Thursday, 1 June 2017

Audax/Challenge ride next Sunday 4th June

For a bit of background see this post

The route from Langwathby Green, starting at 0930 is available here for you to look at beforehand You have the choice of doing it individually, or as a group. So if you are unfamiliar with the idea you can have a go for fun, or if you prefer challenge yourself as an individual. Though standard Audax routes start at 100km ('populaire') and 200km they can go up to 600km or more! (over several days).
On Sunday the distance is 94km almost 60mi (link to route again) - not too tough!

The weather looks to be OK so come and have some fun!
Hope to see you there - further details of information controls at the start


If there is interest on 2nd July starting from Melmerby VH, we propose to run two introductory self-led courses of approx 30mi (50km) and 60mi (100km) These will start at different times so that they finish with refreshments at the Village Hall in Melmerby. Hopefully this will provide a challenge and get a large group of us together after the ride(s) Look out for this on the blog and the runs list.

This is not an official event but a replacement for a group ride, however as in group rides we can accept up to three visitors(non cycling uk) or others who can show they have their own insurance.

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