Monday, 30 December 2019

Wednesday New Year's Day 2 bike ride

My plan is to leave at 11.30 from Little Salkeld, parking just up the road from the Watermill. This is another route I am testing out for the Eden Rivers Trust; this time we head up to Kirkoswald returning via Lazonby, Great Salkeld and Langwathby. It is about 12 miles, not without hills but not as severe as those yesterday (but there's no shame in walking!)
Jane Bardsley has very kindly offered refreshments (soup, bread and more mince pies) at her house in Melmerby as we don't expect any open cafes on New Year's Day. Please come and join us at the end of the ride - it's only just over 5 miles from Little Salkeld to Melmerby and easily within cycling distance.
If you want to extend the ride, then add your own route on before we meet or on your return home. We hope to see you to wish you a Happy New Year in person - but if we don't see you, we wish it anyway!
Alison, Nigel, Jane and David

Sunday, 29 December 2019

Note from CJ Re : Draft 1 st Qtr Runs list 2020

Although Mike is out of the country at present on holiday , I've noted that he's placed a blank template for the 1 st Qtr 2020 Runs List in Google Docs.
  Would all runs leaders please access the list and start making entries for rides that they would like to lead. 
    An early start should enable a programme of rides to be prepared well before the end of January an avoid a last minute panic.

Thanks CJ

Saturday, 28 December 2019

Sunday 29 December

Thanks to Phil for putting on his 3 bike ride leaving Beacon Edge cemetery layby at 10 - look forward to seeing you. Our pace, for the hilly route, leaving Lazonby Bridge at 11.30, will be extremely leisurely, but the ambitious among you can burn off your energy on the way to join us. No change to our plans - hope some of you come out to play!

Friday, 27 December 2019

3 bike ride Sunday 29th

Hello All. I am intending to cycle from Beacon Edge cemetery lay-by leaving at 10am and doing a loop, with a view to meeting up with Alison and co at Lazonby Bridge at 11.30. and then to ride to Armathwaite and back to Liz's for lunch. I would be very pleased to have some company.
Happy xmas to you all.

Thursday, 26 December 2019

2 bike ride Sunday 29 December

Having tested out the Eden Rivers Trust 'Heart of Eden' easy route from Acorn Bank we are going to the opposite extreme with a loop from Lazonby to Armathwaite and back leaving Lazonby car park by the bridge at 11.30. Bring sandwiches to eat at Liz's house at the end of the ride when she is offering soup and cocktails. I will be bringing some mince pies. Hope to see a few of you out on Sunday.
We hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and that you continue to enjoy it.
Best wishes to all,

Sunday, 22 December 2019

2 bikes rides Sunday 29 December and Wednesday 1 January

Thanks to everyone who came out today to try out the circular route for the Eden Rivers Trust from Acorn Bank. As I said before, we are being asked to test out and feed back on routes around the River Eden. I am taking advantage of the absence of fixed rides on the runs list to use the 2 dates above for further rides. Details to follow...

Thursday, 19 December 2019

For Sale

For sale: Mavic Kyserium Elite Pro disc wheels: Now that I am the proud owner of an e-road bike I am selling off the wheels I bought in October 2018. As an upgrade, they are light and strong but are not tubeless ready. They fitted my Cannondale Synapse which will also be for sale, after having a service. 

They come with a set of Continental 4Seasons 700Cx28tyres but no cassette and discs.
Please contact me for price. John Roelich

2 bike ride Sunday 22 December

Eden Rivers Trust have asked us for comments on a source to sea route and on various shorter circular routes around the River Eden. I doubt I will have a chance to try out all their ideas, but I will start on Sunday - in the absence of another ride - with a 10 mile loop from Acorn Bank, leaving after coffee around 11.30 and returning for lunch. If you add on cycling there and back it might make it a decent ride for some of you. It would be great if you wish to join me so that the input isn't limited to my thoughts. Hope to see some of you there.

Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Too icy to get to Dalston

Me again, sorry folks but I tried to get to Dalston and fell off so the ride is cancelled.  However, if the ice melts by 11.30 I plan to cycle to Maes Cafe so maybe see some of you there.  If not have a very Merry Christmas and see you in 2020.


todays 2 bike ride - update

Hi folks

It's a bit icy here in Thursby but I plan to set off at 9.30 and hope to be in Dalston for 10.00.

Tuesday, 17 December 2019

3 bike ride Wednesday 18th

As per listing we start at 10.00 from Greystoke car park going round Skiddaw clockwise (from above!) so Threlkeld and Keswick then along the main road to the Castle Inn and on to Ulldale and Maes for lunch. (40km) thence back to greystoke via Caldbeck Millhouse and Jonby (64km ish).
the weather looks good but cold and all ice should have gone by the start time but we will of course consider the weather conditions at the start. Not a long ride as the days are short but one or two hills!
Hope to see some of you out!

