Monday, 23 January 2017

Help - Campag Ergo Levers

Few years ago some of you may remember I wrote an EV  newsletter article about rebuilding old Ergo levers - think Geoff has done some since. Well, my rear one failed on Pete's recent ride, wear and tear fault on the finger shifter (pivot on the block within the shifter assembly worn so 'knife' edge won't engage the ratchet) and am struggling to source a spare part - waiting replies from Velotech and Mercian.

Techy bits:  they are 9 speed Centaur 'new style' 2001 to 2008 rounded top with aluminium brake and finger shifter levers, CENTAUR and 9 SPEED on them.

Does anyone possess in depth knowledge of Ergos, have for sale surplus 9 speed versions lurking in the bike shed, know of a source of spare parts or can recommend a later version which will be compatible with  Campag 9 speed cassette? Changing the whole caboodle to Shimano would be ideal, but cost far more than the bike's worth!

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  1. Less, I have had two Campag levers fail. The first was a Campag Record 8 speed and I sent this to Mercian for repair. The second was a Campag Centaur like yours. I replaced these with 9 speed Exnon which I bought from Ribble and they have been fine.
    I still have my old Centaur levers if they are any good for your repair give me a ring.There is a third alternative. Having two Campag levers fail is quite serious and so this formed the basis for the case for buying a carbon bike with a full Simano groupset.