Thursday, 25 February 2016

A polite reminder!

From time to time there comes an incident that signals ‘Are we doing enough to keep each other safe on rides?’ Several incidents happened recently and I would just like to remind riders, particularly those that are not used to riding in groups that the we need to take special care when we are out riding with others. Whilst we all inevitably have accidents, being prepared for some situations can reduce the number ending in damage (to bike or person!)

Firstly I would draw your attention to our own document called (rather formally) Code of Conduct which can be found on the website here
( of Conduct.pdf)
This is sent to all our new members(I hope they read it) and also summarises and clarifies what is included in the CTC leaflet Guide to cycling with a Group. (Also on our web pages in ‘Documents’)

Riding in a group is very sociable, and on most roads where there is room for two cars to pass in opposite directions riding in pairs is quite allowable and in fact makes it safer for cars to pass quickly as the group is bunched up occupying a shorter section of the road. You may initially feel more insecure but when the road is wide enough it is often the safest way to ride. Do be aware however that other road users have rights and just as we could be distracted and initiate an accident by talking whilst driving a car the same could happen whilst cycling.

The general rule then is be aware of other road users be they on foot, cycle or other vehicle, and signal your intention to alter your direction or speed.

If any ride leader would like to attend a CTC ride-leader training workshop the club would be happy to fund your attendance in return for cascading the information to other leaders.


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