindly invited to Jen's for tea!

The weather is looking good though cooler than of late with  a 'possibility' of a shower mid-day
totals: 66mi and about 6500ft of ascent.

Monday, 6 August 2018

Jen's ride to Dent 8th August

Start.  Yew Tree House. From Brough turn left into Winton. Left again at cross roads, past green, chapel, yth is on left spot bikes outside park up the road or round the back.
Ride is via Waitby then Sedbergh Farfield Mill for 11.0s then wiggly back roads to Dent. Slow place lovely views. The Heritage centre is recommended for cakes and has outside seating or picnic by the church.
I will return via Sedbergh but there is the option for the very energetic to return via the coal road and
Looking forward to a ride in Dentdale and hopefully good weather

Saturday, 4 August 2018

Sun 5 th Aug - Ride to Haweswater & Orton

Start – 09:30 at Frenchfield

Route - Clifton Dykes, Askham, Bampton, Helton to Hawswater
Distance – 19 miles ( including 5.5 mile loop to SW end of Haweswater )

Elevenses – at Haweswater Hotel or BYO

Continue via – Concrete road and Hardendale Fell to Orton
Distance – 13 miles

Lunch at – Orton Scar Café ( maybe quite late )

Continue via - Orton Scar, Crosby Ravensworth, Kings Meaburn and Cliburn road
Distance – 18 miles

Total distance approx 50 miles with approx 4160 ft ( 1270 m ) of ascent.

I phoned Ullswater Hotel on Fri 3 rd Aug to book us in for 11’s in the region of 11:30. Another party of 10 cyclists had also booked for 11’s so it could be busy.

Maybe the other group also want to inspect the water levels in Haweswater and glimpse the remains of Mardale village. I doubt if the recent rains have made much impression on reservoir level.

I hope the weather is kind to us and that it will be an enjoyable outing.

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Rosie and Phils Ride London

This is just to let you know that Phil and I finished Ride  London on Sunday. We had a brilliant ride although it was very cold , wet and windy. The weather took us a bit by surprise as we thought it would be dry and hot. A few more clothes would have been good but it meant that we hardly stopped as we had to keep moving to keep warm.
We rode part of Leith Hill , part being shut for an accident so we rode a slightly lower route. Box Hill was open so we rode that. I was nervous of doing it as everyone said it was tough! I think those people don t know hills, as it was easier than riding Fell Lane, just a bit longer. It was lovely being cheered by the crowds as we rode through the towns even though some seemed to enjoy shouting to Phil that I wasn t pedalling. Trust me I was!!! 
We ended up cycling 96 miles of the route because of the closure but since we rode 8 miles to the start I think we deserved our 100 mile medals. 

So many thanks for supporting us with our fundraising for Alzeimers. We raised about £1,400 .

Monday, 30 July 2018

Wednesday's Club Ride - 1st August

The ride will start from the bridge over the River Eden at 09.30.

The route will take us up the eastern side of the R.Eden through Cumwhitton, Great Corby, Faugh and Geltbridge to reach Brampton for the coffee stop. From there, it is via Walton, Banks, Lanercost, Naworth and Kirkhouse to Talkin Tarn for lunch.

After refreshments, the ride heads down the B6413, with deviations off through Talkin Village and Cumrew, to reach Renwick. From there we loop back to Armathwaite, joining the road from Kirkoswald for the grand descent to our start point.

The total distance will be approx. 55 miles. After the heavy rain, there are sand and gravel deposits on the road in various places, especially on the minor roads. Not too hilly with the main challenge being the 'killer' climb from Lanercost to Naworth. I trust that the ride will be of interest and hope to see some intrepid members at the start to make the ride more enjoyable!

Saturday, 28 July 2018

New Runs List

The Runs List for the 3rd quarter which starts on Wednesday is now available on our web site. Download is simple so you can print it out and stick it on your fridge door and plan some great days out on the bike. Many thanks to our leaders for the varied contributions.

Friday, 27 July 2018

Sunday Club Ride 29th July

As I write this the weather forecast on Sunday for Alston is strong winds & heavy rain, neither condition being condusive to good cycling! The route I had planned was to go up to Alston from Penrith via Renwick along the C2C route and then on to Hallbankgate via Slaggyford.
I will be at start of ride on Beacon Edge at 09:30 Sunday morning and will make a decision on the best plan for the day with whoever turns up.

