Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Main Ride 2 nd March - Round Skiddaw

Depending on weather conditions the proposed route of 44 miles starting at 09:30 is as follows : -

1. Start to 11's
 Greystoke to Caldbeck via Johnby, Thanet Well, Millhouse and Hesket Newmarket = 11 miles

2. 11's to Lunch
 Caldbeck to Keswick via Uldale Common and Bassenthwaite village = 16 miles

3. Lunch to Finish
 Keswick to Greystoke via Brunholme Woods, Threlkeld, Scales, gated road to Mungrisdale, Berrier and Whitbarrow = 17 miles

If the roads are icy or it is raining heavily cutting out Brunholme Woods and going via Burns to Threlkeld the distances are similar at 3.8 miles, but the Burns route is less hilly and at a lower level. Cutting out the gated road to Mungrisdale followed by Berrier and going via Scales to Witbarrow would cut out about 2.5 miles and the gate openings & closures.

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