Thursday, 5 October 2017

Pete M's 2-Bike Ride on Sunday 8th October 2017

As there is no ride logged for Sunday 8th October, I have been 'persuaded' to add an 'Extra' to the list! Meeting place is Langwathby Village Green and time of departure is 9.30am.The ride will be at the usual 2-bike pace (touring as opposed to Sportive) and we will take a circuitous through Stoneybeck, Catterlen, Greystoke and Wreay to Pooley Bridge for 11's (hopefully meeting up with the Cafe Dwellers at Granny Dowbekin's).

After tea/coffee & scones, our route takes us through Askham and Hackthorpe to Great Strickland, then a swoop down to Morland and Bolton before cruising through Colby and down to Appleby for lunch.

Following the lunch stop, we'll then head off along the Fellside, through Long Marton, Milburn, Blencarn and Skirwith before miraculously arriving back at Langwathby Village Green! Total mileage works out to something like 49 miles.

With a reasonable weather forecast, I'm hoping for a good turnout and look forward to welcoming you at the Village Green on Sunday.


  1. Many thanks Peter for filling this hole in the Runs List. Looks a good route and I hope there is a good turnout. But sorry I can't join you as
    I will be in Scotland.

  2. Am I in the company of Roger Moore - being one of the Persuaders? (showing my age now...) - thank you very much, Peter, for filling the gap.

  3. Thanks for offering the ride. I will be at the Gluten Free Farye in Penrith so won't be out. I don't know about " cruising through Colby to Appleby " as it's uphill from Colby before the summit to finally descend into Appleby.