Monday, 23 July 2018

Thank you and au revoir

We had a lovely time on Saturday meeting many of our friends, and eating, drinking and talking. Thanks to everyone for their good wishes, cards and bringing such delicious food. And particular thanks to Mike and Claire who were such excellent hosts, even organising the weather which was perfect for sitting outside (well, Mike was a geography teacher!).

We were really touched that the club took the initiative to put on a farewell party for us. We've been so up to our ears in packing, house selling etc., that we would never have got round to doing it ourselves.

Anyway, it's 'au revoir', not 'adieu' and Janet (at least) will be back to lead a clubrun in October (and maybe even do some work too).

Thanks for the past 20 years and best wishes to you all,

Paul and Janet

Wednesday's Club Ride 25 July

The ride will start from The Cloisters in Kirkby Stephen at 0930.

The route will take us over Lamps Moss to Richmond, with coffee in Gunnerside on route. After lunch in Richmond we will return via Askrigg - where we may stop for afternoon tea/coffee depending on demand and time - and Mallerstang.

As this is a long ride (approx. 80 miles) the pace will be steady and hence we have planned for 3 stops. The forecast is looking good, so a grand day out in The Dales should be had by all! I hope to see some of you on Wednesday.


Wed 25 th July - Bill Holmes Grade 2 Ride

 As per the Runs list : -

Starting at Cross Keys Carlton at 09:30. Going through Great Strckland, Morland, Temple Sowerby, to Culgaith for Elevenses ( meeting up with Grade 1 riders ). 
     Then onto Dufton via Newbiggin to the Pox Box Pantry for Lunch. 
In the afternoon going through Appleby, Drybeck, possibly Gt Asby, then Kings Meaburn back to Penrith. 
       The total distance is about 40 mileswith a few nice climbs on the way !. 
I hope to see some of you out !.

Bill H

Friday, 20 July 2018

Club Ride Sunday 22nd July

This "2 bike" ride will leave Frenchfield, Penrith at 9.30. I'm suggesting any car parking is down the hill at Frenchfield and not near the Cross Keys pub which is busy at Sunday lunch time.
The route is short at about 38 miles so I'm planning a one stop ride using the excellent Maulds Meaburn village institute summer cafe (where you might be tempted to have more than the usual cup of coffee). We will then cycle south over Orton Scar and down to Orton before returning north via Shap (BYO if needed), the Lowther valley, Askham and Lowther Castle to Penrith. Undulating terrain with one longish climb up Orton Scar but all at a friendly pace.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Cycling Shoes for sale

Nearly new and hardly worn cycling shoes. £60 new but I will accept £20 if they go to a good home. They are no good to me and hopefully someone in the group can make good use of them. The box says size 44 Eur, 9.7 US. I normally take size 9 UK and they are a good fit.
Contact Harry on 01931 716244 if interested.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

2 bike ride on wednesday 18 July

A change to my 2 bike ride  - It will now start from Dalston at 9.30am making our way for our ONE STOP only at around 11.30 at Maes tea room or BYO.  We will head from Dalston out towards Ireby and back via Hesket New Market on the back roads.  After around 35ish miles and  few wee  hills I hope we will arrive back in Dalston around 14.30 ( I need to be back in Thursby early pm).

Hope to see you there.


Monday, 16 July 2018

Wendnesday 18th 3 bike ride

As published we start in Melmerby (near the bakery cafe) and go over Hartside to Garigill from there to Nenthead where coffee can be bought at the shop/po. Thence to Allendale for lunch.
Then we go over to Bear's Bridge and Whitfield and across the A686 up onto the so called Clattering causeway. Unfortunately Eals bridge over the N Tyne is still out for repair so it will be up to Lambley and back along the A 689 to Alston with possible tea stop before retracing our pedal strokes over Hartside back to Melmerby.
Total distance 60mi ascent 2036m so quite hilly. Variations along the way are possible by mutual agreement - like for instance stopping for ice-creams. Weather ok with pos shower around lunchtime.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Club ride - Sunday 15th July.

The ride will start at GREYSTOKE Car park instead of in Keswick.   I had forgotten that  the Keswick Convention will be in full swing and there are likely to be parking difficulties.    We will not be going over Honister.

From Greystoke the route will be to Hesket New Market, Fellside and 11's at Maes Cafe, Uldale.   Then Portinscale, Newlands, Whinlatter and a late lunch back at Portinscale.    Return to Greystoke will be via Threlkeld and Mungrisedale.    Total distance will be about 65-70 miles.    The forecast at the moment is for it to be fine.

I hope to see you at the start.

Another Thank You

Following on from Geoff's "Thank You" for the Challenge rides. Rosie and myself would like to say a big thank you to all those folks who attended todays rides, and the lunch at our house. Your generosity raised  an amazing £270 for our Ride London Alzheimers fundraising. Can I also thank all those who helped serving and tidying up, and also Rosie for preparing all the lovely food.

Challenge Rides - Thank you!

A big thank you to all those who took part in the Challenge Rides last Sunday. Weren't we lucky with the weather!
I hope everyone was adequately challenged but not slaughtered!
The views were fantastic,  anyone visiting the Lakes for the first time would get a very much skewed view of the area. Certainly the visitors all seemed to enjoy the event.
Perhaps more to the point - Thank you to all the helpers particularly to Claire and Anne who provided the wonderful food both at the start and end of the day.
Maybe we could run another event sometime? (no- not next week!)

Thanks again

Monday, 9 July 2018

Wed rides from Greystoke

On Wednesday  the 11th,  Rosie and myself will be leading 2 rides from Greystoke car park starting at 9.30.  The aim is to arrive back at our house (15 Croft Terrace, Penrith) at 12.15 for a lunch of sandwiches, Nibbles, lots of cakes, and  tea and coffee, (gluten free options available), where you are invited to make a small donation towards our Ride London fundraising cycle for The Alzheimers Society. Afterwards we will return to Greystoke with various route options. Rosie's group will cycle about 20 miles before lunch and my group will do about 30 miles.
BYO snack for 11'ses. Hope to see lots of you there.

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Cycle the Solway?! or Help?

Our biggest fundraising event ever...

Cycle the Solway 21st and 22nd July

This year Watchtree have teamed up with Eden Valley Hospice and Jigsaw to organise and host Cycle the Solway; a two day sportive and family cycling . To make this event a success and in turn raise lots of money for charity we need your help!
We need volunteers to help out with registration, marshalling, car parking and more - no experience necessary just a little of your precious time to make a huge difference.

If you are willing and able please click the link below and pop your details on the email which will appear. If you could include your name, contact telephone number and which day/days you are available we will be back in touch later this week with further details.
I'll help!

Monday, 2 July 2018

Club Ride Wednesday 4th July

Starting from car park in Dalston at 09:30 the ride will take us over 8 bridges over the Eden from Carlisle's Western bypass to Langwathby. The route through Carlisle city will follow cycle ways so interaction with traffic will be minimal.
11's will be after 16 miles at Sally's in Warwick Bridge and BYO lunch for a picnic by the river at Lazonby after a further 16 miles or so. Return to Dalston via Salkeld Dykes after the final river crossing at Langwathby. The bridges upstream from Langwathby will have to wait for anther day! There is the option of stopping for a cup of tea at the Pot Place.
Total length of ride is about 61 miles - I hope to see some of you at the start.

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Challenge Rides Sunday 8th July

On Sunday 8th July we are organising two challenge rides  There will be a 100km and 100mi courses somewhat like the rides we did last year but open to all.  Details on our web pages including auto entry to the event!

You will have seen the Challenge rides in the CUK publicity. By organising the rides we are doing our bit to publicize and get more people involved in, cycling. Cycling UK is supporting us by publicising the event and providing some goodies!

We have already had volunteers to help with the organisation (though one or two more would be welcome) and entries are beginning to come in. This is an Open event so anyone can take part but it would be great if all those of us who think that they can manage either of the distances could come forward and take part. It would be good company for visiting riders and you will be able to sing the praises of this wonderful part of the country that we are privileged to ride in.

Everyone who is taking part should enter via our web page. It costs £12.50 but is very little to pay for the support organisation and the free food at start and finish of the rides. We also need to pay for hire of the Village Hall.

You can enter from our website Home page and clicking the 'Medal' or just click the link above. Follow through and you will automatically be registered and asked to pay. If you don't like paying online then please contact me asap to let me know your details. The automatic route is best as it collects ICE (In case of emergency) details etc.
Thanks for reading this!

