Thursday, 17 May 2018

Post Easter Trip 2019

The story so far ....

In case you ain't heard, I sort of got volunteered to take over Dallas's role organising the trip - lucky me!

At Hopton, we took a poll of areas of interest for next year. Fife 8 votes, Northumberland, N. Wales (Denbighshire) and Shropshire 5, Pickering or Shilbottle again 3. Plus quite a range of single votes - including South Africa, Croatia and Mallorca!!!!

So Rachel's been busy looking for suitable accommodation in Fife, N. Wales & Shropshire. In parallel the Trubys are encouraging us to sample Norfolk, 'cos it really has got hills in the coastal areas!

Here's the gist of where we're at:

Fife does not seem to have a good network of minor roads or many hills, though a fair chunk of cycle paths. We discounted accom at Brideg of Earn (east) as very limited road options to get away from there. Other option is near the east coast / St Andrews but that limits ride directions - sea! Have emailed Fife Cycle UK branch - but no response yet. Few of us not convinced it's a sufficiently versatile cycling area.

N. Wales / Denbighshire struggling to find accommodation that's not verging on Snowdonia so 200 miles away.

Shropshire is quite large north to south. It's an area we haven't been as a group. Church Stretton area an option but again a long drive. Rachel has unearthed Hoseasons lodges accom near Ellesmere which she's keen on and looks good base and road network.  Here is their response to my initial enquiry plus the website for you to have a look at (sadly no big lodges) - but cost seems high at £150 ish  although I haven't yet retaliated asking for quantity discount - but will if we pursue!

Our breaks commence on either Monday or Friday and we have 11 lodges in total, 9 with hot tubs, which vary in size from 4 berth to 8 berth and total capacity is 58 guests.  If you were to book all 11 lodges the cost would be £8349 which works out at £144 per person at full capacity.  For further information please use the following link

Norfolk  Should we consider Truby-land one year, though a 250 mile drive. Maybe discuss it during the year with a view to viability for 2020?

Northumberland again? Pam's recommended this place

Any thoughts or votes gratefully (probably) received! Dunno whether works to blog reply, but in any case please email me even if you do blog too  -

At the end of the day a consortium of me, Rachel, Alison and thankfully input from Dallas (years of experience at sorting out you mob) will decide.

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