Friday, 24 November 2017

Christmas Lunch 16 December

Christmas Lunch at Mrs Miller's Culgaith
16th December at 1230

I think it's time we set a deadline so that we can get everything sorted - please complete the form below (or contact me) by next weekend (Dec 2nd latest) - thanks

The dinner this year is at Mrs Millers .... it could be the last opportunity at the present site.... (but that's another story!)

the menu is here: click/tap to enlarge

Please select what you would like and fill in the form at this link (click) - I will gather it all together and pass it across to James.

Please pay me cash when you see me, or via online banking at 40-45-11  61270761 and mark it Xmaslunch  Tips and drinks will be sorted individually on the day.

If you forget what you ordered then you can see the list here

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Wednesday's Ride Cancelled

Given the horrendous forecast for tomorrow I have cancelled the ride from Burneside. Hopefully some of you may get out with either Ian or Dallas.
Keith G.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Moderate ride 22nd November

The weather forecast looks dire but Dallas is prepared to lead a very much reduced ride if anyone wants one or Ian's ride will be longer depending on the wishes of anyone who turns up.
Rather than wait in the carpark where there is no shelter come to number 37 from 9.30 onwards.

Club Ride Wednesday 22 November

Weather permitting, the ride will start from Burneside Church at 1000 and will be a one stop route heading out to Leighton Moss via Underbarrow, Brigsteer, Burton in Kendal and Over Kellet. The afternoon return leg will take us to Silverdale and Arnside before returning via the Kendal cycle path. The total distance will be approx. 50 miles on predominantly kind terrain.

At the moment the forecast is for heavy rain all day and strong winds. I will monitor this with a view to:
a) go ahead with the ride as outlined if the forecast improves significantly
b) shorten the ride if necessary
c) cancel the ride if the forecast remains unchanged.

I will update this blog tomorrow afternoon when we will have a more up to date  - and hence more reliable - forecast.
Keith G.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Short Ride on Sunday 19 November

Please note that my short ride tomorrow (Sunday 19 November) starts from LANGWATHBY VILLAGE GREEN and not Greystoke as shown on the Runs List (an error!).

For further info, see my Blog for Monday 13 November.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Club ride - Sunday 19th November

The ride will start from Greystoke at 9.30am.     Having ridden part of the planned route today I have decided to change it completely.  

The revised ride will be to Keswick, Whinaltter, Embleton and back to Greystoke via Uldale and Hesket New Market.     The distance will be about 55miles.   The forecast is for it to be dry and cold.   Frost is  possibility.    We will make a decision about refreshment stops as we go.  Portinscale and the Whinlatter Visitors Centre are possibilities.

Hope to see some of you at the start.   Remember - it is a 9.30am start.


Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Vote for Watchtree Wheelers

We need your help in the Aviva Community Fund to upgrade our bike fleet for you!

Please Vote to help us win £10,000!

Please follow this link to Vote.

We are trying to win £10,000 in order to upgrade our fleet of adapted cycles, ensuring our members get the best value from our new cycle trails in 2018! 
  • By spending 2mins of your time in voting you can help us secure these much needed funds to upgrade our adapted cycle fleet.
  • Watchtree is committed to providing fun, affordable and accessible opportunities to everyone.
  • By helping us secure funding like this, it ensures we can keep our costs as low as possible.
  • These new bikes will be a revelation for making the most from our new cycle trails under construction this winter

Thank you very much for your time!

Dan, Ryan & the rest of the Watchtree family :)
Find Out More

Weather looks ok.
Please bring lights incase we get delayed
See you tomorrow

Wednesday 15 November 2 bike ride

When I looked at the draft runs list, I thought I could see David and his 3 bike riders at Greystoke Car Park at the start of the ride, head through to meet the café people at Melmerby then meet David and co again at Plumpton (depending on pace obviously) - sort of joining the dots. Then when I came to working out a route which avoided the A roads, I realised it was - WARNING - nearly 20 miles to coffee! At least it means we will have done most of the mileage (and some of the hills) by then (plan is via Laithes, Catterlen, Stoneybeck, Bowscar, Langwathby, Skirwith, Ousby to Melmerby). From Melmerby we will go to Gamblesby /Glassonby /Kirkoswald/Lazonby and that big hill (sorry) to Plumpton then just a short ride back to Greystoke car park. I hope I haven't put you all off!

Monday, 13 November 2017

Amendment to Runs List for 19 November 2017

Please note that the start venue for my short ride on Sunday 19 November 17 is LANGWATHBY VILLAGE GREEN and not Greystoke as shown on the Runs List recently published. (Problem due to spreadsheet program self-populating column.........!)

This is a short, easy-going winter ride, stopping for a drink & cake at Morland followed by another short leg to Appleby for lunch. After lunch, an easy-going ride along the fellside back to Langwathby. (Obviously not a ride for lung-busting climbs and time-trial speeds!!)

See you there, Socialites.......

Pete M

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Sunday 12 November - impromptu 2 bike ride

With thanks to Peter for his ride a month ago, I plan to adopt the same route leaving Langwathby at 10 am and cycling via Bowscar, Stoneybeck, Catterlen, Laithes, Greystoke, Hutton John, Wreay and Brackenrigg to Pooley Bridge. It is just under 20 miles to 'coffee' at Pooley Bridge (I know - hardly a 2 bike ride, that) but we will be rewarded when we get to Granny Dowbekins and will then do a similar length circuit back to Langwathby via Celleron, Askham, Lowther Village, Hackthorpe, Great Strickland, Morland, Temple Sowerby and Culgaith. Obviously the route may be curtailed depending on the wishes of the group and the weather and we aim to be back in Langwathby well before dark.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

3 Bike Ride Sunday 12th November

Sunday’s Ride is a one stop ride as advertised on the runs list, leaving Raughton Head House at 10am for Pooley Bridge for lunch. I’ve planned a roughly circular route of 50 miles or so, however the actual route taken will depend on the weather and the frostiness of the roads on the day.
There is ample parking beside the village school - walk up to the T junction (20m) and our house is about 10m to the left of the phone box through gap in the stone wall. Come to house at 9:30 if you’d like a coffee before the ride and there’s tea and cake at end of the ride.

Celebration of Helen's life on Saturday 2 December

I know that a few of us would like to attend this. And the club is very good at 'bring and share'. I am thinking along the lines of meeting at Greystoke car park around 10 and cycling through to Mungrisdale for lunch. Those that can't carry their 'bring and share' contributions in their panniers can transfer them to a car which will be driven through. Anyway, look out for more details nearer the time.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Celebration of Helen Charlton's life

Shereen a friend of Helen's from their teenage days advised me today [ 7th Nov ] ( via her mobile phone ) that a Celebration of Helen's life will be held as follows : -

Venue- Mungrisdale Village Hall 
Date - Sat 2 nd December 
Time - 10:00 to 16:00

Celebration -  In line with Helen living a simpe life amongst the Society of Friends there will be silent thoughts with spoken recollections by those who feel moved to speak.
Dress style - No black or sombre dress please wear normal clothing. Cyclists should wear their normal bright coloured clothing.
Breakfast / Lunch - Some friends will partake of breakfast porridge prior to going on a short walk. There will be a communal Bring & Share Lunch at about 13:00.

I understand that notice of the gathering has been placed somewhere on facebook ( but I don't know wher it appears ).
I will place a further notice if the plans above change.

3Bike ride Wednesday 8th Nov

As per the ride list, the route is a one stopper to Orton for lunch and will be taking in a few bumps along the way (short hills) going clockwise around the route in the map below. despite todays weather the forecast for tomorrow is quite good! Look forward to seeing some of you from both 2 & 3 bike rides at the start! Greystoke 10.00am
Click image to enlarge!

Stats: 96 km (60 mi) 1409 m (4620 ft)

Monday, 6 November 2017

Club 2 Bike Ride: 10am Wednesday 8th November

The 'slower paced' ride on Wednesday will leave Greystoke and take the lanes down to Ullswater and Pooley Bridge. The venue for coffee is Moreland which we should reach via Great Strickland at about 11.30am. (17 miles).The onward journey includes Temple Sowerby, Culgaith, Langwathby to a revised late lunch stop at Plumbton.(further 17 miles). We will then take the direct route back to Greystoke arriving hopefully around 3.30. The total ride distance is 40 miles.
Come along and enjoy the fine autumn weather. There are options for varying the route if it is appropriate.
Please be sure to bring bike lights.


Sunday, 5 November 2017

Folding Multitool

I have just discovered a very desirable folding multitool on the floor of our conservatory.
I assume it dropped out of someone's pocket last Sunday.

If who ever has lost it lets me know I will return it at the first opportunity.


Saturday, 4 November 2017

Club run Sunday 5th November

I'm not expecting any gunpowder or treason, but here's the plot:

9.00 a.m. start from Cotehill X-roads as advertised. This should allow us to get to Eden gallery tearoom in plenty of time to meet the self-guided ride there (and be early enough to make sure they've not scoffed all the scones).

After that, meander through the lanes to lunch at Upfront, then back to Cotehill.

I have been poorly lately, so not up to (my definition of) normal fitness. I may have to desert the run after 11's, so could be looking for a volunteer leader.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Trending......Motorists aren't the only ones who pay for our roads!

Motorists aren't the only ones who pay for our roads!

I feel sorry for some recent correspondents.
There's Kevin from Aughton who is still paying 'Road Tax' despite it being abolished in 1937! He probably meant the emissions-based Vehicle Tax, of which bicycles are exempt.
His 'privilege of driving down roads' is paid for by everyone (including people with bicycles) who pay income tax, council tax, even VAT. Bit let's not let facts get in the way.
The there's Doug and Frank who've had their important journeys momentarily inhibited by 'lycra-clad' cyclists. I trust they will write in to inform everyone each time they suffer a temporary delay.
Heaven forbid they get stuck behind a jodhpur-clad horse rider, or some hi-viz-clad bin men, or an overall-clad farmer in a tractor, white and red-clad level crossing.
Or a fur-clad dog being led across a zebra crossing, a chino-clad Sunday driver dawdling down a country lane, or a beige-clad pensioner confused at a busy junction.
Or a leather-clad teenager on a 50cc scooter, or school uniform-clad children crossing the road with a lollipop lady.
Or a handcuff-clad drunk being arrested after crashing into a lamppost, suit-clad office workers rubber-necking at a motorway pile-up
Or paramedics tending to a 'lycra-clad' mother-of-two still in the road having been knocked down by a reckless car driver with a dangerous attitude towards other human beings because of their chosen mode of transport.

Let's look out for each other.

