Friday, 27 March 2020

Further advice from Cycling UK

I did suggest last week that I would post a map of my intended ride into the Bewcastle Fells. However, I have just read the latest advice from CUK. It's quite long and detailed but particular relevant bits include:

"Instead, we should take the opportunity to seek out quiet and uncrowded places to cycle close to home, preferably places we can cycle to from our own doorstep."
"Our advice is to go out for long enough to keep yourself in good shape physically and emotionally, but avoid doing more than this. Use common sense when planning your route: for example, ride a loop close to home rather than a long out-and-back route, so that in case of a mechanical you should be able to walk home unaided."
"Anyone doing so should observe recommended social distancing and hygiene advice and also take even more care than normal to make sure they don’t put further pressure on the emergency services.

For the full detail follow this link for Cycling UK's latest advice.

David Wilson - Contact and Ladies Bike Wanted

David Wilson used to be active in EV with lady friend Maria and many of you will know him.  Now in his 80's there are symptoms of dementia. Presently with c-virus he cannot meet up with Maria who lives south of London or take part in activities such as Scottish dancing. So living alone and lonely in Penrith he would appreciate a phone call and chat from those that knew him, we are making contact a couple of times a week, His number is 01768 895709 but note he knows nothing about computers, email etc!

David had a couple of falls when trying cycling in the last couple of months and feels he can no longer manage a bike with a crossbar.  He would like to try or buy a stepthrough 'ladies bike' with no cross tube  of any sort. To be honest not sure long term how well he will manage cycling if at all, but has anyone got something suitable he could try, have on semi permanent loan or buy? Pointless for David to spend a lot of money on a new or recent used model from eg Arragons to just pootle about locally, so hoping someone can assist directly or via me.

Monday, 23 March 2020

To Brighten the C-Thingy Gloom ......

Germany is now advising people to stock up on sausage and cheese. 

This is known as the Wurst Kase scenario.

Socially Responsible Behaviour In These COVID Times

See below copy of email I received this email yesterday which echos what was reported on the news about groups of people (not just cyclists) spending time in parks and on beaches over the weekend. I would urge our members to follow the guidelines and avoid cycling in groups, however people should not avoid cycling altogether as it remains a great way to keep fit and active and is a good way to boost immunity.
We are really lucky to live in North Cumbria where we can cycle mile after mile along quiet roads without seeing another soul!

Friday, 20 March 2020

EV Away Week Ellesmere Shropshire

You've guessed - cancelled by popular group demand! Anyway all the cafes will be closed.

The venue is keeping our deposit towards rebooking at an unscheduled later date this year or next, which is entirely acceptable as it is our group's choice to cancel. I have refunded individuals accordingly.

When we reschedule is up for grabs when the situation settles. Could be later this year (but note Ruth & I are away all of September so couldn't coordinate for then, would need another volunteer). Or post Easter 2021 of course.

Plenty of time to discuss whilst we count our hoarded bog rolls, pasta, rice and spuds ... and get out on our bikes or walking the lovely fells.

Reasons to Ride Your Bike During Coronavirus Lockdown (that is if you need a reason).

Good article in today's Guardian by Peter Walker setting out case for cycling during current crisis


Thursday, 19 March 2020

Sunday 22nd March and looking beyond.....

In line with the advice given to us by Cycling UK and referred to by Bill in the blog below, I will not be leading the ride on Sunday. The map produced here was to be the intended route so please feel free to ride it at your leisure. It's about 38 miles and fairly hilly.

A bigger target to keep you occupied and fit might be to look at our website where there are 25 rides varying in length from 10miles  to over 80miles. Maps, route cards and gpx files are included.
These rides are centred on Penrith and stem from 2015 when we - as a club - put together day rides for the CTC Holiday Birthday Rides that were held that year at Newton Rigg College near Penrith.

Before Sunday 29th March I will blog the route I intended which goes north into the Bewcastle fells. Certainly appropriately remote!