Thursday, 20 June 2019

Lift from Edinburgh to Carlisle on Sunday 22 june

Hi folks

Is anyone doing the 'ride to the sunrise 'Carlisle to Edinburgh cycle ride on this Saturday night ?  If you are and have space in a car for one or two people and bikes to return on Sunday, please would you let me know. Many thanks

01228 712689

Monday, 17 June 2019

EV Proposed Away Week 2020 - Ellesmere, Shropshire


Location:  Shropshire  and Fife vied for most popular in our 2018 poll, so having done Fife, we’ll do Shropshire! On offer for your delectation is Ellesmere north Shropshire (don’t confuse with Ellesmere Port). Wrexham, Oswestry, Chirk and Llangollen in cycling range. Flattish riding in the area and hilly west of Oswestry. Hopefully CJ will suss out all the interesting places to visit!

Travel: From Penrith 153 miles, 2.5 hours driving M6 traffic permitting.

Dates: Friday  April 24th  to Friday 1st May for a week. The venue offers  Fri-Fri or Mon-Mon, but only the former available as the largest  8 bed lodge booked from Fri 1st.
Note Easter Sunday is April 12th, and early May bank holiday Fri May 8th, put back recently from Mon 4thto coincide with VE day centenary.

Accommodation: Proposing Woodland Park Lodges about 2 miles north of Ellesmere itself. It’s independently owned / managed, but all bookings are under the Hoseasons umbrella.

The site has 11 lodges comprising:
 1 x 8 bed (3 x double, 1 x twin)
 5 x 6 bed (2 x double, 1 x twin)
 5 x 4 bed (2 x double)
Note there is a bias towards doubles which could  cause limitations ….. we originally had 11 singles in 2019.
Lodges I believe are in fairly close proximity. There are no site additional facilities such as shop, games room, pool etc .

Presently all 11 lodges are available. Have made provisional booking held  for a week i.e. until June 24th  for the 1 x 8 bed and 5 x 6 bed which is an optimistic 38 people maximum!

Cost:  Have negotiated 15% group discount and cost per person much less than last year at £110 assuming full occupancy. At this stage and assuming that doesn’t happen, we’ll go for  £120 per person to give a bit of bunce in hand. If any singles require a room to themselves, that’s £240.

Deposit: As you know there is no EV account  for payments or any ‘slush fund’, all is from my personal account.  To confirm places I need to pay a deposit by 24th June. So please try to commit before then and give/send/BACS me money! Based on an iffy  experience for Fife, I reserve the right to be choosy on whether to accept an assurance that you are coming, without any associated payment.
I will pay the deposit on as many of the lodges as your payments and my choosiness allow! Thereafter as others decide and pay more lodges will be booked assuming they are still available.

Payment Now: Deposit £50 per person non-refundable if you cancel unless someone else found to take your place.

Action: Please let me know as soon as possible with one of the following:
YES      MAYBE    NO    (if No a reason would be useful  eg location, accommodation, dates, price)
If ‘YES’,  BACS bank account details will be emailed if required – risky to include in global blog / email.

Thanks - Les Meer 01768 881894 /  08740 568047 The Shire, Ousby, Penrith, Cumbria CA10 1PT

Club Ride Wednesday 19 June

Wednesday's ride will start from Tarn Lane, Burton in Kendal at 0930.
The route will take us through Halton Park and over Jubilee Tower to Dunsop Bridge for 11's. From here we will head for Wray via Slaidburn and the Cross o Greet. Lunch will at the Garden Centre in Wray. The home leg will take us through Hornby and Gressingham for a total  distance of over 50 miles.
This is a hilly ride with several long ascents, although none of them are brutal. At the moment the forecast is looking good, but should that change, modifications to the route can be made on the day.
Keith G

Sunday, 16 June 2019

Melmerby 11s 19 June

Owing to family illness, Lily won't be able to open for us on Wednesday. The Village Bakery will be open and I will warn them that a few cyclists may be arriving.

Saturday, 15 June 2019

3 Bike Ride Sunday 16 th June

The ride will be as published : -

Start : Dalston 09:30 for 11's at Wheyrigg via, East Curthwaite, Wigton, Woodrow, Parkgate and Blencogo.

11's : At Wheyrigg Hall Hotel, then continue via Blencogo, Langrigg, Mealrigg, New Cowper, Jericho, Holme St Cuthbert, to Beckfoot.

Lunch : At Banks Mill Nursery then continue via Silloth, Skinburness, Calvo, Abbeytown, Lessonhall, Moorhouse, Thornby, Woodhouses, Orton Rigg to Dalston.

Having remeasured distance, it's less than the published 59 miles & is only 55 miles. Depending on weather conditions cutting out the Silloth / Skinburness loop would reduce mileage by a further4 miles.

I have advised Wheyrigg to expect us between 11:00 and 11:30 for Tea / Coffee, Teacakes or Bacon Butties.

I hope to see lots of riders at the start.

News from Corsica

Hi everyone!
I was going to add an impromptu ride on 26th June as I will be back in Cumbria. However, as many of you know, I came off my bike on the Caldew cycle way near Lidl in April and broke my wrist really badly. I am recovering, can now ride the turbo trainer with tri-bars (they look quite good on the original Claude Butler!), but I won’t be back on the bike properly for a while. Thanks to all of you who sent your best wishes - much appreciated and lovely to hear from you.
Meanwhile in Corsica I have learnt a lot of wrist-related vocab, got to know how the health service works and have become a one-handed gardener and decorator! Best wishes to you all. Janet

Friday, 14 June 2019

Bicycle Mayor for Cumbria

The was a Meeting on Tuesday evening to consider appointment of a Bicycle Mayor for Cumbria to cover issues for cyclists for the whole county (amongst other aspects, 'everyday' use of cycles).
The Meeting was well attended and progressed to:
1. setting up a Committee
2. setting up an election for the position of 'Mayor' 
The function of the Committee is, I understand, to manage the Mayor for which provision of funding and support are provided.  I, along with 4 others, volunteered to be on the committee.  The first Meeting date of the Committee has yet to be set but I am expecting it will be quite soon.
The initial term of Office for the Mayor will be 2 years.  Richard Ingham is putting his name forward (for which reason he is not a member of the Committee).  The position is open for anyone resident in Cumbria to seek election. 
The running of the election of position will be the responsibility of the Committee albeit Richard Ingham is promoting the election (notices in local papers through the County and information to local shops and persons known to be interested in cycling) being the person most knowledgeable at the moment about the project.
If you are interested, please let me, or Richard Ingham, know.