D Gordon, Ormskirk

spotted by Dallas

Thursday, 2 November 2017


I am very sad to tell you that Helen died last night in hospital.
Less than a month ago she was golfing in Spain in 87 degrees and was due to go on another golfing holiday next week. In the meantime, she loved her cycling and was talking about buying a new bike without electric assistance. She certainly lived life to the full. She only joined the club recently, although she had been a cyclist all her life and had, I think, been a CTC member in the past. We will all miss the opportunity to get to know her better.
Our thoughts are with her next of kin and with all her friends at this difficult time.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Three Bike Ride Wednesday 1st November

Ride as advertised. A short ride to the Wherigg Hotel for coffee and then on to the seaside on the lanes. Steady pace. Hope to see some of you out tomorrow.

Wednesday 1 November - 2 bike ride

Nigel and I will be running our usual ride(s), meeting outside the Cross Keys at Carleton village at the winter time of 10 am. I take the shorter route - suitable for beginners - possibly doing no more than cycling to the Pot Place and back, depending on the inclination and capacity of those who cycle with me. Nigel will do a few more miles, probably a bit faster, meeting at the Pot Place for coffee and going on to UpFront gallery for lunch. I look forward to seeing some of you there.
Apologies to those of you who prefer Nigel's use of the English language - but this time I got to the blog first!

Cafe List - help needed!

As promised at the AGM here is a link to the cafe list which CJ and Parker initiated some years ago.

Please feel free to make amendments and add comments where you know things have changed and  I will then download these from time to time.

If you know of any new cafes then of course go ahead and add them at the bottom of the list starting at 101 for the Ref No so that we know which are new entries

This is something for the bad weather when you are looking around for something constructive to do?? So no rush.

This is a slightly risky business as anyone with the link can edit but if you get into difficulty let me know and I'll replace it with the most up to date version that I have!
Thanks in anticipation!

Monday, 30 October 2017


Many thanks to Dallas and all those on her ride for giving Helen the best chance possible. Helen's next of kin is now at hospital with her and will keep us informed of developments. We have been asked not to contact the hospital direct as they have been inundated with phone calls - it shows how valued a person Helen is. We all hope for some good news.

Sunday, 29 October 2017


For those of you on today's 2 bike ride.

Helen is stable but has a leaking heart valve. She is in an induced coma but they will bring her round tomorrow and then probably send her to Newcastle for further assessment and treatment. They don't think she has suffered any brain damage thanks to Pete Moore's prompt action.
I will phone the hospital tomorrow afternoon for an update.

Thanks to everyone on my ride for their support, especially to Pete.


Thursday, 26 October 2017

Saturday 28th October Ride before AGM

I am proposing to ride from Langwathby Village Hall to Gamblesby starting at 10.00 a.m. and getting there for 11.00 a.m..  Gambeslsby Art Group have their Annual Exhibition starting at 11.00 a.m. where they will be serving teas and coffee with edibles.  Routes we may take will be influenced by speed of participants but the shortest of the routes we may take is about 10 miles to Gamblesby and 6 return and the longest option is almost infinite.
Look forward to seeing anyone who cares to join me.

New Runs list for Nov 2017 - Jan 2018

Thanks Mike for putting it together and to all volunteer leaders without which the club would not happen!
The New List is on the website and available to download as a complete single sheet here
Best to download it before you print

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Update on AGM Agenda

Shame on me!
I had not included the Campaigns report on the Agenda. Here is the new one to download

Monday, 23 October 2017

Club Ride Wednesday 25 October

Wednesday's ride will start from Devil's Bridge, Kirkby Lonsdale at 0930. There is free parking on both sides of the bridge.
The route will take us over Barbondale to Dent and then over Dentdale to Horton in Ribblesdale for 11's. From here we head for Clapham via Hellwith Bridge and on to Ingleton for lunch. The return leg will take us through Burton in Lonsdale and back to Kirkby.
The route will be hilly, particularly in the early stages and will be approximately 50 miles. The forecast is looking quite good at the moment, so hopefully it should be grand ride.
Hope to see some of you on Wednesday.
Keith G.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Sundays Rides 22nd Oct

Myself and Rosie are leading 2 separate rides this Sunday starting at Beacon Edge Cemetery lay-by at 9.30. Due to it being half term, we are going to have our lunch stop at Greystoke Old Smithy Cafe, and both groups will meet there around 11.30. I will be leading a slightly quicker group on a longer route of about 45 miles, and Rosie's ride will be about 30 miles.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

3 Bike Ride on Wednesday 18th October

Basically the ride is as advertised. We are likely to arrive at Mae's Tea Room in Uldale a bit after 11 as it's quite a long climb from Dalston - but don't let that put you off! The pace will be moderate. The rest of the ride is downhill to Mawbray and flattish all the way back to Dalston. You're invited to tea at the end too. The total distance is shorter than advertised - about 53 miles.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Wednesday 18 October impromptu 2 bike ride

Charles has kindly plotted a route for me to lead on Wednesday. We will be leaving Langwathby at 9.30 and travelling fairly briskly via Bowscar, Fairhill, Carleton, Eamont Bridge and Brougham for 11s at Abbot Lodge (16 miles). We will then travel another 10 miles or so for lunch - probably at Culgaith - and - weather permitting - an extended route via Kirkby Thore and the fellside back to Langwathby. Total distance 42 miles. It would be good to have your company!

Sunday, 15 October 2017

AGM Saturday 2pm 28th October - Langwathby Village Hall

Just a reminder that this exciting event is less than two weeks away! Geoff needs any items for the agenda by 20 October. If you are hoping to join the bring and share lunch but haven't yet entered up your offering, please refer to Geoff's post of 2 October for the link. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Sunday 15th October - so called '3 bike' ride

As a result of a recce of the route a few days ago, the ride will be shorter than originally intended.   The ride will be 40-45 miles only.  

