Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Ammo .303 Cycle Cleaner (Suitable for All Frame Types) 12th December 2017

If anyone is interested I have been using Ammo .303 Nitro Cleaner on my bikes now for several months, in my opinion it is better than any market rivals. It is easily applied by a spray nozzle, leave it on the surface for a couple of minutes and just rinse off and dry the bike. The paintwork is left clean and shiny.  It is also a Bio Degradable product.  I does not seem to have no adverse effects on the chain, cassette etc.

The product is available in 1 litre or 5 litre packs.

This is an extract of what the supplier states:.............

Nitro Power Cleaner 1LT or 5LT

Nitro Cleaner uses Sure-Clean technology to easily remove dirt and grime from pushbikes, cars, motorcycles, caravans etc.

Complex chemical formulation gives highly effective cleaning but also safe to use on all surfaces!

Ammo .303 available in 1-lt trigger bottles and economical 5-lt re-loads. Next generation cleaning technology. You will be amazed at the difference of this cleaner when compared to others on the market. No streaking or dulling and will leave a shine on your pride and joy.

If anyone would like some I can get it at a good saving if I buy in bulk. Please phone me if you would like any. Would make an ideal Xmas present.
1 Litre  =  £6.95 (rrp £7.99)
5 Litre  = £19.99 (rrp £24.99)

John Forrester
Mob: 07768-037-299


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  2. Tweekcycles.com selling Muc-off 5l 2 for the price of one excellent also and biodegradable! equiv £13 for 5l
    the link is - https://www.tweekscycles.com/Product.do?method=view&n=3336&p=298559&d=124&c=4&l=2&utm_source=Google&utm_medium=Base&utm_campaign=Lubricants%20&%20Cleaning&gclid=CjwKCAiAmb7RBRATEiwA7kS8VMnOpQjVbCj7Abrbkyky1sLYfL1ejNYdwgbgqrrA3JdE8IYNIoTAGhoCZWkQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds