Wednesday, 22 March 2017

A grand day out!

Twenty of us enjoyed lunch at Thiefside which just shows what you can do when you put together a bit of grit and determination (Geoff & Co), a bit of imagination (Janet and Paul) and a few hangers-on. We even had a tuneful rendition of 'Happy Birthday to...' Guess who ate the cake.
Well done to everyone for braving the weather.

11s becomes lunch???

Honestly - peer pressure! We all woke up this morning and groaned but none of us want to be the first to say 'not going'. So some of the coffee-stoppers have become ladies who lunch. As the weather is due to improve (it has a long way to go) some of us are leaving Langwathby at 12 to cycle to Thiefside for 1 pm. Hopefully there will be a damp but cheerful group for lunch.

Changed plans for Parker's ride

Looking at the weather forecast we have come up with an impromptu Grade 2.5 ride instead of going up to Longtown.
Meet Cotehill crossroads at 12.00 or Thiefside at 1.00p.m. for lunch. Followed by 30 - 40 mile impromptu ride. Hopefully we will meet up with some of you at some point!

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Longtown ride 22/3

Weather looking very iffy in the Borders tomorrow around the middle of the day (like snow and that sort of stuff). Will decide whether to have the advertised ride after monitoring weather further. OK, this looks wimpish, but there's not  much point in driving up there unless a decent ride is in prospect.

So, watch this space and assume it's off unless I blog otherwise (would blog before 8.00 a.m. tomorrow)

Ride Wednesday 22 from Melmerby

Splendid weather today if a little cold - had a nice ride out to Orton.

Tomorrow a bit iffy (warnings of snow between 0300 and 1200 at Alston and Brampton). So will set off to do the ride in a clockwise direction (the wind is from the ENE) ie fellside to Brampton and then decision about the remainder to Alston and home taken at lunch. Bring warm clothing gloves and waterproofs!

Quite a contrast from Spain!

Is this going to put you off?  No!!!! Looking forward to seeing lots of you out tomorrow.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Turning the corner

You might consider supporting this - If you have not already! See the links below to British Cycling pages to see the argument and vote for the petition

......when you have signed the petition you should then receive an email to ask you to email your local MP

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Sunday 19 March - 2 bike ride

OK, OK, I've seen the forecast...let's hope - as so often - that it doesn't turn out as wet as predicted. In case it does, it seems to  me that the mode of survival is not to do too many miles and not to stop for too long and get cold, so...
It will be a winding route from Langwathby to Melmerby via Skirwith and Hunsonby - otherwise we just arrive too early for coffee. The road between Gamblesby and Melmerby is closed; we should get through on bikes - Nigel and I walked it last night - but I'm afraid it will be muddy. I aim to be at Melmerby shop cafĂ© around 10.30 and setting off again soon after 11, taking the direct route to Thiefside which I am afraid will be hilly (as well as muddy to Gamblesby), hoping to get there by 12.30. Then we take the direct route back to Langwathby through Salkeld Dykes along the west of the River. Each leg of the trip is just over/under 10 miles so not a difficult day's riding, except for the weather.
Do come along - you know you will feel much better when it's over!