Monday, 30 December 2019

Wednesday New Year's Day 2 bike ride

My plan is to leave at 11.30 from Little Salkeld, parking just up the road from the Watermill. This is another route I am testing out for the Eden Rivers Trust; this time we head up to Kirkoswald returning via Lazonby, Great Salkeld and Langwathby. It is about 12 miles, not without hills but not as severe as those yesterday (but there's no shame in walking!)
Jane Bardsley has very kindly offered refreshments (soup, bread and more mince pies) at her house in Melmerby as we don't expect any open cafes on New Year's Day. Please come and join us at the end of the ride - it's only just over 5 miles from Little Salkeld to Melmerby and easily within cycling distance.
If you want to extend the ride, then add your own route on before we meet or on your return home. We hope to see you to wish you a Happy New Year in person - but if we don't see you, we wish it anyway!
Alison, Nigel, Jane and David

Sunday, 29 December 2019

Note from CJ Re : Draft 1 st Qtr Runs list 2020

Although Mike is out of the country at present on holiday , I've noted that he's placed a blank template for the 1 st Qtr 2020 Runs List in Google Docs.
  Would all runs leaders please access the list and start making entries for rides that they would like to lead. 
    An early start should enable a programme of rides to be prepared well before the end of January an avoid a last minute panic.

Thanks CJ

Saturday, 28 December 2019

Sunday 29 December

Thanks to Phil for putting on his 3 bike ride leaving Beacon Edge cemetery layby at 10 - look forward to seeing you. Our pace, for the hilly route, leaving Lazonby Bridge at 11.30, will be extremely leisurely, but the ambitious among you can burn off your energy on the way to join us. No change to our plans - hope some of you come out to play!

Friday, 27 December 2019

3 bike ride Sunday 29th

Hello All. I am intending to cycle from Beacon Edge cemetery lay-by leaving at 10am and doing a loop, with a view to meeting up with Alison and co at Lazonby Bridge at 11.30. and then to ride to Armathwaite and back to Liz's for lunch. I would be very pleased to have some company.
Happy xmas to you all.

Thursday, 26 December 2019

2 bike ride Sunday 29 December

Having tested out the Eden Rivers Trust 'Heart of Eden' easy route from Acorn Bank we are going to the opposite extreme with a loop from Lazonby to Armathwaite and back leaving Lazonby car park by the bridge at 11.30. Bring sandwiches to eat at Liz's house at the end of the ride when she is offering soup and cocktails. I will be bringing some mince pies. Hope to see a few of you out on Sunday.
We hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and that you continue to enjoy it.
Best wishes to all,

Sunday, 22 December 2019

2 bikes rides Sunday 29 December and Wednesday 1 January

Thanks to everyone who came out today to try out the circular route for the Eden Rivers Trust from Acorn Bank. As I said before, we are being asked to test out and feed back on routes around the River Eden. I am taking advantage of the absence of fixed rides on the runs list to use the 2 dates above for further rides. Details to follow...

Thursday, 19 December 2019

For Sale

For sale: Mavic Kyserium Elite Pro disc wheels: Now that I am the proud owner of an e-road bike I am selling off the wheels I bought in October 2018. As an upgrade, they are light and strong but are not tubeless ready. They fitted my Cannondale Synapse which will also be for sale, after having a service. 

They come with a set of Continental 4Seasons 700Cx28tyres but no cassette and discs.
Please contact me for price. John Roelich

2 bike ride Sunday 22 December

Eden Rivers Trust have asked us for comments on a source to sea route and on various shorter circular routes around the River Eden. I doubt I will have a chance to try out all their ideas, but I will start on Sunday - in the absence of another ride - with a 10 mile loop from Acorn Bank, leaving after coffee around 11.30 and returning for lunch. If you add on cycling there and back it might make it a decent ride for some of you. It would be great if you wish to join me so that the input isn't limited to my thoughts. Hope to see some of you there.

Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Too icy to get to Dalston

Me again, sorry folks but I tried to get to Dalston and fell off so the ride is cancelled.  However, if the ice melts by 11.30 I plan to cycle to Maes Cafe so maybe see some of you there.  If not have a very Merry Christmas and see you in 2020.


todays 2 bike ride - update

Hi folks

It's a bit icy here in Thursby but I plan to set off at 9.30 and hope to be in Dalston for 10.00.

Tuesday, 17 December 2019

3 bike ride Wednesday 18th

As per listing we start at 10.00 from Greystoke car park going round Skiddaw clockwise (from above!) so Threlkeld and Keswick then along the main road to the Castle Inn and on to Ulldale and Maes for lunch. (40km) thence back to greystoke via Caldbeck Millhouse and Jonby (64km ish).
the weather looks good but cold and all ice should have gone by the start time but we will of course consider the weather conditions at the start. Not a long ride as the days are short but one or two hills!
Hope to see some of you out!

