Monday, 21 December 2015

Pooley to Dalemain road River Eamont crossings by footpath bridges

The attached map shows two footpath / river bridge crossing of the Eamont that could be used while Pooley Brige is rebuilt. Our intrepid explorer Rachel took the 1 st crossing on Fri 18 th Dec ( see photo of her trusty steed at the footbridge crossing). Ian B & CJ followed her knobbly tyre tracks on Sun 20 th Dec. Ian & CJ also surveyed the acces point for the route via Sockbridge Mill and are not sure whether Rachel also made this crossing last week ?. It is hoped that the Pooley Bridge crossing is reinstated as soon possible even with a "temporary" bailey bridge or similar structure. What remains of Pooley bridge is shown in last picture.

                                                                           Foothpath Routes
                                                                 At Dalemain road crossing
                                                                Remains of pooley Bridge

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