Friday, 27 March 2020

Further advice from Cycling UK

I did suggest last week that I would post a map of my intended ride into the Bewcastle Fells. However, I have just read the latest advice from CUK. It's quite long and detailed but particular relevant bits include:

"Instead, we should take the opportunity to seek out quiet and uncrowded places to cycle close to home, preferably places we can cycle to from our own doorstep."
"Our advice is to go out for long enough to keep yourself in good shape physically and emotionally, but avoid doing more than this. Use common sense when planning your route: for example, ride a loop close to home rather than a long out-and-back route, so that in case of a mechanical you should be able to walk home unaided."
"Anyone doing so should observe recommended social distancing and hygiene advice and also take even more care than normal to make sure they don’t put further pressure on the emergency services.

For the full detail follow this link for Cycling UK's latest advice.

David Wilson - Contact and Ladies Bike Wanted

David Wilson used to be active in EV with lady friend Maria and many of you will know him.  Now in his 80's there are symptoms of dementia. Presently with c-virus he cannot meet up with Maria who lives south of London or take part in activities such as Scottish dancing. So living alone and lonely in Penrith he would appreciate a phone call and chat from those that knew him, we are making contact a couple of times a week, His number is 01768 895709 but note he knows nothing about computers, email etc!

David had a couple of falls when trying cycling in the last couple of months and feels he can no longer manage a bike with a crossbar.  He would like to try or buy a stepthrough 'ladies bike' with no cross tube  of any sort. To be honest not sure long term how well he will manage cycling if at all, but has anyone got something suitable he could try, have on semi permanent loan or buy? Pointless for David to spend a lot of money on a new or recent used model from eg Arragons to just pootle about locally, so hoping someone can assist directly or via me.

Monday, 23 March 2020

To Brighten the C-Thingy Gloom ......

Germany is now advising people to stock up on sausage and cheese. 

This is known as the Wurst Kase scenario.

Socially Responsible Behaviour In These COVID Times

See below copy of email I received this email yesterday which echos what was reported on the news about groups of people (not just cyclists) spending time in parks and on beaches over the weekend. I would urge our members to follow the guidelines and avoid cycling in groups, however people should not avoid cycling altogether as it remains a great way to keep fit and active and is a good way to boost immunity.
We are really lucky to live in North Cumbria where we can cycle mile after mile along quiet roads without seeing another soul!

Friday, 20 March 2020

EV Away Week Ellesmere Shropshire

You've guessed - cancelled by popular group demand! Anyway all the cafes will be closed.

The venue is keeping our deposit towards rebooking at an unscheduled later date this year or next, which is entirely acceptable as it is our group's choice to cancel. I have refunded individuals accordingly.

When we reschedule is up for grabs when the situation settles. Could be later this year (but note Ruth & I are away all of September so couldn't coordinate for then, would need another volunteer). Or post Easter 2021 of course.

Plenty of time to discuss whilst we count our hoarded bog rolls, pasta, rice and spuds ... and get out on our bikes or walking the lovely fells.

Reasons to Ride Your Bike During Coronavirus Lockdown (that is if you need a reason).

Good article in today's Guardian by Peter Walker setting out case for cycling during current crisis


Thursday, 19 March 2020

Sunday 22nd March and looking beyond.....

In line with the advice given to us by Cycling UK and referred to by Bill in the blog below, I will not be leading the ride on Sunday. The map produced here was to be the intended route so please feel free to ride it at your leisure. It's about 38 miles and fairly hilly.

A bigger target to keep you occupied and fit might be to look at our website where there are 25 rides varying in length from 10miles  to over 80miles. Maps, route cards and gpx files are included.
These rides are centred on Penrith and stem from 2015 when we - as a club - put together day rides for the CTC Holiday Birthday Rides that were held that year at Newton Rigg College near Penrith.

Before Sunday 29th March I will blog the route I intended which goes north into the Bewcastle fells. Certainly appropriately remote!

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

CYCLING UK Coronavirus Update

Cycling UK is advising the cancellation of all group rides and activities following the latest Government guidance and is urging everyone to follow best practice to minimise risk.

Follow this LINK to Cycling UK's statement & advice.

Follow this LINK to coronavirus Q&A.

This advice does not stop us from cycling as individuals but it does effectively mean that we have to suspend the runs list for the time being.

