Friday, 27 November 2015

Cycling from Carlisle to Paris for a fair deal on Climate Change

I include a link to the complete email but here is the local extract from Helen Davison

I am going to be joining a group of five cyclists from Edinburgh at the border and will cycle with them to Paris from Sun 29th Nov to Thurs Dec 10th. We are all joining a group of about 100 cyclists from London. Cycling to Paris in December is a huge challenge for me and I am getting increasingly anxious about the weather forecast and strength of wind. But I feel cycling at this time of year is the strongest way that I can get the message to world leaders that I am taking climate change seriously, and I want them to too. Cycling might not be the easiest choice but it is the most practical low carbon method I can take to get to Paris. Choices leaders need to make on climate change may also not be the easiest for them politically but they can be done .. we have the skills, resources and technology to move to a zero carbon future. And ultimately measures taken would lead to a better, safer more secure world and benefit our health and wellbeing.

Join us for a bit of the ride or just come and wave me off!
We would very much welcome people joining us for some of the ride as we come through your area.
This Sunday 29th November the cyclists are coming from Moffat. We are encouraging people to meet the group at Carlisle Castle at 1.30pm with the aim that we will set off at absolutely no later than 1.45pm for Penrith. You could just cycle with us out of Carlisle, or join us for more of the ride to Penrith. Do also bring (water proof) banners about action on climate change for the photo opp. Border TV are coming along so the more people there the better. Its an opportunity for Carlisle to show the Paris conference it cares about climate change.

On Monday 30th November we are travelling from Penrith to Lancaster via Shap and a reception in Kendal with the mayor. If you want to join us for some of this bit please contact me on 07939 196 441.

The rest of our route can be found at if you would like to join us for any other sections.

Dallas(I've said I'd go to Penrith but the idea of 50mph gusts are a bit daunting!)

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