Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Hedge Cuttings

Jeff Smith has obtained the Cumbria CC leaflet"Farming & the Public Highway".( after 3 punctures on one ride!)
The section on Hedge Cutting makes interesting reading.

"Hedge Cutting should be carried out ensuring that the cuttings do not fall onto the footway or highway. Any which do fall on the highway must be removed immediately as they can cause great difficulty and potential danger for all road users, particularly cyclists and animals. There is a legal obligation in the 1980 Highways Act under Section 149 to this effect.

The Government is spending millions through the environment and health departments in persuading people to cycle and walk. Large sums are being spent on improving the walking and cycling net work (including those in Cumbria). Families and cyclists of all abilities who use these lanes and cycleways inevitably suffer punctures when cuttings are left on the surface. Repairs are often carried out in winter weather and/or in the dark, taking considerably longer and thus discouraging the use of cycles."

The leaflets also says that warning triangles should be be placed on the road indicating the work being carried out.

This seems pretty clear. No clearing them up when you finish or the next day but immediately.
We need to report any left on the road. The Highways Hotline number is: 0300 303 2992
They will ask what District you are in, Allerdale, Eden etc so try and work it out before you ring.

So don't just grumble, Take action!


Thanks Jeff.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Wednesdays rides 1st Feb

Hello All. Rosie and I are leading 2 rides from Greystoke carpark at 10am. Both groups will go to Thiefside for elevenses, and then to our place on Croft Terrace, Penrith for a late lunch from about 1.30pm of soup and tray bakes,  for which a donation towards the Alzheimers Association would be very welcome. The groups will then head back to Greystoke to arrive at the same time. I intend to take a roundabout route of up to 50 miles, and Rosie will do no more than 30 miles. Hope to see you there.
Phil and Rosie Blanshard

Friday, 27 January 2017

Rides Sunday 29th Jan

The 11s has been changed to Thiefside, Fig Tree Cafe. We expect to be there at 11.30. The Pot Place is busy with Sunday lunches.
Lunch stop at Stainton as on the Runs List.

Dallas & Ian

Thursday, 26 January 2017

New Style Runs List

Thank you Mike for organising the latest Runs List and to all the volunteers who are leading them.

There is a bit of a change this quarter to the style in which they are presented and we hope eventually to make the rides more accessible to new riders and more intelligible to visitors so that they know what to expect. Clearly we will not achieve this in one move and the format may need several iterations before we succeed. Please feel free to let the committee know what you think and help us present an informative and friendly face to all those who come across our group.

 The new lists can be seen on the website here where you can view the rides month by month and notes about the grading of the rides.  Or you can download a pdf of the combined list and notes. In particular the grading system may need some tweaking; let us know what you think.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Moderate ride tomorrow Wed 25 January

Hello - if anyone is interested in joining me, it is my intention to leave Langwathby at 10 to ride to the coffee stop at Thiefside. From there, we will be doing a northern loop and back to lunch at Plumpton, then back to Langwathby. I look forward to seeing some of you tomorrow,

Ride Wednesday 25th Jan - 2 Newbiggins

 It has always been an idea in the back of my mind to try to do as many Newbiggin villages as you can in a day, but that perhaps is a better challenge for the summer months. So we'll make do with 2!

As posted, meeting in Appleby cloisters going via  Whygill Head to Newbiggin on Lune but stopping then at Orton Scar cafe for lunch (approx 30km) then returning via Orton scar, Crosby Ravensworth hill then Sleagill Morland Newbiggin and back to Appleby. (72 km and approx 1000m ascent).
Nigel has kindly volunteered to come in case I get lost along the way.

Weather looking good/not too cold - hope to see you


Monday, 23 January 2017

Help - Campag Ergo Levers

Few years ago some of you may remember I wrote an EV  newsletter article about rebuilding old Ergo levers - think Geoff has done some since. Well, my rear one failed on Pete's recent ride, wear and tear fault on the finger shifter (pivot on the block within the shifter assembly worn so 'knife' edge won't engage the ratchet) and am struggling to source a spare part - waiting replies from Velotech and Mercian.

Techy bits:  they are 9 speed Centaur 'new style' 2001 to 2008 rounded top with aluminium brake and finger shifter levers, CENTAUR and 9 SPEED on them.

Does anyone possess in depth knowledge of Ergos, have for sale surplus 9 speed versions lurking in the bike shed, know of a source of spare parts or can recommend a later version which will be compatible with  Campag 9 speed cassette? Changing the whole caboodle to Shimano would be ideal, but cost far more than the bike's worth!

Friday, 20 January 2017

Club Ride on Sunday 22 January 2017

Sunday’s Ride will depart from Langwathby Railway Station at 10am. The route will take us out to Salkeld Dykes and over Bowscar to Stoneybeck Roundabout and Catterlen.  From there we will ride through Newton Reigny to arrive at Stainton Café for 11’s. Distance - 15 miles.

After refreshments, we’ll head out through Newbiggin, Greystoke and Skelton, before riding round to Low Braithwaite and Hay Close to arrive at The Pot Place for lunch. Distance - 20 miles.

Following lunch, the final loop will take us to Calthwaite, Thiefside and North Dykes before arriving at Langwathby to finish. Distance – 13 miles.

Total Distance is 48 miles with no serious climbing. Weather is looking reasonable, if a little cold, so wrap up well and I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

Langwathby Station Café is closed on Sunday 22 Jan, therefore please be aware that the official Café Meet has been changed to Stainton Café.