2 bike ride on Wed 18 December

We plan to leave Dalston at 10.00am to cycle via Gatesgill, Hesket New Market and the beautiful back roads to Uldale, there are a couple of wee hilly bits.  Refreshments at Maes Tea Room around midday then back via Ireby, Westward, Rosley and Dalston before it gets dark.  Lovely ride so see you then. I hope we meet Geoff and his merry band of faster riders at Maes Tea Room.

If its icy I will put another blog up early tomorrow morning to confirm plans but fingers crossed the sun will be shining and all will be merry.


Friday, 13 December 2019

3 Bike Ride. Sunday 15 December

Hopefully the weather will be OK although cold. Drinks available from 9.30 at 7 Warwick Farm, Warwick on Eden. I am planning to ride to the Pot Place for lunch via Armathwaite (24 miles). returning west of the M6 and through Wreay. Total 44 miles with 2500 feet of climbing. If there is a risk of ice I don't intend to ride. Last minute check on 01228 561725 if you are unsure. A good ride is just what you need to follow your post election gloom/euphoria or simply a better alternative to Christmas shopping.

John P

Thursday, 12 December 2019

Peter Angood

Dear All

 I thank you for your card and best wishes. It was good to see Ian (Ludo) today.
   I start the next phase of treatment in the new year, a few weeks of radio therapy.

   I am allowed to go bowling . I  hope to be back on the bike in the spring.

        Have a good  Christmas

                 Peter  & Ann

Friday 13 December mountain bike ride - postponed

Having succumbed to flu I am am confined to bed. I'll gladly re-arrange the ride for the New Year.  All the best, Rob  

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Bikes for sale

I don't suppose there will be any interest but just in case before I put them on ebay I am offering the following to a good home:

Jamis Elite tourer 55cm BB7 disc brakes (wired) 10speed 59/39/30 and 12-30 cassette Reach 39cm Stack 57cm 

Cube Agree GTC pro road bike 56cm 10 speed compact 50/34 ; 11/32 cassette updated wheels (Fulcrum Racing 5) and brakes(dual pivot) and fully maintained (naturally) 105 throughout except cassette which is SRAM Stack 55cm Reach 40cm

Further information available if you are interested.
Going on ebay at the weekend
Geoff A

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Wednesday 11 Dec (3bike ride)

Looks to be a cold night. Could be icy.  I guess the best plan is to start the ride as see how it goes
See tomorrow

WEDNESDAY 11 DEC (3Bike Ride)

Wednesday from Tebay, sports ground, 10.00am..
Start down the B6257 to Sedbergh. The B6257 is a County Council gritting route
Looks to be wet & windy so I may review the planned return route. Bring lights
Best wishes

Monday, 9 December 2019

Wednesday 11th December, Coffee Stop Change

As Mrs Miller's at Culgaith has sadly closed, we have changed the venue for the alternative stop to Cafe4Eden at Brougham Hall. From all accounts this will be a good meeting point for us.

Saturday, 7 December 2019

Tomorrow's 2 bike ride

I will be at Daffodils coffee house on St Andrew's Churchyard for coffee and a scone at 11.30. My plan is to leave at 12 and cycle to Pooley Bridge via Fair Hill, Catterlen, Blencow and Greystoke - about 15/16 miles so be sure to have some 11s before we leave. I very much doubt we will coincide with Bill's 3-bike ride which will probably be long gone as I can't see us arriving at Granny Dowbekins before 1.30. The direct return route (Tirril, Eamont Bridge) is 6 miles, and a longer loop via Askham, Abbot Lodge and Brougham is nearly 12 miles.
I would hope to be back before dark but in these darker days, I still recommend you bring lights.
Of course, with winds forecast WSW 20 gusting 39 I may find I am on my own. A final decision will be made at 12 noon at Daffodils.

Friday, 6 December 2019

Sunday's 3 Bike Ride

Sunday's 3 bike ride will leave from Raughton Head House (CA5 7DD) at 10:00 am. Come along at 9:30 if you would like a coffee before setting off. It is a one stop ride heading for Pooley Bridge for lunch. It might be a bit windy, so the route taken (either 20 or 25 miles) will depend on the weather on the day. Return journey by Askham, Clifton Dykes & Penrith etc (about 26 miles). I hope to see some of you on the day.
07921 297 045

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Christmas lunch is at 12.30 on Saturday

Hello - if anyone is like me and has forgotten what time lunch is, I have checked previous posts and it is at 12.30 (this Saturday 7th December at Four and Twenty, 42 King Street Penrith).
Look forward to seeing you there

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Pot Place

Please use the schoolroom - even if you arrive first and don't know how many more will be coming. On our last visit there were 20 of us at different times in the main café and it is impinges too much on staff and other customers. Pot Place is a popular stop and we don't want to wear out our welcome.

Saturday, 30 November 2019

Sundays Rides Cancelled due to ice

Hello All.
 Regrettably Bill and myself are cancelling tomorrows rides due to the ice. Bill was out this morning and had to dismount a number of times, due to the treacherous conditions, and it looks like it will be just as icy tomorrow.
I will be heading for the hills, where 2 feet are safer than 2 wheels.

Christmas Lunch Reminder

Hello Everyone,

What a beautiful morning - except too much ice around for me to go out on my bike.