Friday, 29 June 2018

2 Bike Ride, Sunday July 1st

Start at 9.30 meeting at the Cloisters in Kirkby Stephen. Plenty of free parking near the fire station on Christian Head Rd.
Our route goes over Tan Hill for coffee at the famous pub (12 miles). Then down Arkengarthdale to Reeth for ice cream and/or lunch. Back west by Swaledale through Muker (further refreshments) and over Birkdale Common before a lovely descent to Nateby and Kirkby Stephen. 45 miles total.
The ride on the Runs List is graded 2 bikes: it is hilly but is a moderate length and to be ridden at a moderate pace to encourage members to dive into Yorkshire in a modest way. Hope some of you can join me. The weather continues hot but I'm hoping for a gentle cooling breeze.

Monday, 25 June 2018

Club Ride Wednesday 27 June

The ride will officially start from Burneside Church at 0930. As usual, there will be parking for a few cars on our drive.
The route will take us to Kirkby Lonsdale via The Ponderosa Hill and Oxenhome for 11s at the bakery. From here we will head for Morecambe via Burton in Kendal, The Kellets and the Lancaster cycle path. Lunch will be on The Stone Jetty. The return leg will be around the bay (Silverdale and Arnside (for obligatory ice creams!)) and back to Burneside/Bowston. Total distance will be approx. 72 miles.  The first 10 miles are fairly hilly but the remainder of the ride is on predominantly kind terrain.
Refreshments will be served post ride.
The forecast is fantastic - great for a day at the seaside!
Hope to see some of you Wednesday.
Keith G

Sunday, 24 June 2018

John R's 70th LEJoG

No he has not done the end to end 70 times....
In his 70th year (he's not quite 70) John R has just completed the route. In May he did the  Carlisle to John o' Groats section and today he finished LE to Carlisle making a total of 1225 miles!
He is raising money for Marie Curie nurses; donations can be made via Justgiving (click through) and has  raised £800 so far. 'He has done incredibly well and not needed any rest days!'-- says Pam who has supported John all the way in their motorhome.

thanks in anticipation

Friday, 22 June 2018

Women’s records to be broken in Cumbria

No it’s not me 😊 - although we are going for the record in writing lists and packing up our house at the moment...

We have had a call from a cycling buddy in Durham. Perhaps someone could help him?

This is what he says -

Jasmjm Muller is attempting to break the Lands end to John O'Groats womens road cycling record starting early in July.

In 1954, Eileen Sheridan set a new LEJOG record of 59 hours and 7 minutes.
Lynn Taylor then took the record to 53 hours 45 mins in 2002.

If all goes well the 24 Hour record should be broken by  Jasmijn early morning at the Golden fleece roundabout South of Carlisle.

Start date plus a live tracker link will be here: https://www.lejogrecord.co.uk/

Aidan Hedley, from Durham will be joining the support crew at Carlisle North A7/M6 on that same day.

If anyone living locally could offer him a bed for the night to ensure he is fully rested for his duties it would be very much appreciated.

You can contact Aidan at 'aidan@hedley.email' or call 07422572201.

Request for attendance figures on two Self Guided Rides

Would anyone who attended the Self Guided venues below please let me know the names of all attendees for inclusion in the attandance records : -

1. Wed 13 th June ( Grany Dowbekins, Pooley Bridge )

2. Wed 20 th June ( Melmerby, Village Store )



Sunday 24 June - invitation to tea and cake and 2 bike ride

Anne and I are still trying to raise money for the Genesis Research Trust for our Ride London at the end of July. Pam has kindly agreed to host tea and cake in Langwathby at 3 pm to coincide with Clive's 3 bike ride.
YOU ARE INVITED to tea and cake at Langwathby on Sunday at 3 pm.
I am planning to lead a two bike ride starting and finishing in Langwathby, setting off at 9.30 with similar stops to Clive's 3 bike ride but at a moderate pace - all welcome.
If anyone doesn't know how to find Pam's house for tea, please phone me on Penrith 881066.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Two and a Half Bike Ride, Wednesday 20th June

