Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Free ride leaders course - relevant with or without experience.

I don't know if everyone got this link but I can't go and I would encourage Anyone/ everyone to attend if you can make the date. Click the link below for more info.


If you do go please let us all know what you discover!! We're never too old/experienced to learn!


  1. The nearest seems to be Lancaster on Sunday 28 August, the same date as the Huddersfield course. The Liverpool course was yesterday. I would have liked to go to Lancaster, but we are at a wedding next weekend.

  2. I registered to attend but realised I will not have the use of my car that day. Train times don;t fit and I cannot go down on the Saturday so I have cancelled.

  3. I am going to Lancaster course on Sunday & can give a lift if anyone wants.

    Bill Openshaw

  4. Hello Bill,
    I am a newbe to the club, but have booked on the course at Lancaster on Sunday. so I can offer you a lift from Penrith if you wish leaving at 8, as I have to drop my wife Rosie off at Lancaster station as she is doing the Bay cycle way with a friend.
    Are you the Bill from Penrith who we rode with on Wednesday on Alison's ride.
    Phil Blanshard 01768868642