I've just spoken to Four & Twenty and they have asked for final numbers & menu choices for our Christmas lunch by Tuesday. So...... if you want to come and haven't yet got around to it can you please do so by Monday night at the latest by clicking on this LINK!


Thursday, 28 November 2019

December 1st rides - additional note

Further to Peter's blog on 5th November: Peter C is sorry that he can't lead the ride from Keswick.
However, please note the new arrangements in the blog below. Thanks to Phil and Bill H there are now two rides leaving from Penrith, Beacon Edge. This should give everyone  a ride to suit them

Sunday 1st Dec. 2 rides same destination

Hello All.
 Rosie is unable to lead on Sunday, so Bill H has kindly stepped in to lead a 2 bike ride from Beacon Edge leaving at 10, and going to the Old Smithy at Caldbeck for an early lunch. The rout out is via Skelton and about 15 miles, and return via Berrier, about 17 miles, with some hills.
I will lead a 3 bike ride heading for the same cafe stop, but about 19 miles out, and 22 miles return.
The forecast is sunny but cold so wrap up well.
Hope to see lots of you out.

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

3 bike ride - Longtown Wed 27th November

The ride will leave the Sycamore Cafe, Longtown at 9.30am!   Note the early start time!!

There will be an 11's stop at the Annandale Distillery and a lunch stop at Cafe 91 in Lockerbie.   The reason I have made this a '2 stop' ride is to introduce riders to the distillery if they have not been before.    The distillery cafe is in my opinion one of the best cafe/lunch stops in Dumfriesshire.

I have not yet decided on the precise route but the total distance is unlikely to exceed 55 miles.   At the moment the forecast is for drizzly rain.   The route can be shortened if necessary.

You will need lights.

Monday, 25 November 2019

2 Bike Ride Wednesday 27th November

The route from Dalston is via Great Orton, Moorhouse, Hosket Hill, Beaumont, view of King Edward 1st Monument (11 miles) Burgh by Sands, Thurstonfield, Kirkbampton to Watchtree for 11's (16.5 miles) then Wiggonby, Aikton, Fingland to Bowness for lunch (26.5 miles) at The King's Arms, Bowness House Farm or BYO under the shelter at the end of Hadrian's Wall Path.
Return is via Boustead Hill, Kirkbampton, Thurstonfield and Great Orton to Dalston (42.5 miles)
At the signpost before Whitrigg,  Bowness is 3 miles or, for the energetic, it is 9.5 miles via Anthorn and Cardurnoch.
There are some narrow lanes with thorn hedges and potholes so be prepared.
Do not forget your lights.
The forecast at the moment is light NE wind 7 gusting to max 14 mph.
Ian B.

Friday, 22 November 2019

Christmas Lunch Reminder

Our Christmas Lunch this year will be on Saturday 7th December at 12:30 at Four and Twenty in Penrith (42 King Street).
If you intend coming, then please FILL IN THE FORM and pay by direct online transfer (preferred)  to:
Account name - Eden Valley Cycling UK
Sort Code - 16-52-21
Account No - 53608033
Please use your name as reference.
(or send me the appropriate money made out to "Eden Valley Cycling UK"

Drinks & tips will as usual be separate on the day. Deadline Monday 2nd September so get on with it now!


Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Re-arranged "2 bike ride", Sunday 24th November for early risers

Mike's ride from Dalston to UpFront is replaced by Liz R's ride from Lazonby (although, of course, there is still the alternative coffee stop at UpFront).

Lazonby to Castle Carrock for a Big Breakfast at the Watson Institute (breakfast £8.00 donation in aid of Music on the Marr festival)
Must leave at 9.00am aiming to get there by 10.45 latest as breakfast service only goes to 11.30.
Meet Lazonby car park (by the river/the recycling).
Ride Leader: Liz R 07553585776. If possible leave a message here on blog or text if you are coming so I can let them know how many (ish) for breakfast.
Out: 17ish miles, 500ft up, 725ft down (but google keeps changing its mind) hillyish; Lazonby, Parkhead, Renwick, Hazelfield to follow Cairnbeck to Carlatton Mill, north to Castle Carrock.
Back: 15ish miles 804 ft up, 1030 ft down (ummh not sure how that works google) hillyisher: CC - Moss Nook, Cumwhitton, Hornsby Gate, Hlmwrangle, Armathwaite (east side), Staffield, KO, Lazonby.
forecast 6 degrees.

Friday 22 November Mountain Bike Ride

I'm due to lead the MTB ride this Friday. I have been and continue to spend a lot of time with a severely ailing relative in North Yorkshire, and am not able to lead this Friday's ride.  I'll re-arrange the event when I can see further ahead.  Rob

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

It is my intention to  ride to the coffee stop at Melmerby tomorrow leaving Beacon Edge at 10 am. If anyone would like to join me you would be most welcome. The route will go over Strawberry Hill to Langwathby, Little Salkeld and Ousby. The forecast is for it to be slightly warmer tomorrow so hopefully the roads won t be so icy. I in tend to return to Penrith a slightly different way but to be back in Penrith between 1 and 2 pm


Friday, 15 November 2019

Grade 2 bike ride on Sunday 17th November

Leave Greystoke at 10.00 am aiming to reach Pooley Bridge for an early lunch around mid-day (sorry no coffee stop!). Route goes north first towards Johnby and back south over Berrier before heading towards Ullswater via Bennethead. About 18 miles. After lunch the route is via Askham and Lowther to Penrith and back through Newton Rigg to Greystoke. About 16 miles.

