Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Club rides Wednesday 26th March

As usual there will be parking for a few cars on our drive as well as across from Burneside Church - the official ride start. 
There will be opportunity to switch between rides at the breaks, particularly for the second leg where Keith's ride will take in Red Bank, Blea Tarn and Hawkshead Hill prior to lunch.  Cathy's ride will include Red Bank (steep but short!) but will then take a more civilised route to Hawkshead.  You don't need to decide until the day but whichever route you choose, it should be a good day.  The forecast is very good and the scenery is stunning.  Cathy's ride will return via Windermere Ferry.
Tea and cake at our house after the ride.  Hope to see you tomorrow,
Cathy and Keith

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