Thursday, 22 October 2020

Highway Code Consultation / AGM on Saturday

The Government is consulting on proposals for changing the Highway Code particularly in relation to Walkers, Cyclists and Horse riders. There is a government Website which has the questionnaire on it, with the terms proposed to be changed set out above each question. The proposals are very positive for cyclists. I think it is important that as many as possible support them, there may well be resistance from some motorists.
There is one area in which I think the Code if changed as proposed continues to falls short, this is Pedestrians’ Responsibilities: the issue of dog ownership / management in public spaces. 
I have made a submission extracts of which appear below:
' .... applaud the general provisions for change......... 
... The  reference to dogs in the present Code (56.3) is under the title ‘Other ‘Animals’ which does not draw pedestrians’ attention to their responsibilities....... 
.. In the new Pedestrian Rule (H2) there is no direction to dog owners to responsibly control their dogs in shared spaces.......
Long / extendable leads and letting dogs off leads in shared spaces create ..... hazards for others.
Please may mandatory provision be made for pedestrians to keep animals under control and prevent risk to other users of shared spaces (citing rationale) under the Pedestrian Heading.
If anyone would like the full text of my submission I can forward it on request by email, please

Come along (virtually - Zoom) to the Extraordinary General Meeting on Saturday
Nigel Longworth (Campaigns Officer)

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