The meeting place is the Carlisle Rugby Club car park, which is just off Warwick Road (A69) in Carlisle. As you enter the car park, head to the left and park in front of the Squash Club. The stats for the ride are 50 miles and 1500 ft of climbing. We set off at 9.30am and head off through Rickerby Park to Linstock and Crosby on Eden. I had intended going straight through to Newby East, but the council are carrying out road works on this section and it will not be safe to try. So a slight diversion along the A689 and a loop around Carlisle Airport to reach Newby East and then to Corby Hill to cross the A69 at the traffic lights. We get to Brampton via Townhead and Geltbridge for coffee at Oakbank Coffee Cabin on Longtown Road. The next section takes us through Lanercost, Walton, Hethersgill for the lunch stop at Longtown. The return to Carlisle is via quiet roads to Houghton and back to the squash club. The forecast is for showers in the morning and a dry afternoon. Hope to see a few members for this trip around the Borderlands.

Monday, 18 June 2018

2 bike ride on Wednesday 20th June

The ride is in the Ribble Valley with close up views of Pendle Hill. 
Start is at 9.30am from the entrance to the main car park in Clapham. Directions are; Turn off the A65 into Clapham village, go over the bridge and turn left. There is free parking alongside the river all the way up to the church. The main car park is on the right. All day parking £4.50.
The ride is along quiet easy riding lanes and the total distance is 48 miles.
Route; Clapham, Austwick, Giggleswick, Wigglesworth, Paythorne, Gisburn, Rimington, Downham, Chatburn, Holden, Settle, Clapham.
There are two good food stops, Gisburn (18miles), The garden centre at Holden (30 miles) and the option of locally made ice creams on the village green at Downham around mid-day.


Saturday, 16 June 2018

Kieth Jowett

Sylvia  rang earlier today to say that Kieth died last Tuesday.  He has been in a care home in Bradford for 3 years and had become very frail recently. A sad end for such a strong, determined and enthusiastic cyclist who road with the club for many years.

Update on Sundays ride

Crosby Ravensworth village hall are doing a salad and pudding lunch on Sunday for £7.50 if anyone would prefer that. I think we will still take a picnic, but it does mean the village hall loo will be open.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Rides on Sunday June 17th

Rosie and myself will be leading 2 rides but heading for the same destinations. We leave the Beacon Edge cemetery lay-by Penrith at 9.30 and head for Bampton Cafe for 11'ses, and then cycle via Shap to Crosby Ravensworth for a picnic stop by the church. Return via Morland. The distance is about 40 miles. forecast is good so see you at the start.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018


Hi All
James and I are breaking out this summer to have a go at the End to End. As we will be passing through Cumbria we would be delighted to have some company at that or indeed at any stage
The programme is (overnight dates)
26 June Lands End
4 July Southport
5 July Kendal
6&7 Carlisle
8 July Crawford
15 July John O Groats

Best wishes
David Harrison

2-bike ride tomorrow 13 June

This is stage 2 of John Wilson's 'River Eden Source to Sea' route and takes us along roads familiar to many. We will be setting off from Appleby cloisters at 9.30 and doing Colby hill the easy way - downhill! - via Bolton, crossing the river before Temple Sowerby to coffee at Culgaith, crossing back to the south side of the river at Langwathby to take the Great Salkeld road to Lazonby and our picnic by the river. Return is along the north side of the river - Glassonby, Hunsonby, Skirwith, Blencarn and Long Marton.

ADDITIONAL Club Ride for Wednesday 13th June

The '3 bike' ride starts at Mitchell’s Auction Mart (parking) at 9:30. The ride provides extensive views of the Western Fells on very small quiet roads to Ennerdale Bridge for elevenses.   We continue south to St Bees for lunch (Hartley Ice Cream). We then take a Northern coastal route again on small roads and cycle paths which not only provide views of  The Irish Sea but also some Industrial History. The ride is 60 ish miles and moderately hilly.
Weather forecast is good.
Paul W.
Mobile 0788 099 0676

Monday, 11 June 2018

Mountain biking event?

Received by email: May be of interest to some - suitable for children so can't be too difficult!
Click to enlarge---

Post Easter Week 2019

Fife was marginally the most popular choice from our straw poll in Derbyshire. Some interest in a posh pad in Northumberland Pam & Shauna know, but Dallas sussed out £250 each so rather over budget! Also popular was north Wales / Shropshire and we found possibilities in Ellesmere – next year maybe? Trubys would love us to do Norfolk – but it’s an awfully long 250 mile drive.

