Saturday, 29 April 2017

Club run = Sunday 30th April

There is likely to be a slight variation of tomorrows route.    Leaving Greystoke at 9.30am, the route will go through Motherby and eventually Watermillock before continuing to Glenridding for 11's at the cafe up the lane on the right overlooking the river.   Lunch will be at Bilbo's cafe in Anbleside.   The afternoon route will be St John's in the Vale, Mungrisedale and probably Berrier to Greystoke.   The distance will be about 60 miles.   The day should be dry but breezy.

I look forward to seeing some of you at the start.

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  1. If anyone reads this could you put it as a blog please. It looks like the peaks could be where the EVctc hols are going to be in 2017.
    Just wondered how member would feel if the holiday was move to May.
    Say 12- 19 of May for next year.