Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Wednesday 11 th October - 3 Bike Ride

Since I’m waiting for hernia surgery and the condition is worsening I feel it is unwise for me to lead the published ride.

Would anyone who wishes to do the ride please self lead. It would be good if anyone who knows the route attends so that they could escort others round the circuit.

To assist self leading I have attached marked up map extracts showing the route plus the proposed 11’s and Lunch locations. 

Since weekday parking in Annan High Street is time limited a map is attached showing a small free off car park. All day parking is possible in certain side streets and further east on the High Street nearer to the “ Tesco “ end of town.

I hope that some riders will do the ride and enjoy the outing in spite of pessimistic weather forecasts.


  1. I will be doing the ride and will happily take riders on what may be a variant of the route.

  2. Thanks Ludo. I forgot to to state the ride as shown is about 62 miles ( 100 km ) with about 2581 ft ( 787 m ) of ascent. The Ascent figure is probbably overcooked.