Let’s do Fife!
Group lodge type accommodation is minimal except on the extreme eastern St Andrews side which limits cycling routes. There are suitable but basic lodges near Bridge of Earn a few miles from Perth, but the location is close to a noisy motorway, makes day trips to St Andrews and east Fife too long for most and involves negotiating sizeable Perth to explore further north.

We have found a more ideal location midway between Cupar and Newburgh on the A913 central but on the northern side of the Fife ‘peninsula’ which I would like EV members & friends to consider as soon as possible as that is the recommendation for next year. Downside is no 6 bed places, just an 8 and the rest 4’s. Provisional info as follows:

Date: Thursday April 25th 2019 (just after Easter) for a week. Unfortunately the farmhouse (see below and which we need) has a booking from May 2nd so the only way to fit in a week is from the Thursday – hopefully not an issue.
Next available date is Monday May 6th which gets closer to folks going away time of year.

Venue: Balmeadowside Country Lodges Fife
Accommodation: 1 x 8 bed farmhouse (with games room) which will become I guess our ‘socialising’ venue, 5 x 4 bed ‘bird/owl’ cottages with double ensuite, twin  and separate
bathroom, remainder 4 bed ‘tree’ slightly smaller cottages double without ensuite & twin.
Many do have hot tubs!

Cost: More than our previous budget, have negotiated a bit off, but will be near enough £150 per person irrespective of whether in farmhouse or the two cottage types

Let me know as soon as possible with one each of the following, the hardest  bit is getting commitment so deposits can be paid and a firm booking made!

YES      MAYBE     NO
(if  NO reason please eg location, dates, price)

DATE   Thurs April 25th        Mon May  6th        EITHER

Les Meer
lesandruth@gmail.com 01768 881894/  07840 568047

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Tomorrow - Sunday 10 June - 2 bike ride

As advertised, it is my plan to meet at Greystoke cycle café for coffee, then cycle about 11 miles to Caldbeck for lunch at the Old Smithy, returning via Mungrisdale - about 14 miles distance (25 total). I will be going slowly having been sitting in a boat and paddling,  not pedalling, for most of the last 2 weeks! I hope to see some of you there.

Monday, 4 June 2018

3 Bike ride Wednesday 6 June

As per the plan this will be a steady ride up the 3 passes starting at the back of the Swimming Pool in Keswick. Stats are 77km 1731m climbing. We will go down the side of Catbells to Grange and then on over Honister to Buttermere and thence up Newlands down to Portinscale for coffee. Then over Whinlatter to Cockermouth for a late lunch. (Coffee and lunch stops can be flexible so we could make coffee an early lunch!) From there we can amble back to Keswick or perhaps find some more hills! Either way it will not be a fast ride! Hope to see some of you out the weather looks due to be fine!

Helmet or no helmet - again

Another video worth watching - we will no doubt all have an opinion but this is relatively un-biased.
Thanks Martin for pointing it out

Friday, 1 June 2018

2 bike ride - Sunday 3rd June

Plan is to leave Rowan Lea, Church Lane, Thursby, CA5 6PF at 10.30 (we are just along the road from The Ship Inn).  Coffee, tea and cake will be available for those that want to arrive at 10.00am.  If you are driving please park in the parish hall car park on Matty Lonning (just at end of Church Lane).  Great flat route via Anthorn stopping for lunch at the RSPB centre at Campfield around 40 miles.  Bring your own lunch (for a small donation tea and coffee is usually available at the Visitor Centre.  Hope to see you Sunday.

3 bike ride Sunday 3rd June

The ride will start from the Sycamore Cafe, Longtown 9.30am.   The route will be as described but with two small changes.   After refreshments at Newcasteleton I have added a 10 mile loop to include the 'Steel road' east of the town before we go over Langholm Moor.   We will stop for tea in Langholm - possibly at the cafe at the east end of the town rather than at our usual stop - Pelossie's.   Return to Langtown will be via Kennedy's Corner and Chapelknowe.   The total distance will be about 65 miles.

At the moment the forecast for Sunday is for it to be a dry day.  