Stay safe everyone and keep cycling as it remains a great way to keep fit and active and is a good way to boost immunity!


Wednesday ride

I will join you if you can bear my company!   I have no symptoms.

Ride out Wednesday 18th

Hi Bill
That sounds sensible. I will join you, (if no illness).
I hope that we can still manage adhoc club rides while following government advice. That is along the pattern that you suggest.
Best wishes

Virus advice for cyclists

Monday, 16 March 2020

Wednesday Ride from Dalston Cancelled.

After discussions with other club members,  in the light of the latest guidance on coronavirus to avoid non-essential social contact and avoid pubs, clubs & other social venues (and given the demographic of many of our members) I am of the opinion that for the foreseeable we can cannot continue with club rides.

That being said I, myself am still planning to go out for a bike ride on Wednesday (50 or 60 miles leaving from Dalston 09:30) and if anyone would care to join me they would be most welcome (providing you're not coughing & don't have a temperature). I will be bringing a sandwich as I will be avoiding cafes.


Saturday, 14 March 2020

Ride tomorrow - Sunday 15th March

I am thinking of riding from Melmerby Green starting at 0900, going to Morland Great Strickland Hackthorpe and Lowther Castle (from where Alison and Jane B are starting), Askham to Pooley Bridge for 11s (new time from previous 1130) about 23 miles. Anyone wanting to join me / us very welcome (the more so if you let me know in advance).
Look forward to seeing people tomorrow (I will respectfully bow, not hug).

Thursday, 12 March 2020

Cambridge research interprets sign at Calvi

I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was
rdgnieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid aoccdrnig to rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm.
Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.
Amzanig huh?

Reschedule sunday's ride 15/3 to 5/4

Hi Folks

Huge apologies but I am unable to lead my planned ride for this Sunday 15th March. So my plan is to reschedule it to Sunday 5th april as it looks like no ride is proposed for that day.

Sorry for the change but hope to see you all on 5th April at Caldbeck.


Tuesday, 10 March 2020

11 March 3 Bike Ride

Weather looks a bit grim but no ice forecast.
9.30 start. at Greystoke. First stop  at The Old Smithy, Caldbeck or if it is closed The Priests Mill Cafe.
Until tomorrow

Thursday, 5 March 2020

Rebike - Bikes for Africa

We (that is EVCUK) have made a donation of £200 from our annual grant from CUK to Rebike in Carlisle. The money will go towards fitting out the new workshop for the Carlisle Community Cycling Hub which is due to open in May. The workshop also provides storage space for another new community project "Rebike - Bikes for Africa". Follow this LINK for article in the "News & Star" showing John R presenting the cheque to Rebike's Managing Director Geoff Tunstall.

2 bike ride on Sunday 8 March

The route planned is to set off from Appleby Cloisters at 9.30 and to take the left turn at Burrells following the road towards Soulby but taking a right turn to Warcop. We will then do a slightly circuitous route via Little Musgrave and Soulby across a ford (there is a small footbridge and assistance will  be given to those with heavier bikes) and into Kirkby Stephen for coffee (15.5 miles, 666 feet of ascent). From coffee we will explore the Northern Viaduct route (off road but not a problem for a road bike) and travel via Hartley, Winton and Great Musgrave into Brough for lunch at the Brough Castle Ice Cream Parlour and Tea room (a mere 8.5 miles). After lunch it is a 11.8 mile (466 feet of ascent) journey back to the start. Let’s hope the weather is kind.

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Eden Valley Sportive

For anyone interested, there is a discussion on Cycling UK forum about Corona Virus. Included in it is some mention of our proposed sportive - here's the link:-

3 Bike Ride WEDNESDAY 4 March

We start at 9.30am from Aspatria central car park (free). That is at the junction of the A596 & B5301.
There is a chance of ice on the road.
This morning was ice free so it will be best to review the situation tomorrow. In any case I will go out to Aspatria and make a final choice on site.
Best wishes

Thursday, 27 February 2020

March 1st: Lazonby to Castle Carrock for a Big Breakfast at the Watson Institute (breakfast £8.00 donation in aid of Music on the Marr festival)

( A repeat post because I am learning to use the blog....and hoping this works. Hope to see loads of you Sunday. The weather's going to be fine trust me... only 45% of you will get wet...)

