Thursday, 30 August 2018



I am Cycling from Mizen Point (Sth) to Malin Head (Nth) in Ireland.
<600miles> in 11 days, and I hope you might be interested to encourage me on my way.

Very recently a new hub for Wheels for All (Cycling Projects), has been established in the South Lakes, and I would like to raise awareness, and money to enable the hub to purchase a Side-by-Side/Tandem companion cycle. These can be hand or foot propelled, and have proved extremely popular.
(You may be familiar with the Wheels for All facility at Watchtree, in the far north of the county).

The hub, based at K.Leisure Centre, will initially be borrowing a variety of cycles, but will need to build up its own stock.
Further information for potential users/about the range of bikes/volunteering - from:-
Ian (Co-Ordinator, South Lakes)
Wheels for All/Cycling projects

You can help me raise money for this great cause by donating directly to my fundraising page -
You should find me there!

[A huge thank you to all who have helped me ...on paper/ in training, and to everyone who has worked hard to get this new project off the ground].

Cheers, Sheila 

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