Saturday, 24 February 2018

John R’s Ride Sunday 25th Feb

For those club members coming from Carlisle area there is a road closure from Blencowe to Greystoke. When I was reccing on Friday I went along as far as the closure signs, the hedges have also been cut and there is a lot of debris on the road, so I will amend my route from Greystoke to go via Johnny to Lamonby.

Roads on the route are dry with one or two ice smears which are relatively easily seen. Forecast for tomorrow winds are from the SE and a little stronger than today. Most of the route is relatively sheltered and we will stop twice (Mill Inn Mungrisedale and Granny Dowbekins Pooley Bridge) to warm up,

The route is just over 40 miles and is best described as undulating, with no major climbs. I look forward to seeing you at Greystoke. John Roelich

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