Thursday, 30 August 2018



I am Cycling from Mizen Point (Sth) to Malin Head (Nth) in Ireland.
<600miles> in 11 days, and I hope you might be interested to encourage me on my way.

Very recently a new hub for Wheels for All (Cycling Projects), has been established in the South Lakes, and I would like to raise awareness, and money to enable the hub to purchase a Side-by-Side/Tandem companion cycle. These can be hand or foot propelled, and have proved extremely popular.
(You may be familiar with the Wheels for All facility at Watchtree, in the far north of the county).

The hub, based at K.Leisure Centre, will initially be borrowing a variety of cycles, but will need to build up its own stock.
Further information for potential users/about the range of bikes/volunteering - from:-
Ian (Co-Ordinator, South Lakes)
Wheels for All/Cycling projects

You can help me raise money for this great cause by donating directly to my fundraising page -
You should find me there!

[A huge thank you to all who have helped me ...on paper/ in training, and to everyone who has worked hard to get this new project off the ground].

Cheers, Sheila 

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Hartside has Ears!

Finally the replacement milepost at Hartside has its two ears . Well four if you count Rachel's in the photo below. Or maybe the milepost ones are called wings. Now I'm sounding like Nigel. Nip up and have a look sometime!

The original milepost was broken by a car sliding into it winter before last. Before we (that's the local Sustrans volunteers as it needs three to lift it) could get it safely stored inside and arrange re-welding, some bugger nicked it presumably for scrap ......

Thanks to the efforts of John Bennett one of our volunteers, a replacement used milepost (albeit of a different design) was located and installed a year ago. Since then it's been waiting for the ears which show distances so are bespoke. John's tenacity with Sustrans and the foundry in Wales eventually produced the new ears which Ruth & I painted - as we did the original and replacement mileposts - quite a job with all the detailing and it would be nice to find a volunteer to re-touch the paintwork next year - anyone willing?

Rachel called yesterday to retrieve some of her stuff stored in our barn, so got lumbered helping me fix the ears. Treated her to a trip up in our 1964 Jag, successfully re-tapped the damaged top thread which is why  the last trip up had to be aborted and in a keen wind fixed the new ears.

Was going to chatter about it on Mike's run today. But cycling from Penrith a gear cable broke - this is on my old Dawes as the Bob Jackson burst a rim half an hour before my last Sunday's rainy ride (Clive is kindly rebuilding the wheel for me).  BJ has allen screws, Dawes has nuts - and I didn't have  a spanner in the tool kit!  By the time I'd sorted it, got to Greystoke 10 mins after the group had departed. And I'd forgotten to bring the mobile phone. Chose a really nice but undulating route to Caldbeck - guess what, the group had left 5 mins before I arrived. Nay bother, I intended going home after 11's anyway - so I did, alone, unchattered and unloved ....

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Ride on Wednesday 29th August

Basically as advertised. Start at Greystoke then early elevenses at the Old Smithy in Caldbeck. Then to Keswick via Bassenthwaite village. Lunch stop in Keswick (either BYO or agree a cafe). Return via Threlkeld and Walthwaite. Just over 40 miles so quite short but it is a 2 bike category. Not enough miles for you? Cycle to Greystoke! All welcome.

Mill Yard cafe Morland

Just in case anyone was intending to use this popular café, I notice it is closed this week.

Monday, 27 August 2018

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Sunday Aug 26 Ride

Broadly as runs list, may have to wrap up warmer than the last few months though! Plus (Friday update) it now looks like rather a wet day .....

Alison has just  proposed  a 2 bike ride as well, slightly lower pace and distance than  my ride, but with the same start, 11’s and lunch venues - good plan, different folks to chat to if we manage to meet at grub times! 

Anyone who fancies a cuppa here prior to the prompt  9.30 start, arrive any time from 9 (ring or email if you need directions). Those who end up back here afterwards can indulge in tea and cake a la Ruth.

Tuesday, 21 August 2018


As the forecast has deteriorated for tomorrow, with heavy rain and gusting winds expected by mid morning, I have postponed the ride until Thursday when the weather is looking considerably better.
Sorry for the late notice, but there is no pleasure in getting soaked when we can ride on another day.
Please let me know if you wish to ride on Thursday.