Advance notice: additional ride on Wed 13 June

Paul W has kindly offered to put on a '3 bike' ride on Wed 13 June. Starting in Cockermouth (Mitchell's Auction Mart roundabout). Elevenses at The Gathering in Ennerdale Bridge and lunch at St Bees. About 60 miles with western Lake District and coastal scenery to enjoy. So we have a varied choice for the day - Paul's ride in the west and Alison's '2 bike' offer from Appleby in the east. Look out for a reminder blog as Paul's ride is not on the runs list.

Cycling UK campaign - Make it simple!

Last day for action to the CUK cycling safety campaign.

If you havn't already done so please respond clicking the link and send the e-card to all your friends.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Ride from Kirkby Stephen tomorrow 30 May

Hoping the weather remains warm but maybe not as hot as the weekend! Certainly no sign of rain yet. The planned ride goes over Tan Hill down to Keld and along to Gunnerside/Low Row for coffee followed by the short hill/cut up Turf Moor and over the famous water splash (beware it bites!) to Arkengarthdale and the Stang. Lunch at Cross Lanes Farm cafe on the A66 (Barnard Castle). Then we come home via Cotherstone Baldersdale and the reservoirs with alternatives possible as we approach Brough. (110km(68mi) and 1812m(6000ft) ascent)
Hope to see some of you 0930 in KS at the cloisters on the square

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Thank you...

... to the 14 multi-ability riders who made leading today's ride a joy! A great day out.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

A good day for a picnic...

Tomorrow's two-bike ride will follow the format of previous years, leaving from Appleby cloisters at 9.30. There is parking around the back - I can't remember if you pay for the car park on a Sunday. The idea of the source to sea route of the River Eden is that you cycle out one side of the river and back the other, but the roads don't always co-operate (or exist!) so tomorrow we head out from Appleby south of the river with a river crossing to visit Warcop stopping at Kirkby Stephen for coffee. There are two cafes opposite each other; the Mulberry Tree and the Pink Geranium - we will be in the one which has room for us -  if joining us there, peer through the windows to see if you can see anyone! From Kirkby Stephen we head south following the river until we get as close to the source as the road goes, just before the County Border for a picnic - what a forecast! I don't think we can guarantee any steam trains though - sorry! The return trip has much more downhill and is usually much quicker but I would still intend to offer a tea stop at Kirkby Stephen. Checking the mileage from last May's trip, I think it is just over 40 with about 1650 feet of climbing. I hope to see some of you tomorrow.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Post Easter Trip 2019

The story so far ....

In case you ain't heard, I sort of got volunteered to take over Dallas's role organising the trip - lucky me!

At Hopton, we took a poll of areas of interest for next year. Fife 8 votes, Northumberland, N. Wales (Denbighshire) and Shropshire 5, Pickering or Shilbottle again 3. Plus quite a range of single votes - including South Africa, Croatia and Mallorca!!!!

So Rachel's been busy looking for suitable accommodation in Fife, N. Wales & Shropshire. In parallel the Trubys are encouraging us to sample Norfolk, 'cos it really has got hills in the coastal areas!

Here's the gist of where we're at:

Fife does not seem to have a good network of minor roads or many hills, though a fair chunk of cycle paths. We discounted accom at Brideg of Earn (east) as very limited road options to get away from there. Other option is near the east coast / St Andrews but that limits ride directions - sea! Have emailed Fife Cycle UK branch - but no response yet. Few of us not convinced it's a sufficiently versatile cycling area.

N. Wales / Denbighshire struggling to find accommodation that's not verging on Snowdonia so 200 miles away.

Shropshire is quite large north to south. It's an area we haven't been as a group. Church Stretton area an option but again a long drive. Rachel has unearthed Hoseasons lodges accom near Ellesmere which she's keen on and looks good base and road network.  Here is their response to my initial enquiry plus the website for you to have a look at (sadly no big lodges) - but cost seems high at £150 ish  although I haven't yet retaliated asking for quantity discount - but will if we pursue!

Our breaks commence on either Monday or Friday and we have 11 lodges in total, 9 with hot tubs, which vary in size from 4 berth to 8 berth and total capacity is 58 guests.  If you were to book all 11 lodges the cost would be £8349 which works out at £144 per person at full capacity.  For further information please use the following link

Norfolk  Should we consider Truby-land one year, though a 250 mile drive. Maybe discuss it during the year with a view to viability for 2020?

Northumberland again? Pam's recommended this place https://www.beaconhill.co.uk/index.cfm

Any thoughts or votes gratefully (probably) received! Dunno whether works to blog reply, but in any case please email me even if you do blog too  - lesanduth@gmail.com

At the end of the day a consortium of me, Rachel, Alison and thankfully input from Dallas (years of experience at sorting out you mob) will decide.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Alternative Club Ride Wednesday 16 May

Hopefully exactly as runs list information.
Route out will be Ousby, Skirwith, Blencarn, Milburn, Dufton, Murton if anyone wants to meet us on the fellside road before 11's in Appleby.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Club Ride Wednesday 16 May

Wednesday's ride will set off from Devil's Bridge, Kirkby Lonsdale at 0930. There is ample free parking either side of the bridge.
The ride will take us over Barbondale to Dent and over Dentdale to Horton in Ribblesdale for 11's. From here we will head for Wray via Clapham for lunch before heading back to Kirkby. The total distance will be approx. 60 miles, with the pre 11's leg being hilly.
On our return you may wish to venture into Kirkby Market Square as Hollywood is in town on Wed and Thurs filming the remake of Dr Doolittle starting Robert Downey Jr, Emma Thompson and Antonio Banderas amongst others.
The forecast is looking very good, so hopefully I will see some of you there.
Keith G

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Club Ride Sunday 13th May

As a gentle alternative to the Fred Whitton (and best of luck to those participating) I am proposing a moderate 41 mile ride with only 2000 ft of ascent and at a very moderate pace. Meet at Wetheral green at 9.30 then 16 miles to coffee at Birdoswald, then through Lanercost and Naworth to Talkin for lunch (10 miles). Lunch will either be at Talkin village or at the Tarn. Let me know if any of you are cycling out independently hoping to meet just for lunch. Another 14 miles via Armathwaite brings us back to Wetheral.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Note for your diary

Arragons Penrith announce...


Thursday 21st June 2018

We‘ve organised to test the Ridgeback test fleets  of eBikes and a number of hybrids for the afternoon.

This will be a nice steady ride from the shop, meeting at 2pm for a cycle to The Pot Place for a nice brew and maybe a scone!

You will have chance to test our the super smooth pedal assist of the eBike, or maybe give one of the hybrids a run out.

You'll really see benefits of a lightweight, smooth and well put together range of dream machines.

There'll be plenty of opportunity to swap between the bikes, but booking is essential.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Wed 9 May RIDE

The pre-lunch ride is quite long and the route is twisty so be prepared for a late lunch at Dobie's.
Weather looks to be cooler but we should miss the rain.

9 May - cycle to coffee

In case anyone wants a sociable ride, a few of us (the usual suspects) will be leaving Langwathby at 9.30 to cycle to Mill Yard café at Morland, returning by lunchtime. Anyone who wishes is welcome to join us.

Thanks to/for the Eden Valley 'Chicks'

One of the strange occurences on the week away was the amazing number of gorgeous chicks to be seen around at Hopton Hall! And no I am not referring to the women members (good looking and fair though they may be!) but to bright yellow knitted chicks which were being manufactured in great numbers.
The chick challenge was a fund raising idea for Birmingham StMary's Hospice where Pam's daughter? works

So here is a thank you from Birmingham.........

Dear Geoff,

Just a quick note to say a huge thank you to the group for all the knitting which is hugely appreciated by the hospice. Please see attached letter from the fundraising team which I'd be grateful if you could share with the group.


Christina Radcliffe
Consultant in Palliative Medicine

click on the image below to read the letter of thanks....

Roadworks on A66 west of Penrith - for information as it may affect cycle lanes

Information from Highways England

A66 Dacre Junction to Hutton Junction Resurfacing
Highways England is resurfacing the A66 westbound carriageway between the Dacre junction and Hutton junction. The works will also include improvements to the crossover east of the Dacre junction and replacement of the existing gullies with drainage kerbs.
The works will start on Monday 14 May for approximately 10 weeks.

Phase 1

Improvements to the existing crossover will be carried out using 24 hour lane closures.

Phase 2

Following completion of the upgrade to the existing crossover a contraflow will be installed to allow the resurfacing and associated works to be carried out between the Dacre and Hutton junctions.

If you require any further details regarding the scheme please contact the Highways England customer contact centre by e-mail to info@highwaysengland.co.uk or phone 0300 123 5000.