Saturday, 22 July 2017

moderate ride Sunday 23rd July

Post for Alison,as it is Nigel writing for her, but being by Nigel it is as faithful a recording of the directions given by Alison as he can manage, hopefully so successfully so that it can be said to be a post by Alison too.
Distances between likely breaks, 15 miles (to Sally's tearooms for 11s) 11 miles to Rockliffe (where the pub is open so that if the weather turns inclement soup and or sandwich might be obtained.  We had a coffee there today and were welcomed). 11 miles back to Sally's for tea / late lunch depending how timing etc is working out. 15 miles back to Lazonby.
The hardest climbs are in the last section, not just because you will have ridden a fair few miles before  you get there.  Alison asks that you do not blame us for this as we did not put the hills there.
Look forward to seeing people there.

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