Club Ride Wednesday 22 August

Tomorrow's ride will officially start from Burneside Church at 0930. As there is considerable building work taking place on Meadow Close (including our house), parking is unfortunately in short supply this week, but there is parking in Burneside and on the road up from our house towards Staveley.
Sadly I will not be able to lead the ride as I have been advised to rest to allow inflamation to recover, but the good news is that you will have Cathy at the helm and her sense of direction is much better than mine!
The planned route is to head for Grisedale Visitor's Centre via Ambleside and Hawkshead before continuing to Cartmel and Grange for lunch. The return leg will be via Meathop for a total distance of just over 60 miles.
At the moment the forecast isn't looking great, with showers expected from mid morning to mid afternoon. With this in mind, the route may be altered/shortened depending on the conditions.
Refreshments will be available post ride at Bowston, where hopefully I will see some of you.
Keith G

Monday, 20 August 2018

Rosie's 2 bike ride on Wed

Hello All. My ride on Wednesday starts at the Beacon Edge cemetery Penrith at 9.30. We will go to Culgaith for coffee/early lunch, via Lazonby, KO, Melmerby, and Skirwith. Return via Cliburn and Brougham bridge. This is weather dependent, and the forecast isn't good, so if you intend to meet us at Culgaith, then please text Rosie by 9.30am, on 07818241833. Hope to see lots of you out.

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Dirty Harry's cafe - closed

Dirty Harry's Cafe at High Hesket is closed permanently - I discovered this morning!   The cafe closed about a week ago.

Friday, 17 August 2018

Sunday ride from Cross Keys

Hi all this will be an easy ride taking 11s at Dirty Harrys and lunch at the Smithy in Caldbeck how we get there will be a mystery tour hope to see at the Keys on Sunday.

All the Best


Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Phil and Rosie's 2 bike ride from Penrith

Starts at 9.30 from the lay-by at Beacon Edge cemetery, Penrith. Elevenses at Melmerby village cafe. Then lunch at Appleby. We will definitely make the cafe, but the rest is weather dependent. Hope to see lots of you at the start or at Melmerby.

Monday, 13 August 2018

Bill's 3 Bike Ride Wednesday 15th August

Put on your waterproofs and come join me for a ride along Hadrian’s Wall. We will leave from Wetheral Village Green at 09:30 and make our way via Brampton & Lanercost to Birdoswald (15 miles) for coffee. After coffee we’ll cross back over the A69 at Haltwhistle and continue to Hallbankgate for lunch after a further 18 miles or so.
The total ride as planned is about 55miles, however this can be reduced if circumstances dictate.
Don’t let the weather forecast deter you from enjoying a good day out!

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Club run - Sunday 12th August

The ride will start at 9.30am from the main car park by the river.

Those of you familiar with this route will know that describing the route as 'mildly undulating' is stretching credibility.    There is a 1 mile climb up Langholm Moor at the start and the first 200 metres or so is steep! about 16% gradient.   The ride thereafter is easier and the route description is mostly accurate.   There are two other significant hills on the route but neither are particularly long or arduous - depends how fit and energetic you are.

From Langholm, we ride over Langholm Moor before dropping down into Newcastleton at 9 miles for  a refreshment stop at the Olive Tree cafe.   It's a bit early for refreshments but the 'stop' is largely for my benefit.    I will have ridden from home and will be in need of sustenance.    We continue on a 15 mile undulating route to Bonchester Bridge for lunch.   There is then a fairly long boring climb up out of the village but the gradient is quite gentle.   We continue to Newcastelton (unless I change my mind when we get to Hermitage and we take a different route) and back over Langholm  Moor.

The forecast at the moment is for light showers.   I hope to see one or two of you at the start.