The route from Dalston to Blue Gate Crossroads will be fairly direct and followed by a tour of the  Caldbeck hills before dropping into Caldbeck for 11's.    The ride will continue through Hesket New Market, Haltcliffe, Johnby, Blencowe, Skelton and lunch at the Upfront Gallery - finishing off with  a meandering ride back to Dalston.

This route is dull and uninspiring.   Anyone starting from Dalston I am sure will be welcome to join Bill at Caldbeck for his ride  to Keswick (I haven't asked Bill if you will be welcome but I am sure you will be)

The forecast at the moment is quite good.    I hope to see some of you at Dalston

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Sunday 15 October Melmerby cafe is closed...

The owners of Melmerby Tea Rooms and Café have decided to allow themselves a well-earned day of rest on a Sunday - for the next runs list it becomes a Wednesday 'self led ride'.
As we have two rides going to Caldbeck for coffee on Sunday, I am hoping that will serve as a venue for everyone who gets out, but if anyone favours a coffee stop closer to Penrith, please just blog where you want to go (or ask someone else to do so). Melmerby Old Village Bakery will be open.
See you Sunday...

Sunday 15 th Ocober - 2 Bike Ride

Ride will be starting at Greystoke at 09:30, going through Johnby, Heskett Newmarket, to Caldbeck Smithy Cafe for 11's.
   Leaving Caldbeck we head towards Uldale Fells, then drop down to Overwater and Basssenthwaite village, then on to Keswick for Lunch - possibly at the cafe in the central car park ( next to where Keswick Moutain Bikes used to be).
   From Keswick back through Thelkeld, Styles & gated road to Mungrisdale, Berrier & Greystoke.
  Distance is about 45 miles. Looking forward to seeing some of you at the start.


Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Penrith Winter Droving Sat 28 Oct

Eden Arts are seeking people to act as marshals along the route of this years Penrith Winter Droving parade, 5.30 to 8.00pm Sat 28 Oct. Let me know if you would like to be involved.
David Harrison

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Wednesday 11 th October - 3 Bike Ride

Since I’m waiting for hernia surgery and the condition is worsening I feel it is unwise for me to lead the published ride.

Would anyone who wishes to do the ride please self lead. It would be good if anyone who knows the route attends so that they could escort others round the circuit.

To assist self leading I have attached marked up map extracts showing the route plus the proposed 11’s and Lunch locations. 

Since weekday parking in Annan High Street is time limited a map is attached showing a small free off car park. All day parking is possible in certain side streets and further east on the High Street nearer to the “ Tesco “ end of town.

I hope that some riders will do the ride and enjoy the outing in spite of pessimistic weather forecasts.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Wednesday 11th October ride (Nigel for Rachel)

Had a quick look at the route which is a pretty much there and back. 20 odd miles each way. Total ascent c 1500 feet. Pace is intended to be 'steady' (not hard), we should not be pressed for time.
As it is a 1000 a.m. start I am proposing to have a coffee at the Mulberry Tree Cafe before the start (say 0915) as there will only be the one seated stop for the ride (if people want a BYO stop en route, please do not forget to bring one). Looking forward seeing some of you.

Wednesday 11 October - 2 bike ride

As Rachel is elsewhere, Nigel will be leading her ride departing from Kirkby Stephen (the cloisters) at 10 am - note later start time. The route is down Mallerstang to Hawes - owing to a shortage of cafes en route, BYO 11s and have a great ride.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Sunday 8th October ride

Peter is not well enough to ride tomorrow.  Alison and I will be leading the ride.  We intend to use the same route (Peter's, not just Alison and I riding the same way). Look forward to seeing those of you who also want to ride.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Pete M's 2-Bike Ride on Sunday 8th October 2017

As there is no ride logged for Sunday 8th October, I have been 'persuaded' to add an 'Extra' to the list! Meeting place is Langwathby Village Green and time of departure is 9.30am.The ride will be at the usual 2-bike pace (touring as opposed to Sportive) and we will take a circuitous through Stoneybeck, Catterlen, Greystoke and Wreay to Pooley Bridge for 11's (hopefully meeting up with the Cafe Dwellers at Granny Dowbekin's).

After tea/coffee & scones, our route takes us through Askham and Hackthorpe to Great Strickland, then a swoop down to Morland and Bolton before cruising through Colby and down to Appleby for lunch.

Following the lunch stop, we'll then head off along the Fellside, through Long Marton, Milburn, Blencarn and Skirwith before miraculously arriving back at Langwathby Village Green! Total mileage works out to something like 49 miles.

With a reasonable weather forecast, I'm hoping for a good turnout and look forward to welcoming you at the Village Green on Sunday.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Club Run Wednesday 4th October from Glendale Cotehill

The ride will be as on the runs list with elevenses at Booths in Penrith and lunch at the Mill Inn Mungrisedale. There is parking on the drive.(please shut the gates).  Tea and cake when we get back.
Hope to see some of you in the morning.


Tuesday 10th October, 7.30 pm. Melmerby Village Hall

Teenagers to pensioners are welcome to join members of Melmerby WI for this free talk and demonstration of how to pack into a kayak all you need for a week’s wild camping and then go paddling around the Scottish Islands. Kayaks, tent and equipment will be on show in the Village Hall. Alison & Nigel have been kayaking and wild camping in Scotland for many years and have a wealth of experience which they will share with us. They will be bringing some slides of the places that they have visited as well as their equipment.

