Friday, 11 December 2015

Rides from Dalston on Sunday 13th December

Cups & Saucers is unfortunately closed for the winter until February, so we are re-arranging the rides as follows: With Mike: Leave Dalston at 10 and ride out to the Solway at Brough-by-Sands and Beaumont. No elevenses planned. Return for lunch at Dalston, followed by a loop to the south of Dalston in the afternoon. About 45 miles in all. With Claire: Start at 10 and ride out to the 'alternative' meet at the Coral Cafe (eta 11.15). Return to Dalston for a later lunch. About 30 odd miles. Lunch Arrangements: We will provide tea/coffee/hot chocolate and a hot pudding (something with custard). If you want a sandwich - bring your own.