Thursday, 8 March 2018

Hartside Fire & Sustrans Milepost

Cycled (actually a 7 mph unfit crawl) up Hartside this morning.  Brilliant as closed to things with engines, so road deserted - like my very own Tour de Britain - apart from snow plow and cannon coming the other way to finally clear the drifts. Reason for the ride was to see if Sustrans milepost fire damaged or sideswiped by a fire appliance. Good news is that's it's fine, but the Hartside cafe charred remains left me feeling saddened, quite emotive as absolutely nobody around for the 20 minutes I lingered there. On the chilly descent back, gleefully cutting off blind corners, passed  another couple of cyclists going up and the snow plow nearly through to Melmerby. Road will be open by now, so really fortuitous going today - don't think will get Hartside to myself again in a lifetime!

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    see this link for newspaper report. Glad the Sustrans post was unscathed.