Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Wednesday 4th January 2017 ride

Alison has been suffering.  She is better but wobbles on her feet a bit and the prospect of lifting both feet off the ground tomorrow is too much to contemplate.
I am going to take over the Moderate paced ride.
I can say that you probably have not done the ride from Carleton  X Keys to Lazonby and thence to Plumpton Pot Place for 11s and thereafter to Up Front Gallery, Unthank, for lunch, this year, with some confidence.
So, familiar as the route may seem, almost as if you did it very recently, that was last year. We will do something fresh for the year and do this ride.
If coming to Carleton by car I think it would be appreciated if we could park away from the pub - it would leave clientele of the pub closer parking.  A benefit is a little warm up the hill to the start (by the pub).
Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

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