Acorn Bank coffee stop

There were 16 of us there on Wednesday - feedback is welcome as we are considering making this a regular venue now that we have lost Mrs Miller's. Jane said the fruit scones were as good as Lily's!!!

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

2-bike ride Wednesday 13 November

Please see post below for details of Bill's 3-bike ride.
My ride is starting at 12 noon after coffee from Acorn Bank, near Temple Sowerby. We will be going to Appleby and back on a circular route. The direction will depend whether Rachel joins us and if so which way she has come. Maximum if the fellside route includes Murton is 27 miles but I will decide tomorrow depending on weather and wishes of the group. Minimum is 19 miles. Like Bill, I am  hoping that we can find somewhere for lunch, even though we are told Appleby is going to be very busy. I hope to see some of you tomorrow. It will be cold - wrap up warm!

Coffee stop/self-led ride tomorrow Wednesday 13 November

We are trying out a new cafe with the closure of Mrs Miller's in Culgaith. The café is at Acorn Bank, the National Trust house and garden between Culgaith and Temple Sowerby. You don't need to pay to go to the coffee shop but if you have a National Trust card they are pleased if you show it for recording visitor numbers. Both rides will be there around coffee time (11.30) tomorrow and we  hope it will be a success. Please come along and give it a try!

Last day for data check

I will assume that everyone who is going to return changes for the database will have done so by the end of Wed 13th tomorrow. Thanks to those who already have.
An updated list will then be published shortly after!

Monday, 11 November 2019

3 Bike Ride Wednesday 13th.

The ride will start from Greystoke at 10am as published. As Mrs Millers has now closed we'll stop at Acorn Bank for 11's before heading on to Appleby for lunch. I've been informed that Appleby may be quite busy on Wednesday, but I'm sure there'll be room for a few cyclists. Total ride distance is about 55 miles. The weather forecast is cold, but dry (fingers crossed it stays that way), so wrap up warm.

Hope to see you on Wednesday.

Mrs Miller's has closed

We are really sorry to report the closure of our popular café stop in Culgaith. We wish the staff success at 'Four and Twenty' which we will have a chance to see at our Christmas lunch - for details see earlier blog - it isn't too late to book.
Please check the blog or the runs list on the website to check where the substitute coffee stop will be. Bill and I were to have been at Culgaith on Wednesday and we are conferring about the appropriate alternative - more to follow...

Friday, 8 November 2019

2 rides on Sunday 10th

There will be 2 rides on Sunday from Beacon Edge cemetery lay-by Penrith, but both will stop at Granny Dowbekin's for early lunch at about 12. Rosie is going there via Askham, about 20 miles, and I am going there via Skelton and Mungrisedale, about 25 miles and hilly.
Start is at 10am and the weather looks fair if cold.

Thursday, 7 November 2019

Received from Nigel

Hello Team Townend Challenge Rider,

Team Townend Challenge began in 2010 in memory of Christian and Niggy Townend who were killed in a road crash whilst out cycling. 9 years on TTC has raised over £70,000 for Road Peace and thousands of people have enjoyed the great ride and even better tea and cakes!

The 10 year anniversary edition of the TTC will be on Saturday 9th May 2020, taking advantage of the one-off VE day bank holiday weekend. We’re going big for 2020 so book the date in your diary and we hope you can join us to enjoy the ride and help us reach our fundraising target of £100,000.

Team Townend Challenge 2020
  • 9th May 2020
  • The same great long and short rides, starting and finishing at Loweswater Village Hall
  • Tea, coffee, cakes & beer in the hall afterwards
  • You’ll hear more soon on Team Townend goes large additions. Some of the things we are working on are:
    • The Dirty Double - ride each pass on the long course twice for the adventurous or crazy
    • Child Friendly events at Loweswater Village Hall during the day
    • Evening event in Cockermouth
    • An even more impressive raffle than usual

Details on how to enter the ride, TTC website updates and further information are all in the pipeline. In the meantime, keep your diary free, check out the Team Townend Pushbike Challenge Facebook page and we hope we will see you in May.


PS: We’re not entirely sure what GDPR is but if you don’t want us to bother you again click the unsubscribe and we’ll delete you from our records.

Mountain Biking at Mabie Forrest

Looking to be a fine day all day but quite chilly (6-7deg) As per runs list meet there for 10.00 start.
Please let me know if you are coming and then we wont start without you and maybe we can share transport. Trail map below:(click to enlarge)

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

December 1st ride, leader swap

Hi everyone.
I was supposed to be leading a ride on Sunday 1st December but now find myself having to attend a family wedding.
Please would someone volunteer to lead this for me. The plan was to head to the langdales, about 50 miles at most.
I would be happy to swap with another leader if it helps. Please txt if you can help.
077456 59704

Thule 3 Cycle carrier for sale

Thule Velo Compact 927 3 Cycle Carrier

Lockable on tow bar as well as bikes.

