Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Club Ride Sunday 3rd

The first official EV outing of 2016, so will Storm Gerbil (or something starting with a G) await us? Assuming not .... struggling to find cafes or garden centres open in Brampton, so here's Plan B.

Meet at our house in Ousby from 9.30 as advertised for pre start tea & coffee, then on the road 10 to 10.15. Aim for approx 30 miles before lunch, so BYO elevenses unless a better ad hoc opportunity materialises en route.

Melmerby, Gamblesby,  Kirkoswald, Lazonby,  over Baronwood to Armathwaite, west of river to Wetheral, over Eden on tooth rattling railway bridge, Hayton then Brampton. If nowt open there, further 3 miles to Talkin Tarn Cafe for lunch 1 to 1.30 - the lady I just spoke to said it is open!

For those joining en route,  no devious loops, so intercept on the long straights. Or Armathwaite 11.15 to 11.30, Wetheral 12 to 12.30 all being well.

After lunch, straight down the Fellside via Castle Carrock, Croglin, Renwick and for those doing the full monty, back to ours for tea, cakes and idle chatter.

Meantime enjoy your New Year celebrations - we'll be living it up in Langdale!

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