Thursday, 21 July 2016

Club Clothing stock and the Impsport clubshop

I have various items of clothing in stock for sale at very reasonable prices(see below) and you can now order direct from Impsport through the club shop using the password CTCEV920. From there you can see the range of clothing and the prices in the various bands. Clearly it is better to get together in groups if you want to order as there is a reduction for 10+ items. If it would help I will gladly coordinate such an order when there is enough interest so drop me a line if that is your wish.

The items that we have in are:
Ladies SS jersey short zip size 14                 price £42
Ladies LS jersey short zip size 12                 price £50
Mens SS jersey short zip size L  (3 off)        price £42
Mens SS jersey long zip size L                     price £42

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