Thursday, 27 October 2016

Sunday 30 th October - Main Ride

Since Ludo is unable to lead his published ride so I will lead on his behalf.
The route will be as per the GPS map that he supplied to me : -

Start # 09:30 Calthwaite ( near Globe Inn )

11’s – Langwathby ( Railway Station cafĂ© ) – leg distance 15 miles

Lunch – Morland ( Mill Restaurant ) – leg distance 15 miles

Return – To Calthwaite – 25 miles

# - Remember to set your clocks back 1 hour to change from BST to GMT at 02:00 on Sun 30 th Oct so as not to arrive too late at the start of the ride.

Since it will be getting dark earlier after changing to GMT it is advisable to come equipped with lights.
Depending on the time we are able leave lunch, it may be necessary to shorten the return leg to reduce the riding time in the dark.

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  1. Just to point out (being a self confessed pedant)that if you did not put your clocks back you would arrive too early! and have a cold wait, not too late as CJ suggests. Sorry CJ!