A hilly circuitous route from Lazonby to Castle Carrock. Not overly long but energetic and very beautiful.  Must leave at 9.00am aiming to get there by 10.45 latest as breakfast service only goes to 11.30. 

Meet Lazonby car park ( by the river/ the recycling).
Ride Leader: Liz Radford  . If possible leave a message here on blog or text me  if you are coming so I can let them know how many ( ish) for breakfast. I realise you might be waiting for the weather so will check Sunday morning.

Google inaccurate stats are:
Out: 17ish miles 500 ft up 725ft  down   hillyish:  Lazonby, Parkhead, Renwick, Croglin, Hazelfield to follow Cairnbeck to Carlatton Mill , north to Castle Carrock .

Back:  15 ish miles 804 ft up 1030ft down  hillyisher: CC - Moss Nook, Cumwhitton, Hornsby Gate, Holmwrangle, Armathwaite ( east side), Staffield, KO, Lazonby.

Tuesday, 25 February 2020

2 bike ride Wednesday 26th February

10 am start at Dalston New Car Park then Great Orton, Monkhill, Beaumont , Burgh by Sands , Thurston field , Kirkbampton to Watchtree at 16 miles.The cafe is being decorated tomorrow's so  they can only offer take-away from the kitchen. There could be the option of shortening the morning and having a one-stop at the King's Arms, Bowness on Solway but this could be discussed in the morning. The pub is able to provide soup, sandwiches and the like as well as tea and coffee. Anyone going 'around the island' via Anthorn and Cardurnock will do an extra 6 miles, otherwise the route is about 42 miles. There are some floods that are passable and some hedge trimmings after Monkhill.
The wind is from the West with max gusts of 29mph which will make it feel like -1degC. There is the slight chance of a shower and sleet at 4pm. Not for the fainthearted but better weather than recently.
Ian B

Friday, 21 February 2020

Sunday's 2 bike ride from UpFront Gallery at noon

Unbelievably, the rain seems to be forecast to stop on Sunday - not for long, but long enough to  make my cycle ride a possibility. I am planning to be at UpFront for coffee, leaving at 12 for a cycle over towards Bowscale Fell to Mungrisdale and back via Greystoke. I think I will make it a circle from UpFront out and back without a stop at Cocklakes as some people may have something to watch on the TV from 3... The planned route is about 20 miles but may be shortened or even cancelled as conditions can change quickly. It may  give some cyclists a reason to get out and cycle to UpFront and back even if they don't fancy the ride.

Thursday, 20 February 2020

EV Away Week Ellesmere April 24th to May 1st

Two months to go until our away week in Shropshire and one until the booking is finalised. Hopefully better weather by then ......

Presently 24 bed spaces and 20 EV’s booked, so room for a few more - contact me if interested - can be friends or relatives and not limited to cyclists, plenty to see in the area and good walking too.

Cost between £110 and £130 depending on how many of the 4 spaces get filled.

Couple of items from Committee Meeting

1) There has been a lot of discussion about the best way to increase club membership. Presently we have the web site and this blog as the main portals for advertising what we are about.
The following points come from a meeting held last month and discussed further at committee meeting earlier this week:
  • Placing notices and writing articles may be ways of increasing membership but are likely to have limited impact
  • There are many people searching for clubs, and this is done through the internet
  • Our website provides a great landing pad for those that search the internet. Could we increase the chance of them find us amongst all the other clubs? How do we make our USP heard?
  • Do we need to tag” link” the club and create more connections so that search engines and social media find us more readily?
  • The obvious (but not necessarily right) medium was Facebook. It was agreed that if we were to use this tool, it would be an open/public page that we hope will draw interested parties to our website and our blog, i.e. effectively a portal to the two separate mediums currently used (web site and blog). Club member activity would continue to be coordinated through our blog and our website.
The committee has come to the opinion that it's probably time the club has a presence on Facebook. It is intended that this would purely be an external page to advertise the club (i.e. informative rather than consultative) and is no way intended to replace the blog - rather it would point to the blog.
If there is there anyone out there who would be willing to take this on can they please get in touch with me or one of the other committee members.

2) There are a couple of changes to the make up of the committee due to the resignation of Rob for health reasons. Cecilia Fry has been co-opted onto the committee and is going to take over the treasurer's role from John R and John will take over as secretary. Special thanks are due to Rob for all the effort he has put into the club over the last couple of years and he will hopefully be back cycling with us soon.

