Sunday, 28 December 2014

World record attempt

In 1939 Tommy Godwin cycled 75,065 miles in a single year, a world record that the Guinness Book of Records has declared unbreakable.

In 2015 Audax UK member Steve Abraham will attempt to break that record.
Starting 1 January, he will cycle an average of over 200 miles every day for a year. No days off because it is cold or because he is tired. This is a one-year time trial.
Steve cannot break this record on his own. He has a dedicated team behind him, working round the clock to keep him on the road. He also has the full backing of Audax UK, who will support him all the way.

But Steve needs your help too.
You can help Steve by making a donation now or by donating every month through a standing order. You can also offer to give him a bed for a night while he's away from home:

  • £5 will buy Steve a slap-up meal to keep his fuel tanks full and his spirit up.
  • £20 will buy him a new chain. He'll need a new one every week.
  • £100 will keep Steve on the road for the day, a day closer to achieving this incredible dream. 
  • £2 a month will buy him a regular coffee or beer.

You can make a donation using your Paypal account or any credit or debit card, or send an email if you’d prefer to set up a standing order.

Steve is also looking for hosts across the country, who can give him a bed for the night, feed him and get him back on the road the next day. If you can be a host, for one night or longer, send his team an email with details of where you live and when you can host Steve.

Finally, you can support Steve by telling your friends, family and the rest of the world about his incredible world-record attempt. Ask them to visit Steve’s website at, and encourage them to make a donation too.

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