Smart Tilt function so that boot can be accessed with bikes in place

Reason for sale - bikes now go inside car

Max Capacity       60kg

Max bike wt          25kg

£170 for quick sale

Paul Cumella

Nov 6th Ride

The Helm wind is blowing, rain is bladdering down and it doesn't look promising for Mr Fawkes tonight.

However, tomorrow should be better says Radio Cumbria. (their 07.32 daily forecast including the fells is usually more accurate than MWIS etc - find it on 95.6Mhz).

Prompt start from ours at Ousby 10 am to ensure Renwick about 10.40, bearing in mind the ladies at the church hall shut up shop at 11 am.

Anybody riding directly to Renwick  aim to get there shortly after 10.30.

Or meet en route at Melmerby 10.10.

We shall go north - then south - simples ......

Sunday, 3 November 2019

No idea why the poster never appeared??

Women in Adventure Film Night Friday 8th Nov George Hotel Penrith

Hello All,
Some of you might like to come to a film night at the George Hotel, Penrith, on Friday 8th November celebrating,
"Women in Adventure" There will be lots of short films, involving different adventure sports.
Entry from 7pm, £4 on the door. Films start at 7.30. The event is run by the Eden Valley MC.

Saturday, 2 November 2019

Ride from Greystoke Sunday 3 Nov

As per runs list starting at Greystoke at 0930 and going over Kirkstone to Grasmere for lunch stop at the garden centre. May stop briefly at Glenridding (if you are well behaved!) returning via Dunmail raise and the back of Thirlmere. (50mi 80km 1500m)
Hope to see some of you out. Weather looks to be OK - perhaps a shower early but otherwise 10% chance of precipitation or less!

Friday, 1 November 2019

Sunday 3 November - two bike ride

Does anyone want to join me in a loop from Melmerby to Abbot Lodge (11.30s) on Sunday? My plan is to set off from Melmerby 9.20 am to get to the Langwathby station (via Ousby and Skirwith) at 9.53 in case anyone wants to join us by train from Carlisle. Then via Culgaith, Temple Sowerby and the Cliburn road another 12.4 miles to Abbott Lodge (just under 19 miles) A similar distance back to Melmerby via Penrith, Beacon Edge, Langwathby, Winskill/Hunsonby and Gamblesby. Pace will be very moderate as I am very out of practice. I will be having lunch at Melmerby Village Bakery if anyone wishes to join in. Return trains from Leeds to Carlisle leave Langwathby at 1440 and 1637. Anyone welcome for all or part of the ride.

Thursday, 31 October 2019

Ride Attendance Records - Data entry by Leaders

As discussed at the AGM; to make it easier gather Attendance data, a short form version of the Runs List has been placed on the website in Google Drive.
  This sheet will be available after publication of any new quarter's Runs List.
   This Link Open Sheet   should open the sheet for the newly published 4 th Quarter of 2019 ( Nov, Dec 2019 and Jan 2020 ) and open subsequent quarters sheets as the year proceeds.
    Geoff and I have placed a sample of the format for recording the Number of Riders and names in two designated blank columns in the sheet. 
    We made entries for 31 st Oct for the 3 bike and 1 bike ( Self Led ) rides. 
    Riders names in abbreviated form must be unique & easily identifyable e.g. Ian B, Ian L, Rachel, Alison Bill H. Bill O Etc.
    It is requested that leaders & those nominated on Self Led rides enter attendances in the Google Drive sheet.
    During the course of a year members can see : -

a) No. of rides offered
b) Ride attendance No.'s
c) Individual attendance figures
c) Popularity of certain rides
d) No. of active leaders and how many rides they led

If the link above causes problems the sheet can be accessed ( laboriously ) as follows : -

1. Enter EV website
2. Select Runs List
3. Open the current quarter's list ( 2nd page overview )
4. In the footnotes click on the 2nd line entry ( in blue italics )

Please enter attendances starting on Nov 3 rd 2019.



Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Christmas Lunch Saturday 7th December 12:30

Our Christmas Lunch this year will be on Saturday 7th December at 12:30 at Four and Twenty in Penrith (42 King Street).
If you intend coming, then please FILL IN THE FORM and pay by direct online transfer (preferred)  to:
Account name - Eden Valley Cycling UK
Sort Code - 16-52-21
Account No - 53608033
Please use your name as reference.
(or send me the appropriate money made out to "Eden Valley Cycling UK"

Drinks & tips will as usual be separate on the day. Deadline Monday 2nd September so get on with it now!


Ride Wednesday 30th October from Melmerby

As published starting 0930 from *Melmerby Green going over Hartside to Hallbankgate and then various routes possible back to Melmerby depending on how we feel. Looks to be a fine day but quite chilly. We stop in Hallbankgate Hub cafe for refreshments.
Hope to see you tomorrow!
*GR NY 614374

Friday, 25 October 2019

2 Bike Ride Sunday 27th Oct

9.30am Dalston new car park (NB clocks go back) Via Beaumont and Burgh by Sands to Watchtree Nature Reserve at 16 miles. There is a Hallowe'en treasure hunt but most children will be outdoors. The RSPB at Campsfield can not be guaranteed to be open as it is staffed by volunteers so lunch will be at The King's Arms at Bowness which has a 'Small Menu' of soup, sandwiches and such-like. Those with BYO can go to the shelter at the end of the wall. The total distance is around 45 miles; those going 'around the island' via Anthorn will do a bit more. The wind is forecast WNW max 14mph and max gusts of 24mph but there should be sunshine.
Ian B

Sunday 27th October - 3 bike ride

The ride will start from Keswick and not Greystoke.   I realised my mistake only after the rides list had been published.  Too late to alter it.
The route will include only one stop.   The ride will start from behind the swimming baths at 9.30am
The route will be Newlands Pass, then over Honister to Portinscale for lunch.   Then Whinlatter and back over Newlands and return to Keswick   The distance will be about 40 miles.
At the moment, the forecast is looking good.  Remember the clocks go back so you will have an extra hour in bed!   Hope to see some of you at the start.

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

MTB ride Friday 25th Cancelled

Sorry folks. I can't lead the mountain bike ride on Friday, and Anne can't either as she is incapacitated.

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

AGM Agenda 2019 and 2018 AGM Minutes

These files are available to download:

2018 Minutes

2019 Agenda

remember the password will be  .....2018_4 and .....2019_4

Incidentally please never quote the complete password on the blog!!

Morland cafe closed tomorrow so change of plan

Mill Yard cafe is shut tomorrow, according to their website, so Rosie and myself will be going to Larch Cottage Nurseries instead for 11,ses. Perhaps those going on the coffee stop ride would also like to meet us there?

2 Bike ride Wed 23rd

Rosie and myself will be leading a 2 bike ride from Beacon Edge Cemetery, Penrith, leaving at 9.30 and doing a loop to Morland cafe via Culgaith and Temple Sowerby for coffee. We then intend to go for lunch at Pooley Bridge.
Hope to see lots of you out.

Monday, 21 October 2019

Club Ride Wednesday 23 October - Burton in Kendal

Wednesday's ride will start from Tarn Lane, B in K at 0930. The route will take us through Halton Park and on to Quernmore before arriving at the Garden Centre in Scorton for coffee. From here we will head for Garstang and Cockerham with lunch at Cafe de Lune, Conder Green. The home leg will take us to Lancaster, where we will pick up the cycle track and complete a route of approx. 60 miles.
The forecast is looking good, so hope to see some of you on Wednesday.
Keith G

Friday, 18 October 2019

2 Bike Ride Sun 20 th Oct

Hoping to do the ride on Sunday as planned.
   Appleby for 11's, via Morland, Kings Meaburn and Colby to Bo Jangles Cafe.
Then on to Orton for Lunch, via Great Asby and Sunbiggin.
   After Lunch up Orton Scar back through Maulds Meaburn.
Distance about 36 miles.
   If weather is really bad in Afternoon we can cut out the Orton leg

Bill H

Thursday, 17 October 2019


Please keep Saturday 7th December free for Christmas Lunch at Mrs Millers. Further details will be issued in due course once the menu has been finalised.


Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Please complete the attached form for the AGM lunch, 12.30pm Saturday 26 October 2019

The Bring-and-Share Lunch at 12.30 is always a good get together

To plan catering please indicate before Thursday 24th on the link below if you are attending lunch.  If you cannot bring food there ought to be plenty to share, but we ask that you pay £5. In either case please complete the form

The Hall will be open from about 11.45.  Please can we have a few helpers to lay tables If food needs heating please ensure you are there early.

There will be a short ride in the morning - see the Blog.  The AGM starts at 2.00pm.

"Giving something back":  please think about giving a small amount of time to the basic functioning of the club. In particular, we are looking for someone to fill the Promotions Officer role.  This is not a solo effort:  it is to coordinate club members to increase membership. Also, the rides only happen with Ride Leaders:  please volunteer to be a Ride Leader.

See you at the AGM.  Thanks, Rob

AGM Agenda: Langwathby Village Hall, 2.00pm, Saturday 26th October 2019

Dear All,

The agenda for the AGM is as follows:

1.       Chair’s welcome
2.       Apologies for absence
3.       Dick Phillips
4.       Minutes of 27th October 2018 AGM;
5.       Matters arising
6.       Chair’s report
7.       Secretary’s report
8.       Treasurer’s report
9.       Runs Co-ordinator’s report
10.   Runs Registration and Data Officer’s report
11.   Campaigns Officer’s report
12.   Webmaster’s report
13.   EVCC weeks away, 2020 and 2021
14.   Christmas lunch 2019
15.   Challenge Ride 2020
16.    “Giving something back”
a.       Ride Leaders and the Runs List
b.      Promoting the Club and the Promotion Officers’ role specification
17.   Elections:
a.       Chairman and Welfare Officer
b.      Secretary and Registrations Officer
c.       Runs Coordinator
d.      Runs Registration and Data Officer
e.       Treasurer                          
f.        Promotions Officer                                      
g.       Campaigns Officer                        
h.      Two other members
19.   Any other Business at the Chairman’s discretion
20.   Date and venue of next years’ meeting

Please bring your CTC membership card or number as you will need to enter your membership number on the attendance list.