2 bike ride on Wed 18 December

We plan to leave Dalston at 10.00am to cycle via Gatesgill, Hesket New Market and the beautiful back roads to Uldale, there are a couple of wee hilly bits.  Refreshments at Maes Tea Room around midday then back via Ireby, Westward, Rosley and Dalston before it gets dark.  Lovely ride so see you then. I hope we meet Geoff and his merry band of faster riders at Maes Tea Room.

If its icy I will put another blog up early tomorrow morning to confirm plans but fingers crossed the sun will be shining and all will be merry.


Friday, 13 December 2019

3 Bike Ride. Sunday 15 December

Hopefully the weather will be OK although cold. Drinks available from 9.30 at 7 Warwick Farm, Warwick on Eden. I am planning to ride to the Pot Place for lunch via Armathwaite (24 miles). returning west of the M6 and through Wreay. Total 44 miles with 2500 feet of climbing. If there is a risk of ice I don't intend to ride. Last minute check on 01228 561725 if you are unsure. A good ride is just what you need to follow your post election gloom/euphoria or simply a better alternative to Christmas shopping.

John P

Thursday, 12 December 2019

Peter Angood

Dear All

 I thank you for your card and best wishes. It was good to see Ian (Ludo) today.
   I start the next phase of treatment in the new year, a few weeks of radio therapy.

   I am allowed to go bowling . I  hope to be back on the bike in the spring.

        Have a good  Christmas

                 Peter  & Ann

Friday 13 December mountain bike ride - postponed

Having succumbed to flu I am am confined to bed. I'll gladly re-arrange the ride for the New Year.  All the best, Rob  

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Bikes for sale

I don't suppose there will be any interest but just in case before I put them on ebay I am offering the following to a good home:

Jamis Elite tourer 55cm BB7 disc brakes (wired) 10speed 59/39/30 and 12-30 cassette Reach 39cm Stack 57cm 

Cube Agree GTC pro road bike 56cm 10 speed compact 50/34 ; 11/32 cassette updated wheels (Fulcrum Racing 5) and brakes(dual pivot) and fully maintained (naturally) 105 throughout except cassette which is SRAM Stack 55cm Reach 40cm

Further information available if you are interested.
Going on ebay at the weekend
Geoff A

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Wednesday 11 Dec (3bike ride)

Looks to be a cold night. Could be icy.  I guess the best plan is to start the ride as see how it goes
See tomorrow

WEDNESDAY 11 DEC (3Bike Ride)

Wednesday from Tebay, sports ground, 10.00am..
Start down the B6257 to Sedbergh. The B6257 is a County Council gritting route
Looks to be wet & windy so I may review the planned return route. Bring lights
Best wishes

Monday, 9 December 2019

Wednesday 11th December, Coffee Stop Change

As Mrs Miller's at Culgaith has sadly closed, we have changed the venue for the alternative stop to Cafe4Eden at Brougham Hall. From all accounts this will be a good meeting point for us.

Saturday, 7 December 2019

Tomorrow's 2 bike ride

I will be at Daffodils coffee house on St Andrew's Churchyard for coffee and a scone at 11.30. My plan is to leave at 12 and cycle to Pooley Bridge via Fair Hill, Catterlen, Blencow and Greystoke - about 15/16 miles so be sure to have some 11s before we leave. I very much doubt we will coincide with Bill's 3-bike ride which will probably be long gone as I can't see us arriving at Granny Dowbekins before 1.30. The direct return route (Tirril, Eamont Bridge) is 6 miles, and a longer loop via Askham, Abbot Lodge and Brougham is nearly 12 miles.
I would hope to be back before dark but in these darker days, I still recommend you bring lights.
Of course, with winds forecast WSW 20 gusting 39 I may find I am on my own. A final decision will be made at 12 noon at Daffodils.

Friday, 6 December 2019

Sunday's 3 Bike Ride

Sunday's 3 bike ride will leave from Raughton Head House (CA5 7DD) at 10:00 am. Come along at 9:30 if you would like a coffee before setting off. It is a one stop ride heading for Pooley Bridge for lunch. It might be a bit windy, so the route taken (either 20 or 25 miles) will depend on the weather on the day. Return journey by Askham, Clifton Dykes & Penrith etc (about 26 miles). I hope to see some of you on the day.
07921 297 045

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Christmas lunch is at 12.30 on Saturday

Hello - if anyone is like me and has forgotten what time lunch is, I have checked previous posts and it is at 12.30 (this Saturday 7th December at Four and Twenty, 42 King Street Penrith).
Look forward to seeing you there

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Pot Place

Please use the schoolroom - even if you arrive first and don't know how many more will be coming. On our last visit there were 20 of us at different times in the main café and it is impinges too much on staff and other customers. Pot Place is a popular stop and we don't want to wear out our welcome.