Friday, 17 February 2017

Sunday 19 th Feb - Main Ride ( Revision )

Since Parker is unable to lead his published ride, I have agreed to lead a similar excursion on to the Solway. My intended route is as follows : -

Start – Dalston Car Park at 10:00

11’s – Wheyrigg Hall Hotel [ Approx 14 miles ]

Lunch – Banksmill Garden Centre ( Dunes CafĂ© ) [ Approx 11 miles from 11’s ]

Return – Back to Dalston [ Approx 23 miles ]

The overall distance is approximately 48 miles.

I look forward to seeing some riders at the start or at one or the other of the “ watering holes “ around the circuit and the weather is is kind to us.

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  1. Thanks for doing this for me CJ. Sorry I couldn't lead it myself, but when I put it on the runs sheet I was in Corsica and didn't realise that I have to sing with the choir on Sunday. Couldn't let them down as we are short of basses (anyone out there interested in joining us?!)