After the close of business there will be an opportunity for notices and announcements (which will not be minuted)

There will be a short meeting of the new committee after the AGM to agree committee meeting dates for the next 12 months.

A list will be posted shortly to add details of contributions to the bring-and-share lunch.

There will also be a separate post for a morning ride prior to the AGM.



Monday, 14 October 2019

3 Bike Ride Wednesday 16th October

Ride starts from Glendale Cotehill, 11s at Melmerby and Lunch stop changed from Mungrisedale  to Pooley Bridge. Total distance approx 55 miles.
Please park cars on the drive not the verge. Should be a good day out.

Sunday, 13 October 2019

Eden Valley Cycling UK: Notes

Eden Valley Cycling UK: Notes: You can send information for the blog by being a user with a link to the blog or by sending the information to someone who has access to the..


Saturday, 12 October 2019

Eden Valley Cycling UK: Sunday 13th October's ride

Eden Valley Cycling UK: Sunday 13th October's ride: Due to a lower back injury I will not be leading Sunday's ride but Martin is stepping into the breach. The ride will be the same and at...

3 bike ride Sunday 13th October - CANCELLED

Because of the weather conditions (heavy rain until early afternoon) I have decided to cancel the ride as a club run.    I will probably do part of the route on my own but it will not be a club event.  Anyone wanting to join me is welcome but you do so at your own risk.  
Call me on 07709710301 if you want to come out to play in the rain!

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

2 bike ride on Wednesday 9 October

Hi everyone

Hope you can join my ride leaving Dalston new car park at 9.30 heading to Wigton for coffee at the best cafe ever (they do gluten free). - The Monkey Tree (down a wee side lane (Westmorlands Lane) but usually has a sign up on the pavement) at around 10.30 ish, (they are expecting us should you make your own way there). Then a wonderful jaunt through back roads to Blencogo, West Newton, Allonby ending up along the coast at the Dune cafe just passed Mawbray for lunch.  Return will be via Abbeytown, Lessonhall and back to Dalston early afternoon.  

Look forward to seeing you.


Monday, 7 October 2019

Roadside machine in Holland

It vacuums up as it goes along! No thorns on Dutch roads.
From Dallas

Saturday, 5 October 2019

Ride from Kendal, Sunday 6th September

Meeting on Morrison's car park, the left hand side, furthest north and nearest to the Shap road. Will be on the bike. Weather forecast for Kendal is not good in the morning but better in the Lakes. The ride can be shortened so as to chase the sun.

Clive B.

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Wednesday 2nd October additional ride

Tour of northern fells starting at Dalston new car park 9.30am,  11's Uldale,  Lunch Keswick
All welcome. Good forecast.

Friday, 27 September 2019

Arrangements for rides on Sunday 29th September

Main ride as advertised: Leave Greystoke at 9.30 and head towards Dalston via Hesket Newmarket and a few 2 bike ride hills. No coffee stop as we are heading for soup and rolls followed by crumble and custard at 23, The Green. Proceeds towards Macmillan. About 26 miles before lunch and then a flatter, shorter ride of about 17 miles after lunch.
Alternative ride: Alison Smith has been in touch with me to say she hopes I have a lot of riders. However, she would prefer a shorter ride and instead proposes to cycle from Plumpton direct to Dalston - about 13 miles each way. If anyone wants to join her, she will be leaving the Pot Place lane end at 10.30 to lead a 'one-bike' ride. Obviously we can't park at the Pot Place on a Sunday but there should be parking available along the road for anyone arriving by car.

All welcome, however you reach Dalston. Anytime around 12. Doesn't have to be on a bike!

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Wednesday 25th September - new arrangement

Tomorrow I will be riding from (Glendale) Cotehill  to Morland for 11's
- circular route.  9.30 start.  Anybody wishing to join me is welcome, 
pace probably more 2 Bike than 3.


mobile 07802415607 or 01228561561

Sunday, 22 September 2019

3 Bike Ride Wed 25th

I will be unable to take the ride on Wednesday so will have to cancel.

          Peter A


Thursday, 19 September 2019

Grand Day out!