Many thanks,

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

3 bike ride 19th Feb EARLY START

This Wednesday's ride will be as planned though the route may be moderated according to *whim! It may be wet late but looks ok until mid afternoon. I propose therefore since there is no ice around to make AN EARLY START AT 0930 then we may get back before the rain!
Hope to see some of you out - rides have been somewhat of a rarity recently!
* Route -  Salkeld Dykes, Armathwaite, Cotehill etc and possibly come back on the fell side.

Saturday, 15 February 2020

Sunday 16th 2 bike ride cancelled

We are going to have to cancel due to the high winds and rain.
Phil and Rosie

Thursday, 13 February 2020

MTB Ride Friday 14th

Although it seems there may be a burst of heavy rain around mid-day I intend to go ahead with this ride - however I would appreciate being contacted by anyone who intends to turn out! This will avoid us leaving you behind and also in extremis avoid me turning up and being the sole rider!
The route proposed is shown below but weather, inertia or mutual agreement may yet make changes.
As is it is 36km and 1130m of ascent

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Wednesday Ride Cancelled

With warnings of ice, wintry conditions & negative temperatures, I have decided to cancel Wednesday’s ride from Dalston.

Thursday, 6 February 2020

Morecambe Bay Walk

Just a reminder - the date for this is now fixed for 11th July
Further information see here and or contact Nigel Faulkner

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Cycling Across Iceland

Next Tuesday Mike Lee and Richard Ingham (Cumbria Cycling Mayor) are giving a Presentation on their cycling across Iceland.
7.00 p.m. at Harraby Community Centre. 
There is no charge on the door  but contributions to support the work of the Mayor (his function and Support Group) will be gratefully received.
Should be an interesting evening as well as supporting a 'good cause'.
If anyone would like to share transport from the Penrith area, please would they contact me.

Public Information Drop-In, Wednesday 12th February, 3-7pm. Glenridding Village Hall.

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Wednesdays Short Ride

Will be cycling to the Pot Place via Stoneybeck, Catterlen, Laithes, Skelton and Calthwaite. Returning to Penrith after coffee/early lunch . Not a long or fast ride.
I will be on Beacon Edge at 10:am if anyone wants to join me.

3bike ride Wed 5th Feb

Looks ok for tomorrow. Possibility of early ice but the first part of the ride is on road that is said to be gritted.
See you at Tebay

Saturday, 1 February 2020

Tomorrow's 2-bike ride (Sunday 2 February)

Leaving Armathwaite at 11 am, I suggest we meet on the bridge. I will be driving there and plan to park where I can. The route is an anti-clockwise one, setting off along the fellside and crossing the railway viaduct into Wetheral, turning south and stopping at the Oak Tree Animal Charity for lunch (10 miles approx). The return to Armathwaite is only 5/6 miles so it isn't a long route, but you can extend it by cycling to and from the start from wherever you wish!

Thursday, 30 January 2020

Ride Wednesday 29th Jan - change of start

The weather does not look too bad at the moment for Wednesday but I am proposing to start from Station House. There is parking for a few in the drive but lots around the area particularly down at Crodundle bridge on the Acorn Bank Rd.
Come early for a cuppa if you wish but we will leave at 10.00. Route proposed below but this can be changed if the weather poor or extended if we feel keen! (75km 935m) Lunch stop at Lune Springs Newbiggin.

puzzle of the day?: How many times since the inception of the Eden Valley group has the 29th of Feb occured on a Ride Day?
Incidentally - The New Runs List is now available on the Website here Don't forget to refresh your browser!

Monday, 27 January 2020

Brampton coffee stop

Mr Brown's at Brampton is a winner... and they don't make breakfast rolls like this in Corsica!
Great to see you Janet!

Friday, 24 January 2020

Morecambe Bay Walk in aid of Dementia UK

If you have always wanted to do the Morecambe Bay guided walk then now is your chance!
Eileen and I will be taking part in this walk which is still in the process of being organised but is likely to be on either July 18 or July 11. There are further details below and if you are interested please contact Nigel Faulkner to put your name on the list.