Pete M

Thursday, 19 January 2017

11s this Sunday 22 January

Please note change of venue as Langwathby Station café is closed; the coffee stop will be Stainton instead.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Cancelled- Karen's ride Wed 25 January

So sorry folks but once again family commitments mean I am unable to lead my planned ride,leaving from Thursby, on Wed 25 January . Indeed I think that I will be unable to commit to organise and lead any rides until probably April.


Beryl Burton

Rachel alerted me to a Radio 4 programme which will delight anybody who is interested in Beryl Burton.
Click here to listen.


As Peter Moore's ride is going to Stainton and as they have made us so welcome at Stainton café, I propose that it becomes the official 11s café for this coming Sunday and points will be awarded if you go there.
Best wishes,

Monday, 16 January 2017

Club Ride Wednesday 18 January

Wednesday's ride will start from Burton in Kendal at the Tarn Lane junction at 1000.

This will be a one stop ride, with lunch either at Booths in Garstang (bring your Booths card) or the Garden Centre in Scorton. As it is a circular route, a decision will be made on the day as to whether we ride it clockwise or anticlockwise depending on the wind direction.

The total distance will be approximately 50 miles over predominantly kind terrain. The forecast is looking good so hope to see some of you on Wednesday.
Keith G

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Main Ride Sunday 15 th Jan

Subject to weather conditions the proposed route(s) are : -
 1. Dalston to Caldbeck ( For 11’s )
 Via Rosley, summit of Brocklebank, Faulds Brow & Parkside = 13 miles
( Shorter option straight down hill from Brocklebank = 10 miles )
 2. Calbeck to Stainton ( For latish lunch )
 Longest route via Calbreck, Mungrisdale, Berrier, Greystoke Gill and New Biggin = 19 miles
( Shorter option cutting out Mungrisdale & Berrier = 13 miles )
 3. Stainton to Dalston
 Newbiggin, Blencow, Hay Close, Crown Inn & Raughton = 18 miles

Total distance = 50 miles ( or 41 to 46 miles if cut off options taken )
The total ascent for the longest routes is approx 1100 m

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Tomorrow's moderate ride - illness of ride leaders

I am really sorry but neither Nigel nor I will be fit enough to lead tomorrow's ride which incorporated the coffee stop at Morland. If someone else would like to volunteer to lead it, we would be delighted, otherwise it can be self-led. If you are planning lunch at Melmerby, the village café is shut but the Old Village Bakery will be open.
It seems to be that time of year...
Enjoy your ride,

Friday, 6 January 2017

Bill's Ride 11th January

I'm happy to lead Bill's ride on Wednesday.
No changes to the advertised ride but it may be a bit slower than Bill's would have been!

Ian B

Club Ride Sunday Jan 8th

Happy New Year and first the good news:
Ride still starts from our house (contact me if you need directions) with pre-ride cake & tea / coffee as advertised. Arrive anytime from 9.45 and we'll get away at 10.30.
Or meet en route in Melmerby 10.40 / 10.45.
Route meanders 20 miles via Renwick along fellside to Talkin Tarn for lunch about 12.30. Then presumably back ...
....which brings us to the bad news (for you, not me)
As we've had an invite to afternoon tea at the Sharrow Bay to celebrate a 100th birthday, this has far more appeal than a possibly cold, wet, icy and windy bike ride consuming stale windswept butties at Talkin. So I will lead the ride till 11.30 then turn back to shower my probably smelly bits prior to pootling over to Sharrow Bay. Pete Moore will hopefully lead the ride when I bale out, though seems he fell off a chair/wardrobe or similar a couple of days back whilst practicing something which shouldn't be voiced on an open blog - and has a slight dent in his anatomy. So may need another volunteer on the day.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Bill's Ride Wednesday 11th January

I am sorry but due to family committments I am unable to lead next Wednesday's ride from Dalston. If anyone would like to lead this ride or indeed an alternative ride then please do so.

07921 297 045

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Wednesday 4th January 2017 ride

Alison has been suffering.  She is better but wobbles on her feet a bit and the prospect of lifting both feet off the ground tomorrow is too much to contemplate.
I am going to take over the Moderate paced ride.
I can say that you probably have not done the ride from Carleton  X Keys to Lazonby and thence to Plumpton Pot Place for 11s and thereafter to Up Front Gallery, Unthank, for lunch, this year, with some confidence.
So, familiar as the route may seem, almost as if you did it very recently, that was last year. We will do something fresh for the year and do this ride.
If coming to Carleton by car I think it would be appreciated if we could park away from the pub - it would leave clientele of the pub closer parking.  A benefit is a little warm up the hill to the start (by the pub).
Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Monday, 2 January 2017

Club ride on Wednesday 4th January.

The ride will start from the car park in Dalston at 10am and there will be just a lunch stop.  The route will be clockwise round Skiddaw.   From Dalston we will go to Raughtonhead, Hewer Hill, Mungrisedale, Threlkeld to Keswick.    Lunch will be at Kat's kitchen beside the Keswick bike shop.

After lunch we will go the usual way to Bassenthwaite village then via Robin Hood to Uldale, Caldbeck and then Dalston.  Total distance will be about 50 miles.   The forecast is for it to be dry and frost-free.   The pace will be a moderate 11-12mph.   I look forward to seeing one or two of you on the ride.

RUNS LIST 1st Quarter 2017

Runs leaders should have received the invite to add their rides to the list which starts in February. You should also have received an email explaining the new format. If  you haven't received these please email Mike as soon as possible.
We are always looking for new people to lead rides so if you would like to become a registered ride leader please contact Alison or Geoff.
Thank you very much to all who have already contributed to the new list. However, there are still a lot of spaces to fill and you must have got out your new 2017 diary  by now. So happy new year and make an easy new year's resolution to add some rides.