Seems a shame but the weather in Culgaith is looking v stormy and there is a yellow warning from the met office in force. I shall officially cancel the ride but will go to Kirkby S to see if anyone has missed this and / or the weather is worth a short outing!
Geoff 0800 22/9 

For those that are up for it the ride on Sunday starts in Kirkby Stephen and although the distance is not epic (about 90 km) the 1819m of climbing should be quite challenging. The weather forecast is a bit iffy at present but only light rain in the afternoon is forecast and it will probably clear. If it looks worse I will of course change the route. (click for link)
We will aim to have coffee in Reeth/Grinton the cafe in the Dales Centre and then lunch maybe in Askrigg but bring food with you. Take heart in that whatever goes up comes down and although there is a lot of climbing there is also a lot of descending!
Hope to see you Kirkby Stephen Cloisters(GR NY775087) at 0930 Sunday

Oh ... here's the profile!

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Lunch for Alzheimers

A big THANK YOU from Rosie and myself to those who joined us for lunch today, and contributed towards the £170 raised for the Alzheimers Society. It was a lovely sociable occasion.
Rosie and Phil

Monday, 16 September 2019

Rides on Wed 18th

Wednesdays rides will be from Greystoke village car park at 9.30. Rosie and myself will each lead a ride with the aim of arriving at our house between 11.30 and 12 for a light lunch of sandwiches and pudding, in support of the Alzheimers Society. Hope to see lots of you either at the start, or at 15 Croft Terrace, Penrith, CA11 7RR. Tel 01768868642.
Rosie and Phil.

Rheged cinema Saturday 21 September at 4 pm 'Time Trial'

I thoroughly recommend this film which follows David Millar's attempt to regain his position at the forefront of cycle-racing. You feel all the highs and lows - literally - going downhill fast, struggling uphill, trying to get wet gloves on in the rain...
Price £8 (£6.50 concessions) 2 hours 2 mins - well worth attending.

Mass Bike Ride 20th September

from Dallas....

Saturday, 14 September 2019

Sunday's 3- bike ride/Challenge Ride 100 km

Sunday's 3-bike ride/Challenge Ride 100km will commence a Mungrisdale Village Hall at 9.30 am.  The 100 km route, with about 1000m of  ascent, will follow an anti-clockwise route round the northern and north-west fells.  Two stops are proposed at about 11 am and 1pm. However, please bring drink and food.  The ride will operate as a standard club ride. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Mountain Biking Friday 13th

I am planning a straightforward ride over the Fells near Orton this will be suitable for anyone who has any sort of mountain or gravel bike. So do come - it will be easy paced and a great intro to off road riding. We may stop in Crosby Ravensworth if the pub is open. But bring drink and some food in case it is not. Otherwise there is Orton Scar Cafe when we get back. The route can be extended by agreement! if the weather is good and people so wish (many additions possible) but planned route is as map (click to enlarge).
We meet in Orton 0930 but please let me know if you intend coming so that we know who to expect.
The route is mainly on grassy bridleways but there is a good descent on a track down into Crosby and another rather more stony descent off the Scar back into Orton

Monday, 9 September 2019

Club AGM - Saturday 26 October 2019

The Club AGM will be held on Saturday 26 October 2019 at Langwathby Village Hall.  Further details on time and agenda will be published. Catering will be "bring and share".

3 Bike Ride on Wednesday 11th September

The ride starts at 9.30 from Shepherd Bridge, Coniston. Grid ref (SD305978).

Sunday, 8 September 2019

Kiddycranks or crank shorteners for a tandem?

Hi folks, my son has acquired a tandem and wishes to convert it to suit his son and is looking to purchase or borrow some kiddi-cranks or crank shorteners to convert the tandem for his 4 year old.  If you have either lurking in your garage and they are not being used at the moment please will you email me and let me know.  Many thanks and hope to see you all again soon.

Saturday, 7 September 2019

Sunday 8 September - A Day Without Rain

Meet 09.30 at Keswick Swimming Pool for what should be a sunny ride over the nearby passes.  I am planning to cross Whinlatter for a coffee stop in Buttermere then over Honister and on to Portinscale for lunch.  The afternoon loop will be over Newlands and a return the other way over Whinlatter.  I am happy to make adjustments to the route to suit everyone.  It will be a steady pace and we will pause to re group as necessary. 

Thursday, 5 September 2019

A day on the water - Friday 6 September

I am really sorry to say that we have decided to cancel this. Forecast winds of force 4 gusting 6 could turn this from an adventure into an epic - and that's not what we want. Thank you to those who have expressed interest and we will try to offer an opportunity another time.
Best wishes
Alison and Nigel

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

3 bike ride from Dalston - Wed 4th Sept

As per the runs list the ride will depart 9.30am from the New car park in Dalston.  The route will include Westward, Catlands and Fellside to Caldbeck for late 11's / early lunch, followed by a meandering somewhat contrived route to lunch/ afternoon tea at Upfront Gallery (mainly to get some miles in but also to include roads we have not ridden for a long time).   In the afternoon we will take a slightly more logical route back to Dalston.  Total distance is 52 miles.

The forecast is light showers with sunny intervals.   I hope to see some of you at the start.

Sunday, 1 September 2019

Off-road route linking England and Scotland

A new 800-mile mainly off-road cycle route between England and the north coast of Scotland has been launched. The Great North Trail links the Peak District to Scotland's most northerly mainland points for the first time.    Details can be found at