Nigel who is organising this in our village Culgaith, says....
The Guide over Sands Trust run this iconic safe guided walk over the sands from early May until early Sept. I am asking that those who would like to join the walk might also take a sponsorship  form  for Dementia UK.
The walk will depend on the safe route chosen on the day but could be anything from 6-10 miles  including crossing of some water channels on the way (not too deep or for more than a few minutes) and I will hopefully organise a coach from Penrith on the date chosen.
So that I can book a date could you please let me know asap if you are ok for either of these July dates.
Whilst I am still working things out my basic thoughts are £10 registration fee per person to cover costs of the official walks guides and a contribution to the charity plus (if you wish to avail yourself of a place on a coach from Penrith) the cost of coach travel and hopefully a willingness to take a sponsorship form and raise some money for our cause (this will be the main way of raising funds for our campaign).

Sunday 26 January 2 bike ride - Brampton/Lanercost loop

The temporary closure of UpFront made my proposed route a nonsense. Instead I am doing a northern county loop which is a test run for another of the Eden Rivers Trust rides. It is good to get out of your familiar lanes sometimes and I really enjoyed last week's Talkin Tarn loop, but I know the weather forecast for this Sunday isn't good so I don't blame you if you decide to stay at home...
Anyway, the plan is to start off with coffee at Mr Brown's, 17 Front Street Brampton. I don't intend to ring and alert them in case you all stay at home! We will be there for coffee by 11.30 planning to leave at 12. The route is 15/16 miles - you can't get that wet in that time, can you? Return to the café for late lunch. They do Sunday dinners but hopefully our timing will mean we leave before they get too busy and return as they are winding down.
May see some of you???

Sunday 26 January coffee stop - where should it be?

UpFront café is closed and I am going somewhere totally different for my ride. The forecast isn't great but, in case there are people wanting to cycle to coffee, can someone suggest a venue? I don't know if Granny Dowbekins has been popular this month (the feedback link hasn't been completed), Daffodils didn't have many people on 12 Jan; I'm not suggesting Brougham Hall café as that' the venue for Wednesday. Someone has suggested we try Rheged... over to you

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Eden Valley 200 Audax from Hallbankgate

If anyone fancies a cycling challenge then they're welcome to join me for a little jaunt up and down the Eden Valley on 26th April. Entries are limited by parking availability and will likely close before the closing date. Follow this LINK for more details.


2 Bike Ride Wed 22 nd Jan

Since the Upfront Gallery is closed until Jan 29 th the ride will now be a single stop, out and back to the Mill Inn Restaurant at Morland for 11's / early lunch.
   The outward route will probably be via Stainton, Pooley Bridge, Askham and Great Strickland.
We will return via Great Stickland, Clifton Dykes, Frenchfield, Beacon Edge, Catterlen, Laithes and Little Blencow.
  Subject to weather conditions the route may be modified or cancelled if the roads are icy.
I hope to see some of you at the Greystoke for the 10:00 start

Monday, 20 January 2020

UpFront gallery is closed 16 to 29th January

For revised coffee stop on Sunday, please see the blog. As I had devised Sunday's ride around UpFront being the coffee stop, I may now do something completely different - will blog again when I have decided the new route.

Saturday, 18 January 2020

Tomorrow's 2 bike ride

See below for details of Geoff's ride.
There are no changes from the plan for my ride tomorrow; I still have some Eden Rivers Trust routes to try out and I propose to try out a route around Talkin Tarn, meeting at coffee time, setting off around 12 and returning for lunch. According to their website, the café is open Saturdays and Sundays through the winter. The route is approximately 12.5 miles and has a bit of ascent (!) including a hill with one arrow so it will be great for the feedback forms (family friendly routes?) - although completing these is optional. I will be driving to the start; others can cycle there but it is due to be cold overnight so take care on the roads. John Roelich has kindly advised me that there is a parking charge of £2.25 for the day. I hope some of you can join me.

Ride from Greystoke Sunday 19th

As blogged earlier here are the details of the ride starting at Greystoke Car Park 10am:
68km and 1060m of ascent - so hilly but not too far!
We will stop at Ulldale - Maes cafe for lunch after about 43 km (about 1330 - 1400)
Do come and enjoy what should be a glorious sunny day out! It may be quite chilly!
PS Route below

click to enlarge

Thursday, 16 January 2020

1st Quarter Runs List

Good evening everyone.

I've just been looking at the runs list for the next quarter & there are still a lot of blanks that need to be filled so can Runs Leaders please have a look and help to fill the spaces.


