Monday, 7 August 2017

Congratulations! LEL riders

Well done the London Edinburgh London riders!

Sarah K, Martin Y and Adam (Martin's son) all finished the LEL Audax with time to spare!
Apparently the weather was not exactly favorable and about 40% of the riders were over time or had to pull out. Martin commented..
" in recovery mode; need tingling bits to stop tingling, swollen  bits to recede and some skin to grow!"
Dianne commented that she had less sleep than any of the riders as one of the volunteer helpers at the Alston control.
On the club Wednesday ride up near Langholm we met lots of LEL riders on the return leg and one still on the way N! They looked in various states of health / fitness one was flat out at the side of the road asleep!

Here are some pics from the trip - thanks Martin and Adam

Congratulations all a tremendous achievement!

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