Friday, 10 August 2018

DANGER worn out wheel rims

Hi everyone. Those of you who were out last Wednesday will recall that I stopped to re-position my tyre on the back wheel. It was eccentric and bumping on every turn. Re-fitting the tyre with the aid of a tiny slick of liquid soap improved things a little. We discussed whether the rims were worn too thin and causing the problem. I didn't think this was the case as I knew the age of the wheels and roughly how many miles they had done. Had the rims been close to failing it could have been dangerous so I had the rims checked by two different bike shops who thought that there was plenty of life left in them. However, discussion with several people, including professional bike mechanics yielded the following points which may be of interest: 1. The tyre causing concern was a foldable gatorskin with plastic bead. The casing had worn and in one place and for about a quarter of an inch I could see the nylon bead, this allowed the tyre to sit high. I think this was the cause of the bumping. 2. Frequently check rim wear for dishing, replace when concerned. 3. The rim "flares" out at the top when it gets thin. 4. Replace when wear indicators disappear, these are either a groove which when it becomes flush with the braking surface indicates replacement, or a shallow drill hole, similar to the above but less reliable as it only indicates wear at that location. 5. A rim will normally fail when a spoke breaks unexpectedly or the inner tube pushes through the rim and bursts. Potential catastrophe, especially if its on the front wheel. Please respond here if you found this helpful. Especially if you disagree. Think safety. I will probably buy a new wheelset anyway and keep them on hand for the near / not so near future. Peter.

Derailleur Gears

Link below will take you to an article from the Guardian Bike Blog about derailleur gears that I know some of you will find interesting.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Caption Competition

Add you caption in the comment section below!

Christmas Lunch date!

I know its early but there is always the odd comment .... if only I had known earlier.....
I have tentatively booked Saturday 15th December 12.30 at Mrs Miller's.
This does not have to be final if there are overwhelming objections but I give you the date for your diaries.
Contact me if you are an overwhelming objector!

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Ladies Cycling Shoes for Sale

Bontrager Ladies cycling shoes, size 39 (5.5). New and boxed. Offers over £25. Phone Claire on 01228 710110 if interested.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Geoff's Ride Wednesday 8th

 As planned we go up Mallerstang as a warm up(!) and then to Hawes for coffee stop if necessary then over Fleet Moss to Langstrothdale.  N again over the cote de Cray and on to Aysgarth for lunch. (Car park cafe on the far side of the river) From there we head up towards Askrigg but turn up towards Oxnop Scar through Newbiggin thus avoiding the lower part of the climb! (You can do it if you are a purist!). From there we go down to Muker and up to Keld where the final climb should take us up to Tan Hill from where we can run down to Winton where we are kindly invited to Jen's for tea!

The weather is looking good though cooler than of late with  a 'possibility' of a shower mid-day
totals: 66mi and about 6500ft of ascent.

Monday, 6 August 2018

Jen's ride to Dent 8th August

Start.  Yew Tree House. From Brough turn left into Winton. Left again at cross roads, past green, chapel, yth is on left spot bikes outside park up the road or round the back.
Ride is via Waitby then Sedbergh Farfield Mill for 11.0s then wiggly back roads to Dent. Slow place lovely views. The Heritage centre is recommended for cakes and has outside seating or picnic by the church.
I will return via Sedbergh but there is the option for the very energetic to return via the coal road and
Looking forward to a ride in Dentdale and hopefully good weather

Saturday, 4 August 2018

Sun 5 th Aug - Ride to Haweswater & Orton

Start – 09:30 at Frenchfield

Route - Clifton Dykes, Askham, Bampton, Helton to Hawswater
Distance – 19 miles ( including 5.5 mile loop to SW end of Haweswater )

Elevenses – at Haweswater Hotel or BYO

Continue via – Concrete road and Hardendale Fell to Orton
Distance – 13 miles

Lunch at – Orton Scar Café ( maybe quite late )

Continue via - Orton Scar, Crosby Ravensworth, Kings Meaburn and Cliburn road
Distance – 18 miles

Total distance approx 50 miles with approx 4160 ft ( 1270 m ) of ascent.

I phoned Ullswater Hotel on Fri 3 rd Aug to book us in for 11’s in the region of 11:30. Another party of 10 cyclists had also booked for 11’s so it could be busy.

Maybe the other group also want to inspect the water levels in Haweswater and glimpse the remains of Mardale village. I doubt if the recent rains have made much impression on reservoir level.

I hope the weather is kind to us and that it will be an enjoyable outing.