Monday, 29 October 2018

New Runs List and Riding in a Group

Thanks to our leaders the new list is now available on our website.

Following points made at the AGM it is a good time to remind members of the policy below. It is for our safety and it would help our leaders if you could abide by this sensible advice:

When the group is large, special thought should be given to splitting into several units to allow traffic to overtake. When the road is wide enough and the traffic is not too heavy ride in pairs (up to 4). It's safer, more sociable and it saves energy! (see blog Aug2 2017)
But if we are in a big group riding in single file because of the conditions then please leave at least a car sized break every 4 so that following vehicles can get past safely. It should be the responsibility of the fifth rider to draw back from the group to leave the space and others behind should not take this as a cue to overtake him/her and catch up with the group ahead.

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