Friday, 17 July 2015

CTC Birthday Rides - Ideas Please

Had CTC's Peter Mathison on the phone about Birthday Rides evening entertainment.
Ceilidh organised Thursday 20th Aug, Saxophone band Sat 22nd - which leaves August Fri 21st, Sun 23rd and Mon 24th to be filled it seems!

Peter asked if I knew any local comedians / entertainers etc - off the cuff answer is no, any of you aware of performers other than musical as with ceilidh and sax band, probably enough music? Paying out a few hundred quid no problem apparently.
Will be in the sports hall at Newton Rig, could be 200 attendees so quite a crowd! Believe amplification etc available (assume means microphone at least),  but no further details. 

Peter will also email round the attendees to suss if the group could self entertain, sort of cabaret evening with 10 minute slots like Ruth & I used to do at Ousby, anything goes (almost!). Hasn't been done before, no idea if viable until responses received. If any EV's would like to contribute if this goes ahead (note Peter not keen on conventional slides of biking holidays), do let me know.

Any ideas (and better still volunteers to organise) easy group activities, e.g. make a bike with playdoh, fold up a paper aeroplane and chuck it etc? Be quite fun if we can get a few of EV to provide the core of a couple of hours 'entertainment' one of the evenings.

All thoughts gratefully received - but short notice so I haven't committed anything to Peter.

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