Wednesday 4th October ride

Alison and I are doing our rides from Carleton to Plumpton (11s) and Up Front at Unthank (lunch) again.
The pace of the rides may be different.
The weather for both groups, if there are two groups, will likely be the same, which, unusually, is not forecast to be that great.  We have our answer to that: Alison is on a track (mantra) of 'we like rain' (only she is getting used  to 'I like rain' as she is not sure how much others have adopted her thinking).  I added to Alison, make 'we' so I maintain that I can so assert 'we'.
It is unlikely that it will rain all day. The lifting of spirits from shared experience could engender such a feeling of delight that the rain packs up and plans another day to depress (not that we would allow thinking that rain is depressing though the rain organisers do not know that and are unlikely to adopt the mantra easily).  There are risks from taking things to extremes, what if rain packed up as it was failing to depress? We would be really depressed and dehydrated.
You may not want to ride with me after the above but as I lead from the back, you could still stay away from me all day.
Look forward to seeing you in the area of the Cross Keys to start.

Monday, 2 October 2017

Early warning of upcoming AGM

AGM Saturday 2pm 28th October - Langwathby Village Hall

The AGM is coming up soon and I am asking for any items for the Agenda to be submitted to the Secretary by 20th October deadline. No doubt there will be a short ride before lunch at 12.30.

I am also assuming/hoping that those who would like to get together for what is always a very sociable and enjoyable bring and share lunch will as before fill in the grid here(link) and give some idea of what they are going to bring and for how many it will cater. Those who cannot provide may like to give £5 to funds. A summary of what people have offered can be found here

Either way, it would be useful for catering/numbers if you could indicate on the link above whether you aim to attend the lunch.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Len's Club Ride on Sunday 1st October

Due to unforeseen family circumstances I am very sorry that I will be unable to lead Sunday's ride.

However, I have provided the intended route on the maps (including a larger scale of the Penrith area) which Mike has kindly added.
The ride joins the self led group at Eden Gallery opposite St Andrew's Church in Penrith.  Could someone there please phone the Strickland Arms (01931 712238) with numbers and eta for lunch. The owners, Anton and Penny, welcome cyclists and have memorabilia of the Tour of Britain and the Tour de France. 
The route is clockwise starting in Greystoke at 10.00am. It is about 30 miles and graded as a "two bike ride".

Monday, 25 September 2017

Club Ride Wednesday 27 September

Wednesday's ride will start from the quarry car park in Grasmere at 0930. The plan is to more or less follow the first half of the Fred Whitton route, but to avoid busier main roads where possible.

From Grasmere we will go over Kirkstone via Holbeck Lane and head for Threlkeld for 11s. From here we will go through Keswick and head for Borrowdale and Honister Pass. From Buttermere we will go over Newlands Pass and head for Portinscale for lunch. The final leg will take us through Keswick, round the back of Thirlmere and back to Grasmere. The outlined refreshment stops can be changed and negotiated on the day depending on group needs.

This will be a demanding ride with over 8000 ft of ascent and the distance will be approx. 75 miles, but the pace will be steady. The forecast is good and the scenery is stunning, so I hope to see some of you on Wednesday.
Keith G.

Cycling stuff at Aldi Thursday 28th September

Just a 'heads up' for the suave looking cyclists on a tight budget .... 😉
Aldi has some good offers in store this Thursday.  Details here 

I have found the merino base layers and shirts to be very comfortable, harder wearing (a bit of polyester is added to the wool) and at least one third of the price of the 'must have' labels. If you want the merino ... be sure to get there early Thursday morning.

Can someone explain the purpose of a tail light with a video camera? 

Friday, 22 September 2017

Moderate ride Sunday 24th

This will leave Penrith Cemetery Gates lay-by on Beacon Edge at 9.30 and will head to Appleby (Eden River Cafe on Bridge St) via Askham, Shap and Crosby Ravensworth, for an early lunch after 25 miles at about 12. So bring a snack for 11ses. Total miles about 40. See you on Sunday.
Phil and Rosie

Club ride - Sunday 24th September

The ride will start from the Sycamore Cafe, Longtown at 9.30am.   The cafe will be open from 7am if anyone would like refreshments before we start

The route to Langholm will be via Chapel Knowe and Canonbie.   11's will be at the Whitshiels cafe at the north end of the town.

Langholm to Brampton will be via Claygate, Haggbeck and Stapleton and it will be hilly.    Lunch will be at the garden centre on the outskirts of Brampton.      The afternoon section via Walton and Boltonfellend will be easier.   The total distance of the ride will be about 60 miles.  

I hope to see some of you on the ride.  

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Cafe Update .. Brougham Hall

For the information
Bettyanns' Tea Parlor at Brougham Hall is currently closed for a couple of weeks as the owner Kim is in hospital. She will keep me posted as to when it will re open.
She is however going to try and arrange for a friend to cover and open purely for teas and coffees and scones in the interim.

John Forrester

2 bike ride Wednesday 20th September

A gentle ride for the more fainthearted (see Geoff's blog for Wednesday's 3 bike ride). From Greystoke to the Mill Inn at Mungrisdale for coffee via Hesket Newmarket (15 miles). Then to Pooley Bridge for lunch (another 15 miles). Total ride a bit less than 40. Some hills but all fairly short and we will ride at a gentle pace so come and give it a go.

