Friday, 13 October 2017

Sunday 15th October - so called '3 bike' ride

As a result of a recce of the route a few days ago, the ride will be shorter than originally intended.   The ride will be 40-45 miles only.  

The route from Dalston to Blue Gate Crossroads will be fairly direct and followed by a tour of the  Caldbeck hills before dropping into Caldbeck for 11's.    The ride will continue through Hesket New Market, Haltcliffe, Johnby, Blencowe, Skelton and lunch at the Upfront Gallery - finishing off with  a meandering ride back to Dalston.

This route is dull and uninspiring.   Anyone starting from Dalston I am sure will be welcome to join Bill at Caldbeck for his ride  to Keswick (I haven't asked Bill if you will be welcome but I am sure you will be)

The forecast at the moment is quite good.    I hope to see some of you at Dalston

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