Saturday, 22 July 2017

Tomorrow's moderate ride

This is the third of John Wilson's series following the River Eden Source to Sea. Meeting at Lazonby where the bridge crosses the river (there is a car park) we follow the roads along the west shores of the river, north to the sea at Rockcliffe and back down the east side. The weather may not be conducive to picnics, so although we will still have a picnic lunch (by the seaside) we are planning a late coffee and possibly an early tea at Sally's at Warwick Bridge. If people are daunted at the prospect of 53 miles or at the hills in the second part of the ride, you can either turn round at Warwick Bridge or go into Carlisle after lunch and catch the train back to Lazonby. Unfortunately the trains are not particularly timely; the 1259 departure is too early, the 1502 doesn't stop until Appleby and the 1700 means you will have time to while away in Carlisle, although Dallas offers hospitality for anyone favouring this option.
If there are any changes after we reccy the route today, we will blog later on.
Hope to see some of you tomorrow,

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