3 bike ride Wednesday 20th September

At present the weather is looking dry for this ride which is not for the fainthearted! Though we will take it at a steady pace - The full route which may need to be modified goes from Brough  via Middleton-in-Teesdale to Blanchland. We will stop at Stanhope for coffee and lunch in Blanchland. The return is via fairly desolate minor roads back to the Tees valley. Route GPX here. The stats are 118km and 2514m of ascent. We could do it the other way round and there are several opportunities for shortening the route if that is the group decision. Last year it was agreed to be a memorable outing!
hope to see you at the shop in Brough 0930 start!

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Moderate alternative ride

For those of you who don't fancy John's ride - for details see below...
Tomorrow, the coffee stop is at Melmerby; I am planning to leave Penrith - gathering on Beacon Edge by the cemetery - at 9.30 to lead a ride to the coffee stop then along the fellside to Appleby for lunch - a lovely ride on familiar roads. It would be lovely to see some of you either for all of the ride or for those parts which suit you!

Friday, 15 September 2017

Club Ride on Sunday 17 September

We will set off from our house  Warwick on Eden,  CA4 8PA.   Turn into the village from the A69 just east of the Wetheral road.  There is parking space in the cul de sac (just past the Queens Inn) or on the road through the village.  The ride is 58 miles with just under 4000 feet of climbing.  Coffee after 14 miles in Brampton and lunch in Haltwistle after 38 miles (Val's Coffee House is open or CO OP).  Drinks and cakes available at the end as we soak up the late afternoon sun in our garden.
John P

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Wednesday 13th September Ride - Langholm

Having returned from a strenuous tour in Spain and in view of the weather forecast, CJ feels that this is not the best route to take everyone.
He hopes everyone enjoys a ride somewhere, there is the 'Coffee Stop' at Morland and any other thoughts could be blogged.

(posted for CJ)

60th Birthday.. Thankyou 13.Sept.17

A day to remember in many ways, a ride with friends on my 60th birthday, not  only a free coffee but cake with candles and a rendition of happy birthday, what more could I have asked for. I had a great day which finished late pm. Thank you  to all who signed my card. it was much appreciated.
John Forrester

Sunday 17 September - moderate ride on offer

Great turn-out for coffee yesterday - it proves it pays not to be a slave to the forecast!
On Sunday, the coffee stop is at Melmerby; I am planning to leave Penrith - gathering on Beacon Edge by the cemetery - at 9.30 to lead a ride to the coffee stop then along the fellside to Appleby for lunch - a lovely ride on familiar roads. It would be lovely to see some of you either for all of the ride or for those parts which suit you!

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Cycle to Morland

I will be leaving Langwathby village green at 9.30 for a cycle to Morland tomorrow, 13 September. You know you will feel better when it is over...

Avoid that deflating scenario

Following my ride out today be aware that the area around Lowther & Askham and around Newton Rigg to Newton Reigny the hedge cutting contractors are in full swing and clearing up the road debris is definitely not high on their priority as my front tyre found out.
No doubt other areas will be affected.
Be warned take care in these areas or try to route around them. Hopefully tonight's storm and wind may help displace the debris to to verges.

John Forrester

Letter in the "i"

I have just read a letter in the "i" newspaper, where Dallas makes a very good point about how much better a human voice is at warning pedestrians than a bell, and also about being garrotted by dog leads. Well done Dallas. I never get my letters printed in the "i".

Monday, 11 September 2017

Wheels for all session

Come along to find out more about what is available 
and how you can participate in the future.

Maes Cafe NOT closing

Austin very kindly passed on this ...

Just a quick note to say that we did visit Mae’s today (ride organised by Colin Fisher) and I spoke to the owner/manager. He knows about this rumour of the café closing at the end of August and who started it. He assured me that they have no intention of closing and indeed they were rather busy when we arrived. So it seems that Mike will be OK for the stop in early October.

Notice re Hallbank Hub/Cafe - next Saturday!

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Club Ride 10th September from Dalston

Having looked at the forecast this morning, the band of heavier rain due around 1500 hrs seems to be arriving later. However it could be wetter than originally forecast on arrival at Greystoke. I am inclined to stick to my original plan to have an early lunch at Annie's.

John R

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Club Ride on Sunday10th Sept from Dalston.
The weather forecast for Sunday appears to be changing by the hour! Latest BBC weather forecast is for heavy rain in Armathwaite from 1500hrs and scattered showers in Dalston and Greystoke areas throughout the morning. Temperatures range from 10-14degrees Celsius, winds are from the South freshening as the day goes by. With this in mind I am minded to have an 11's / Lunch spot ( I anticipate arriving at 1130hrs) at Annie's Cycle cafe (the gardens are closed for the summer, but we can self serve tea/coffee and soup for £1.30 and eat her flapjack for £0.50, please bring something else to eat). If it is still dry in Armathwaite we can decide whether to stop at the Fox and Pheasant. We can shorten the route or make it less undulating if we need to.

Please look at the blog before setting out to Dalston on Sunday, in case of a deterioration in the weather forecast. Look forward to seeing you at the New CarPark Dalston  ...... John R

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

A few challenges for September?

