Saturday, 19 December 2015

ALT Ride Sunday 20 th Dec

I phoned Granny Dowbekins Tea Rooms to day to confirm that they are fully open for business and intend to ride there tomorrow for late 11’s / early Lunch as per the ALT list.
    Although the A6 road bridge at Eamont Bridge may still be closed ( pending the results of safety checks ), cyclists & pedestrians should be able to use the adjacent metal footbridge.
Since Pooley is cut off from Ullswater one would have to retrace the outward route via Tirrel & Yanwath.
    On my way out, I will survey the situation at Frenchfield and the condition of the River Eamont Bridge downstream of Brougham Castle – this may still be closed. If passable I would proceed to Eamont Bridge via Brougham Hall. Another option would be to walk on the grass verge of the A66 on the Brougham Castle side of the carriageway with care from Frenchfield underpass to cross the River Eamont and then turn right on the lane to Brougham Castle and Hall.
     Depending upon how long it takes to establish a bridge at Pooley ( maybe a footbridge downstream of the destroyed road bridge ? ); when the low lying water meadows have dried out the River Eamont could possibly be crossed on a footbridge near Barton that crosses to the Dalemain road between Dalemain and a turn off to Dacre  [ Bridge at 90 / NY 477 260 – approached via footpaths off the B5320 at 90 / NY486 255 or 90 / NY 486264 at Barton ].

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  1. The Barton bridge is open need good foot wear as fields very muddy.
    You can cycle Eamont Bridge