Thursday, 29 October 2015

Any unwanted older bikes out there?

There is a women's refuge in Kendal and I have had an enquiry, from someone there, seeking bikes for use by the residents.  They are very much hoping for gifts but may be able to raise a small amount to buy.  The enquiry is quoted below:

'The bikes would be used on the roads, to go into town, leisure centre, college etc.  Some women seem reluctant to use public transport – sometimes it’s the cost, but sometimes they don’t like being in an enclosed space with strangers. 

Or just a ride into the countryside – quite a few of the women come from cities and are amazed how quickly you can get into the open.  There is some risk of the bikes getting lost/stolen/sold.........  We’re not talking serious cyclists, just to have some in the shed for anyone to use.  At the moment, there are three women who like to cycle.'

If anyone has a bike that they don't want/need that might be vaguely suitable please contact Mary on 01539 733275 or email       

We might be able to sort transport out if that was an issue.

Thank you,

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