Saturday, 27 October 2018

Tomorrow's ride (28 October)

Until November, rides still start at 9.30, but tomorrow you get an extra hour in bed! So I hope a few will join me at Greystoke car park for a 9.30 departure. We will be going south across the A66 to the shores of Ullswater, following the road through Pooley Bridge to Eamont Bridge and hoping to meet up with the café people at Brougham Hall. From there, I plan a route through Penrith towards Plumpton and lunch at UpFront gallery. Each of those legs will be 12/13 miles although longer loops are available. I was planning an 8 mile route return to Greystoke - about 33 miles in all.
I don't plan to be out late, but it is still recommended at this time of year - after the clocks go back - that you start to carry lights as routine.

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