Bikepacking across Iceland

a free presentation by Mike Lee & Richard Ingham, 
11th February, 7.00pm Harraby Community Centre 
Carlisle, CA1 3SN.

Brief update and collection in aid of the work of the Bicycle Mayor of Cumbria. Please Email  for your free ticket – please say how many you need.

And, could we ask you to forward this message and attachment to anyone else who you think may be interested.

Big Breakfast Sunday 15th March

Hello All.
Maulds Meaburn Village Institute have emailed me to say they are holding their Big Breakfast on Sunday 15th March from 10am to 1pm.

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

2-bike ride on Sunday 19 January

In the absence of an entry on the runs list, Geoff has already advertised a 3 bike ride (see below). I still have some Eden Rivers Trust routes to try out and I propose, on Sunday, to try out a route around Talkin Tarn, meeting at coffee time, setting off around 12 and returning for lunch. According to their website, the café is open Saturdays and Sundays through the winter. The route is approximately 12.5 miles and has a bit of ascent (!) including a hill with one arrow so it will be great for the feedback forms (family friendly routes?) - although completing these is optional. I hope a few of you are able to  join me.

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

2 bike ride Wed 15 January

Hi fellow cyclists

Tomorrows ride will start at 10.00am at Dalston car park and be around 35 miles with one stop only.  Plan is to cycle to Great Orton, Moorhouse, Monkhill,  Beaumont and around to Burgh by Sands, along the coast and then inland via Easton, Fingland, Aitken and lunch at the lovely Monkey Tree Cafe in Wigton - they are expecting us around 12.30.  After lunch we will head for Rosley then make our way to Welton, Roughton Head, Gaitsgill and back to Dalston.

See you tomorrow in the sunshine!!!



Ride Sunday 19th Jan

I am blogging this early as there currently are no rides for Sunday:
Since bad weather meant the ride on the 18th December was cancelled I am proposing to put this on on Sunday next. The route is the traditional one around Skiddaw - but going via Keswick first.
Further details nearer the time.

Monday, 13 January 2020

Come along to Daffodils, Penrith next Monday and present ideas for promoting the club to increase membership

It is felt among Club members that we would like to increase Club membership. The matter was discussed at the last Committee Meeting and it was agreed that we should focus attention in 2020 on proactive engagement with our community. Tentative thoughts have included advertising, regularly publishing of articles and the use of social media, such as Facebook.

To start the process of promoting Club membership we are convening a "promotions" meeting at Daffodils Cafe, Penrith, Monday 13 January 2020, 10 am.  Please come along.  For those who are unable to attend please make contact via this blog or with any committee member to share your thoughts and volunteer your ideas, knowledge, skills and help.

See you at Daffodils Cafe next Monday.  And thank you. Rob

Thursday, 9 January 2020

2 Bike Ride Sunday 12th January

The ride will be starting on Beacon Edge as stated.
We will be going to Wetheral Animal Centre for an early lunch, going out through Lazonby, Armathwaite to Wetheral and coming back through Cumwhitton, Holmwrangle, Armathwaite and Lazonby.
Total distance about 37 miles.
If the weather is bad the ride could be cancelled.
Anyway, lets hope for the best.
Bill H

Monday, 6 January 2020

Friday's MTB ride, 10 January 2020

My profuse apologies for not being able to lead this Friday's MTB ride:  family illness was not on the horizon when the rides list was compiled three months ago.

All the best, Rob

Coffee Stop Ride on Wednesday 8th January

As Mrs Millers is now closed it has been suggested that the Pot Place at Plumpton would be a good alternative for this week. Depending on your arrival time & how long you stay we may were may be an overlap with the 3 bike ride lunch stop (it will be good to see you).

See note below from previous blog by Mike.

Please use the schoolroom - even if you arrive first and don't know how many more will be coming. On our last visit there were 20 of us at different times in the main café and it is impinges too much on staff and other customers. Pot Place is a popular stop and we don't want to wear out our welcome.

3 Bike Ride Wednesday 8th Jan

Ride is as advertised leaving Dalston at 10:00 and heading up to Caldbeck for coffee at Priests Mill (Old Smithy is closed for January). Lunch is at Pot Place in Plumpton - total distance about 45 miles. The weather forecast looks to be OK although it maybe a bit windy - we'll make a decission about the route between Caldbeck & Plumpton on the day & may choose to take a shorter & more sheltered way.