I had an idea to do a couple of trips before the winter sets in.
  1. The first concerns a sportive that I can recommend from having done it last year - details below
    This White Horse sportive as usual comes in various lengths but the 80 mi route is a cracker! Do have a look and if you're interested we might combine transport or at least team up on the route.
  2. This second is an idea for a non Club ride day to go and do a route that takes in several of the most challenging hills in the North York Moors. It starts and finishes in Gt Ayton (home of the world's best ice cream maker Suggitt's!) The route is 125km 2800m ascent and includes Grosmont to Sleights Moor, Rosedale chimney & Blakey Bank among others.
    If you are interested in joining me for this, let me know, and we can choose a time of fair weather and go for it! (The route can be modified at various places to make it a little shorter but not missing out on the ice creams!) 
The GPX for the NY Moors route is here (download it) and below is an image of the route(click)

Wednesday 6th September ride

Alison is leading her ride from Penrith Cross Keys to Plumpton for 11s doing less than 10 miles there and that gently too, she says.
I am leading the ride for the same 11s via Strawberry Hill and Lazonby, which of course will be gently too.
After 11s we both aim to go to Up Front for lunch but we are separating again in the hope that the rejoining will be all the more special, and, if that works well, we may go our separate ways back to Frenchfields too.
We look forward to seeing as many of you as think they can manage with one of us for a bit and two of us for the other bits.

Warm Welcome from Eden Valley CTC.

Hi, Thank you to the group for a warm welcome upon joining, plus the excellent rides to date and including one Sportive (a 1st for me). A special thanks to Alison, Nigel, Ann Faulder and Tara.
The tips and advice have been warmly received. Just back into cycling this has been a good move move for me.
Thank you one and all.

John Forrester

Monday, 4 September 2017

Components for sale - New!

I offer the following for sale before putting them on ebay!

These have come off a new bike so have been used no more than round the car park!

11 speed 6800 cassette 11-28  - £30

rear derailleur short cage RD 6800 -£30

Also a 106 link (care - quite short) ultegra chain gratis for anyone who wants it - again not used I have a new link pin if you require or of course you could use a quick link.

Finally - two brand new Selle Italia saddles
(both c 290g and 135 x 280mm) make an offer?
£5 each to charity? Try before you buy!

Friday, 1 September 2017

Thank you...

... for your generosity on Wednesday's ride to Staffield. Anne is delighted to have raised £250 for her charity Genesis - a big thanks to her and the team at Staffield for an amazing lunch and to Pam, Charles and Mrs Miller's for a wonderful tea. And thank you to everyone for making my birthday so memorable - a grand day out!

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Bash a committee member!

Well at least bend a committee member's ear! There is a committee meeting coming up soon so if there is any matter regarding the group's activities that you would like to have discussed please contact your nearest friendly cttee member (and most of us are) and let them know. After all it's your group!
we are:
Geoff A
Mike B
Dallas B
Cecilia F
Chris J
Clive K
Nigel L
John R
Alison S alphabetical order of surname but reverse order of importance!

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Wednesday 30 August 2 bike ride, lunch and birthday tea

If you have decided not to ride with Ernest, why not join us? Departing from Langwathby at 9.30 we will cycle 14 miles in a southerly loop to Melmerby tea shop for coffee, then north along the fellside before dropping down into Staffield for the lunch provided by Anne - about 12 more miles. How far we go on the way home will depend on how full we are after lunch, but Pam is very kindly hosting a birthday tea for me with cream tea and bubbly (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), served al fresco on her terrace with an idyllic view over the River Eden. The forecast is for dry weather and even some sunny intervals - what's not to like?
Donations for the catering will be given to Anne Faulder's charity, Genesis research Trust The money will be used to improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting a mother and her baby. All money goes directly to Genesis Research. Anne says many thanks for any donations given. This is all part of Anne's trip to cycle Madagascar! I say 'thank you' to Pam for helping me to celebrate my birthday!

Monday, 28 August 2017

Club Ride. Wednesday 30th August.

The meet is outside the church gates in the centre of Sedbergh at 9.30am.
Wednesday is market day and so it is best to park either on the approach road coming in from Kirkby Stephen or if entering from Kirkby Lonsdale/M6 turn right onto the loop road that goes around by the school and park by the playing fields.
The route is Dentdale to Newby Head and then via Ribblehead for 11's at Horton in Ribblesdale.
We then cross North Craven passing Austwick, Keasden, Mewith to lunch at Wray.
There are various options for riding along the Lune Valley on the return to Sedbergh.
The weather forecast is generally good.
Do come along for an agreeable ride in some spectacular dales scenery.


Thursday, 24 August 2017

Take me Home, Concrete Roads – Sunday’s Ride

About 55 miles with undulations, but intended to be an EV 2.5ish bike grade i.e. 11 to 12mph touring pace.
Starting from chez nous  in Ousby at 9.30 as advertised –still in the throes of our extension so space and hospitality rather  limited as the lounge is hors de combat for a few days more! Sure we will manage cuppas though.
Off we go, chattering away, 20 miles to Orton for  11.30’s.
Meet us en route at Culgaith, Temple Sowerby, Kings / Maulds Meaburn, Crosby Ravensworth  or even the top of Orton Scar if it suits.
15 miles to lunch between the M6 carriageways via Scout Green and over the concrete road (been a while since we did it?) to Haweswater and Bampton Tea Shop  – if we get many for lunch may have to rejig to pub at Bampton or even Shap as tea shop is small and run by just one lady.
Route back via Knipe Scar, Askham, Lowther Park then ad hoc - probably via Cliburn and that nice Centre Parks hill. We can wave at the Bank Holiday inmates ........

