Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Audax Style rides on Sunday 2nd July

The details are:
There will be two courses 50km and 100km both setting out from Melmerby Village Hall
(NY 612374).
The 100km route will set out at 10 00 and the 50km route at 12 00  so that they should both arrive home at about the same time. (1500-1530ish)
There will be tea/coffee and back-pocket traybake on departure and the same on return at a proposed cost of £5.
As last time you can do the course(s) either individually or in groups - it's up to you, and the idea is to follow the course and pick up the information.
The course route cards are available to pre-read at the links below although I will have a few extras on the day (Better to have a look at the route beforehand!)

100km course here
50km course here

Hope to see lots of you on Sunday

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