Thursday, 30 July 2015

Whoops! Runs list Version2

 Sorry to say the recently published version of the Runs list had 'errors and ommissions'. The file has been changed so please use the latest version. The 18, 21 Oct and 28 Oct are involved so if you have all these on the list then you have the correct version. The corrected version is also on the website.

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Bramble Bikes, Skelton

I called in at Bramble bikes at Skelton and met the owner, Andrew Perrott. He is an experienced mechanic and used to work at Arragon’s in Penrith. It’s a nice little shop and offers cut price servicing.

Could be handy if you had a mechanical failure when riding in the Skelton area or need to take your bike in for repairs etc. without having problems finding a parking spot.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Club Ride Wednesday 29 July

The ride will leave from Burneside church at 0930 tomorrow. The car park across from the church will be a little busier than normal due to alterations, but there will be on street parking near the church and the public loo in the post office/church will be open from 0900.
11s will be at the Bakery in the main street in Kirkby Lonsdale after 18 miles - the first 10 of which will be lumpy.
From Kirkby the route to Morecambe will be via Burton and the Lancaster cycle track, with lunch at the Stone Jetty cafe, or Eric's (opposite Eric's statue). The return leg will take us through Crag Bank, Silverdale and Arnside for a total mileage of 72 miles.
Post ride refreshments will be available in Bowston - hope to see you tomorrow.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Tour of Britain 2015

What with everyone doing long rides lately I thought I would remind us that  The Tour of Britain which happens 6th - 13th September comes to Cumbria twice!

It passes close by on the 8th (Tuesday) and the 10th(Thursday) so perhaps we can get some groups together to support/go and see it. If you have any ideas or intentions to watch, then Blog what you have in mind and others may follow your lead!

Friday, 24 July 2015

Sunday 26 July

Note the early start at 8.30.  Alternative start at about 9.10 at Plumpton; this reduces mileage by 13.  11s Caldbeck at 10.30 ish!  We may curtail the ride if the weather is too wet and miserable, otherwise there are several opportunities for short cuts.  Rain forecast (on Friday) for the middle of Sunday only though this may change.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Wednesday, 22nd July

The route is : Starting in Appleby at the Cloisters, to Brough and over to Middleton-in-Teesdale for late elevenses. Then in a clockwise direction over to Eggleston, down to Romaldkirk and back to Mickleton. Left at the end of Mickleton along that road and over the bridge between Grassholme and Selset reservoirs. Return through Brough again. There is nowhere for lunch as Romaldkirk is too close to M-in-T so it is BYO.

Sorry I didn't post this earlier!

Monday, 20 July 2015

Pooley Bridge Wed 22nd July

Would anyone like to meet for 11's at Pooley Bridge (the alternative cafe stop).
Weather looks ok just a light shower.Appreciate it is school holidays but as I'm coming from Cockermouth it would be helpful know if this suits anyone.

Friday, 17 July 2015

club run - Sunday 19th July

The ride will start from the cafe in Longtown.  The route will be to Langholm via Chapelknowe for 11's -  followed by a 9 mile loop before going over Langolm Moor to Newcastleton.   We will return to Longtown via Penton.   Distance 60 miles.   The forecast at present is for rain in the morning but brighter in the afternoon.

CTC Birthday Rides - Ideas Please

Had CTC's Peter Mathison on the phone about Birthday Rides evening entertainment.
Ceilidh organised Thursday 20th Aug, Saxophone band Sat 22nd - which leaves August Fri 21st, Sun 23rd and Mon 24th to be filled it seems!

Peter asked if I knew any local comedians / entertainers etc - off the cuff answer is no, any of you aware of performers other than musical as with ceilidh and sax band, probably enough music? Paying out a few hundred quid no problem apparently.
Will be in the sports hall at Newton Rig, could be 200 attendees so quite a crowd! Believe amplification etc available (assume means microphone at least),  but no further details. 

Peter will also email round the attendees to suss if the group could self entertain, sort of cabaret evening with 10 minute slots like Ruth & I used to do at Ousby, anything goes (almost!). Hasn't been done before, no idea if viable until responses received. If any EV's would like to contribute if this goes ahead (note Peter not keen on conventional slides of biking holidays), do let me know.

Any ideas (and better still volunteers to organise) easy group activities, e.g. make a bike with playdoh, fold up a paper aeroplane and chuck it etc? Be quite fun if we can get a few of EV to provide the core of a couple of hours 'entertainment' one of the evenings.