Monday, 21 August 2017

Wednesday 23rd August rides

Alison and I are looking forward to seeing as many of you as choose to come.  To repeat the Runs List: Alison is leading a route said to be 30 miles and my route is said to be 50 miles long.
On reflection, and after a momentarily hysterical motorised recce, the routes could be slightly longer if they were both to include sheltered, purchased sustenance.
The adjustments to be made are gastronomically orientated - Alison's lunch stop (AFTER a 10.30 START to accommodate coffee / tea at the cafe at Lanercost) is at Bewcastle - eating what appeals to you of the fodder brought by you (the extension to her ride to take in a cafe would otherwise entail a 16 mile addition) - (in other words BYO - Alison.)
I have decided that a one stop ride (STARTING AT 09.30) would be improved by a cafe stop at Newcastleton, slightly off the 50 mile route but then including a location on the 80 mile Sportive route.
We can say that views are largely uninterrupted except by the natural folds of the land.  There is, as a result, a paucity of oral fortification locations.  Bring your own if you think you will need more food than is available at the single hostelries mentioned above.
PLEASE note that PARKING at the Lanercost Priory is limited to 2 hours.  We suggest parking by the Bridge to the East where it is unrestricted except by the limitations of its boundaries.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Early warning of 2 bike Ride on 30th August

Early warning of 2 bike Ride on 30th August in aid of Anne Faulder's charity Genesis research Trust The money will be used to improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting a mother and her baby. All money goes directly to Genesis Research. Anne says many thanks for any donations given. This is all part of Anne's trip to cycle Madagascar!
The ride will be lead by Alison from Langwathby and stopping for lunch at Staffield. Anne is providing quiche and salad lunch followed by cake! If you intend to join this ride could you let Anne know by adding your name to the list here If you can't make it you can still give to the charity by using the link above and donating on line.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Watchtree Campaign

Do watch the video and publicise this campaign; maybe even contribute!
Thanks Ian and Dallas.

Sunday 20th 2 bike ride

Hello All,
Myself and Rosie are leading an easy/moderately paced ride with only one stop which is at Maulds Meaburn village hall Sunday cafe. Total distance is about 32miles, and there will only be one stop. See you at Beacon Edge cemetery lay-by at 9.30.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Peter has been missing

Now there's an interesting title. Yes, sorry I haven't been out for a while. Family problems! Some of which are now resolved. Becky has moved to London to start a permanent job in Whitehall and my mum's health has improved a bit so I hope to be out with you one day soon. Meanwhile, if anyone wants to buy a Claude Butler 531 tourer or a full suspension Giant Mountain bike for about £100 the price Oxfam will be asking, let me know before I take it to the Oxfam shop. Best wishes to you all, Peter.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Club Ride Wednesday 16 August.

Wednesday's ride will start at 0900 from the church in Burneside. There will be parking on our drive for a few cars for those who wish to park in Bowston.
The ride will head south to The Forest of Bowland, going through Burton in Kendal, Caton and over Jubilee Tower to Slaidburn. The return will be via The Cross o Greet and Wray.
As this will be an 80+ mile ride and there are a few climbs (although none are brutal), the pace will reflect this and we may have 3 stops depending on group demand and time. If anyone wants to reduce this distance, they can meet us in Burton in Kendal between 1000 and 1015. This will shorten the ride to approx. 50 miles, but will not miss out any of the climbs! If you intend to take this option, will you please let me know on advance.
At the moment the forecast is looking good, so it should be a good day out. Drinks will be available in Bowston on our return.
Hope to see some of you on Wednesday. NOTE THE EARLY START.
Keith G.
01539 728617 mob 07504191781

Friday, 11 August 2017

Audax/Challenge rides on Sunday 13th August

Further details  (but see previous posting)

0830 Start of 100mi and 200km
0930 Start of 100km

Brevet (clue cards) available at the start and sign on sheets.

Please note as it says on the Brevet cards:
If you abandon or do not see Mike or myself at the finish please let us know by leaving a message on my mobile so we can confirm everyone is safe. Having said that of course, as usual you ride at your own risk!

For those that use GPS here are the routes on .gpx files for the two longer rides
NOTE these were posted 12.30 Friday DO NOT use earlier version!

you will need to download them onto your computer or whatever, and then send them to your GPS in the usual way.
(Place in the Garmin>NewFiles folder on Garmin Edge. They then appear under Courses)

Find your own cafes on the route but the Cycle Cafe in Greystoke  should be open until 6pm.(it being the second Sunday in the month!)on your return!

Monday, 7 August 2017

Congratulations! LEL riders

Well done the London Edinburgh London riders!

Sarah K, Martin Y and Adam (Martin's son) all finished the LEL Audax with time to spare!
Apparently the weather was not exactly favorable and about 40% of the riders were over time or had to pull out. Martin commented..
" in recovery mode; need tingling bits to stop tingling, swollen  bits to recede and some skin to grow!"
Dianne commented that she had less sleep than any of the riders as one of the volunteer helpers at the Alston control.
On the club Wednesday ride up near Langholm we met lots of LEL riders on the return leg and one still on the way N! They looked in various states of health / fitness one was flat out at the side of the road asleep!

Here are some pics from the trip - thanks Martin and Adam

Congratulations all a tremendous achievement!

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Clubrun 6th August

Close shave!
If you're wondering what I'm on about this time, click here.

Weather forecast not good from about midday, so may shorten ride if it turns out as bad as they're predicting. Don't forget:
1. 9.00 a.m. start
2. Bring food in case.