Friday, 10 February 2017

Challenge/Audax Rides

In the long winter evenings I have been thinking about the success of the TriVets rides in the past, and of the enjoyment that a number of members of the group get from setting ourselves the challenge of riding in Audax and Sportive events. I was thinking that we could in a small way set up something similar from within the group.

The simplest model is one that the Kent Valley Club has tried which involves a series of Audax style rides (gpx and routecards provided) which can be ridden independently on the day or together with club members. In the same way as for Audax events you gather data together essentially to show that you have completed the ride. At the start of the ride they provided tea/coffee and biscuits and at the end there was a light meal. (This may or may not be included in the price of entry) Could we cater?
The event would be publicised on the website and by email to local groups and could be part of a series of say three involving different distances of say 30, 60 and 100mi. We would have to decide whether like the TriVets it would be better to run it midweek or at the weekend (Saturday would avoid clashes with Group Rides or maybe it could replace the '3 bicycle' ride that Sunday?) I imagined that this would happen during the months of June July and August.

If anyone is interested in pursuing/helping with this idea I should be interested in hearing from them soon so that we can arrange a meeting as soon as we get back from Spain!


  1. The Committee is behind you, Geoff, with Mike, Nigel and John pledging their support - as well as me.