Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Rosie and Phils Ride London

This is just to let you know that Phil and I finished Ride  London on Sunday. We had a brilliant ride although it was very cold , wet and windy. The weather took us a bit by surprise as we thought it would be dry and hot. A few more clothes would have been good but it meant that we hardly stopped as we had to keep moving to keep warm.
We rode part of Leith Hill , part being shut for an accident so we rode a slightly lower route. Box Hill was open so we rode that. I was nervous of doing it as everyone said it was tough! I think those people don t know hills, as it was easier than riding Fell Lane, just a bit longer. It was lovely being cheered by the crowds as we rode through the towns even though some seemed to enjoy shouting to Phil that I wasn t pedalling. Trust me I was!!! 
We ended up cycling 96 miles of the route because of the closure but since we rode 8 miles to the start I think we deserved our 100 mile medals. 

So many thanks for supporting us with our fundraising for Alzeimers. We raised about £1,400 .

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