Monday, 29 January 2018

Wednesday - a two bike option???

Don't you love an optimist? If John says it will be frost free, then there isn't an excuse for the rest of us to stay at home, is there...
I have an idea for a two bike ride - I will be visiting Plumpton and UpFront next Wednesday so I need to devise a slightly different route...if you are happy to join me on a magical mystery tour, I will be departing from the Church at Newton Reigny at 10 am and taking in UpFront for 11s (to meet the café folk) and Pot Place for lunch (where we might meet the 3 bike ride, although timing might make that unrealistic) and making it up as I go along... the weather could be showery, so please check the blog on Wednesday in case I make some changes. I will shorten the route if it's too unpleasant!

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