Saturday, 7 February 2015

Ride Sunday 8 Feb

Having been round the lanes (Saturday morning) some re-routing may be necessary which means the ride might be more like 50ish but no fog and temperatures above freezing (just) are predicted. We will aim to get to the Mill Inn at Mungrisedale for lunch(for those who may be thinking of meeting there) but this cannot be guaranteed!
The hill over Celeron and up by Berrier were exciting so I think these may be best avoided but it's all a question of how much the sun gets through today! (Saturday)
Enjoy whatever you do!


  1. Yesterday the road from Hewer Hill to Mungrisedale via Berrier crossroads was icy all the way. The road from Mungrisedale to the A66 was also dodgy

  2. I emphasise in light of the above that I have been to look at the route and none of it is impassable on a bike today Saturday. But of courses will will consider the conditions on the day and make changes where necessary - changing the route to suit the riders!