Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Hedge Cuttings

Jeff Smith has obtained the Cumbria CC leaflet"Farming & the Public Highway".( after 3 punctures on one ride!)
The section on Hedge Cutting makes interesting reading.

"Hedge Cutting should be carried out ensuring that the cuttings do not fall onto the footway or highway. Any which do fall on the highway must be removed immediately as they can cause great difficulty and potential danger for all road users, particularly cyclists and animals. There is a legal obligation in the 1980 Highways Act under Section 149 to this effect.

The Government is spending millions through the environment and health departments in persuading people to cycle and walk. Large sums are being spent on improving the walking and cycling net work (including those in Cumbria). Families and cyclists of all abilities who use these lanes and cycleways inevitably suffer punctures when cuttings are left on the surface. Repairs are often carried out in winter weather and/or in the dark, taking considerably longer and thus discouraging the use of cycles."

The leaflets also says that warning triangles should be be placed on the road indicating the work being carried out.

This seems pretty clear. No clearing them up when you finish or the next day but immediately.
We need to report any left on the road. The Highways Hotline number is: 0300 303 2992
They will ask what District you are in, Allerdale, Eden etc so try and work it out before you ring.

So don't just grumble, Take action!


Thanks Jeff.

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