All thoughts gratefully received - but short notice so I haven't committed anything to Peter.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Club Ride Wednesday 15 July

The ride will leave from the Village Hall, Burton in Kendal at 0930. As usual, parking is available on the hall car park for a nominal charge of £1 (to be collected by Cathy).

We will head for Settle for 11s going via Capernwray, Wray and Keasdon. From Settle the route will take in Malham Cove, Horton in Ribblesdale and Dent. From Dent we will return via Barbondale and Kirkby Lonsdale.

It will be a hilly ride taking in 3 counties on what is forecast to be a warm, dry and sunny day. The total distance will be 77 miles. With good company thrown in, what more could you ask for!

Hope to see you on Wednesday.

Keith G

Thiefside Wed 15th

Anyone interested in meeting at Thiefside for 11's on Wednesday 15th.
We travel from Cockermouth so it would be helpful to have a rough idea
if any one is going. The weather forecast looks good.  Hope to see you.
Sue and Paul

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Geoff's blog 6/7/15 (request for help)

I did this and it was an interesting experience. Michael videoed my ride to "work", so expect the world premier of this soon. Later there was an interview and discussion of my riding techniques. All very illuminating...

I was wondering if anyone else did it? (but suspect not and that I'm the only club member that does any commuting). It was a rewarding exercise, as well as helping in some useful research.

Frame for sale

25 ½ “ Veneto Italian racing  frame. Naturally retro as it's Parker's.
 See Dropbox
for pictures. (Bracketed numbers in text refer to picture number in Dropbox)
Clearance for 700c X 25 mm tyres, 130 mm rear fork end spacing. Columbus Altec  special reinforced aluminium tubing (16), Carrera aluminium forks (4), some scratches on forks (10). Seat tube  27.2 internal diameter, 31.8 external (1).
Fitted with 116 mm Campagnolo bottom bracket, threaded 26 x 24F (2,3,5,15) and Stronglight  dual pivot brakes (4,6,9,11,12). Headset a bit notchy, but quite useable.
Generally very nice paint job (1,4,5,6,9,11,12,13,15), but some areas of damage (7,8,14)
Original receipt (17)
£60.00 + p&p or offers.

Club run Sunday 12th July

The BBC weather website is showing a good day, especially SW Scotland (so I'm not going to look at any other sites just in case...)

Undulating route, getting hillier towards the end. Plenty of chance to burn off some calories and then put them back again at the all you can eat Bankshill village hall tea. They're expecting us, so there will be extra goodies.

Hope to see you all out tomorrow.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Club run on Wednesday 8th July

I am leading Peter's ride for him as published on runs list. 11's at Animal Refuge, Wetheral Shield (opens at 11.00 a.m.), lunch at Upfront and  Pete and Joy's for tea and cakes - yippee!

Monday, 6 July 2015

Is this You?

An amusing article found by Dallas in a local free mag:
Click to enlarge

A Request for Help

I am currently undertaking research into commuter cycling in Carlisle, as a part of my MSc Urban Studies dissertation at University College London (UCL).
The purpose of this post is to ask whether you would be interested in participating in this research focused upon how cyclists use and navigate through the combination of existing physical infrastructure, such as roads and the rules and conventions associated with cycling in an urban environment. In short, this research approaches infrastructure focused upon the user (the cyclist) as they move through this space from A to B, which offers the exciting possibility to encourage greater levels of cycling through exploring the engagement with junctions, rules and conventions.
Currently, this research is only focused upon individuals over the age of 18 and who regularly cycle to and/or from work in Carlisle.
What will participation involve?
                An initial chat about what the research entails, expectations and any concerns, including Risk Assessment etc.
                A video-recording by the researcher of the participant traveling either to or from work
                An interview exploring both the video and wider issues associated with cycling (Ideally this would be a few days after the journey and be no more than an hour long)
If this is of interest to you or you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me through my email

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Ride Sunday 5th July

Usual ride to Newcastleton with some twists and turns. I have mapped it on Bike Hike and it seems to come to 64 miles with 3298 ft of ascent and 3295 ft of descent :) but don't let that put you off. BYO in downtown Bewcastle, cafe in Newcastleton. Thunderstorm currently forecast for 15.00 - so we'll keep an eye on that......and may vary route accordingly. Bring waterproofs and food! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

WEDNESDAY 8TH JULY - Leader required

Peter Moore is unable to lead the ride on this day(8th July)
Is there a kind volunteer leader who would like to lead the ride - it could be another route if the change is posted provided it starts at the same place ie Langwathby.
If not, I am happy to lead an 'impromptu' ride. (Surprise surprise!)
Let Geoff know or write a comment!