Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Wednesday 4th October ride

Alison and I are doing our rides from Carleton to Plumpton (11s) and Up Front at Unthank (lunch) again.
The pace of the rides may be different.
The weather for both groups, if there are two groups, will likely be the same, which, unusually, is not forecast to be that great.  We have our answer to that: Alison is on a track (mantra) of 'we like rain' (only she is getting used  to 'I like rain' as she is not sure how much others have adopted her thinking).  I added to Alison, make 'we' so I maintain that I can so assert 'we'.
It is unlikely that it will rain all day. The lifting of spirits from shared experience could engender such a feeling of delight that the rain packs up and plans another day to depress (not that we would allow thinking that rain is depressing though the rain organisers do not know that and are unlikely to adopt the mantra easily).  There are risks from taking things to extremes, what if rain packed up as it was failing to depress? We would be really depressed and dehydrated.
You may not want to ride with me after the above but as I lead from the back, you could still stay away from me all day.
Look forward to seeing you in the area of the Cross Keys to start.

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