Hoping to see some of you on Wednesday.

Saturday, 4 January 2020

2 Bike Ride Sunday 5 th Jan - Final Blog on 11 's

Ian L has advised me that all three of the Wigton Cafes I specified will be closed tomorrow.
   Therefore if anyone wants a bite on the way to lunch bring a snack to eat en route.
The distance to Bowness is about 19.5 miles and with the Anthorn added on the distance would be about 26 miles.

2 Bike Ride Sunday 5 th Jan - Lunch and 1''s update

I have confirmed that the Kings Arms will be open at lunch time and advised them to expect a small group of cyclists. Since they will have limited staff on duty, they can only offer simple sandwiches and soup.
  I've tried contacting the Monkey Tree cafe several times without success ( maybe they don't open till next week ? ).  We could take pot luck to see if they are open on the day and if not try the Granary or the Glass House cafe's ( I pass all three premises on my route ). If no joy, we could ride on directly to lunch or if riders brought a snack pause somewhere for BYO 11's.
   I hope to see some of you at Dalston.

Friday, 3 January 2020

Team Townend Challenge

Happy New Year from TTC,

Are you feeling overindulged after Christmas? How about entering Team Townend Challenge 2020... You'll feel fitter straight away!

Entering will also help us continue to support road peace in memory of Christian and Niggy and help us reach our £100,000 fundraising target. If we can acheive it Road Peace will use the funds to set up a dedicated support service in Cumbria as unfortunately approximately 30 people are killed and 350 seriously injured on the roads in Cumbria each year.
TTC will be a great day out with the same fantastic tea and cakes at the finish plus some new family events at the village hall.

Find out more and enter through

Keep your evening free for the TTC evening do at the Kirkgate Arts Centre in Cockermouth.

And finally, if you have a friend, colleague or aquaintance who might be interested why not forward this email, ask them to follow us on Facebook or sign up via our website

See you in May

Thursday, 2 January 2020

Away Week Update - April 24th to May 1st

Hello folks, hope you had a super New Year (ours was amazing with 35 others at the Fell and Rock cottage in Langdale) and best wishes for a great 2020!

The balance for our away week April 24th to May 1stat Woodland Park Lodges Ellesmere is due by the first week in March. Nearer the time I will let you know exactly, but around £70 making the total week about £120 – depending on what happens as a result of this blog!

So far I have paid deposits on 4 lodges (1x 8 bed, 2 x 6 bed, 1 x 4 bed) which would hold 24 people. 20 people have committed and paid deposits, but it would be nice to get up to 4 more so we don’t have to cancel the 4 bed, lose its deposit and increase everyone’s payment to cover that loss. If we get over 4 more, there are still other lodges available to book.

Several have expressed interest, but I would be well chuffed to receive commitment by way of £50 deposit per person now that we are inexorably approaching finalising numbers prior to paying the balance.

A reminder that as per previous years, there is no EV ‘slush fund’ as such, so deposits and balances must be considered non-refundable should anyone need to drop out, although  anything left in the away week finance ‘pot’ will of course be divided up as partial repayment. Alternatively what can work for anyone dropping out last minute, is to sell their space directly to someone else at a mutually acceptable price.

Finally although 16 months away, ideas for 2021 welcomed – and if anyone would like to take on the mantle of organising location, accommodation and  sorting groupings, I will happily still manage the financial side!

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

2 Bike Ride Sunday 5 th Jan

Subject to weather conditions, I hope to lead the ride as follows : -

Start - Dalston 10:00 to Wigton for 11's Via Carwath - stage Distance about 9.5 miles

11's - Monkey Tree Cafe Wigton ( NOT Port Carlisle as published ) then on to Bowness on Solway via Moorhouses, Aikton, and Finland - stage distance about 12 miles

Lunch - Kings Head Inn Bowness ( or BYO )

Return to Dalston - via Port Carlisle, Drumbrough, Bousted Hill, Thurstonfield, Gt Orton 
    - stage distance about 14.5 miles

The total distance is about 36 miles ( 58 km ) with approx 1450 ft ( 440 m ) of ascent

If time permits, some riders may like to go round the Anthorn peninsular to Bowness this would add about 6.5 miles to the journey.

I will check that the Monkey Tree & Kings Arms will be open and advise them to expect some riders.

I will place an update to confirm the 11's and Lunch venues are OK.